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  1. I have a past with stuffed animals, which amidst all that was some crazy, maybe, spiritual chaos. As such, my active imagination has gotten me back to arcane habits, those of which, were using stuffed animals to emulate communication or companionship. Although I have my Celeste, my Rhea and good ol' Vincent (probably), using a stuffed animal and feeling a sort of soulbond develop feels... strange. Is it too bizarre to obtain a tulpa through a stuffed animal? It's quite a small one, too.
  2. Oh yeah, that's actually associated with Celeste's presence giving me pressure on the forehead. Forgot to mention that, she sometimes feels like something watching or looming behind me when I'm not talking to her after I've already done so. I actually also sometimes get tingles on my shoulders, some sort of simulation of her touching my shoulders. She's an odd one, haha~
  3. Celeste likes to change forms, and she has about 3 different forms. When I first created her, initially she was like a humanoid cat (pictured), kinda like Happy from FT, but the second I created a voice for her, she became humanoid, and that was her main form; a pale human female, clad in a skirt, a striped long-sleeve top, mary janes, white knee socks, occasionally wearing a bow or even appearing to have a devil tail. Her third form is a house sparrow. It was an odd form at first but she usually has that form when I'm in the car. In a nutshell, her size varies, depending on her form. :)
  4. Hmmh. For one, the wonderland still isn't very precise. If Celeste isn't with me she's pretty much dormant in my head for a little while. Asleep at some times. She kinda just reappears when I call her. It's just a casual, friendly, "Hey, Celeste" or "Hey, Cel", really. There was one time I 'woke her up', and since we don't have a precise wonderland, she just kind of showed up on the couch and woke up -- or I think she was floating in the air, like how Vince is depicted. Not sure, but it still sounds strange describing it. Anyway, I just say hi with her name and she appears.
  5. I've noticed that while me and Celeste or Rhea are talking together (mainly with Cel) sometimes her (Cel's) chatting doesn't seem very autonomous, but despite that, no matter what, every time, I always feel slight pressure on my forehead. I've wondered now, what are other people's means of feeling presence of a Tulpa; by what senses? Discuss! :D
  6. Deep, deep apologies for the very late reply. I am afraid I'm not a member of Scribophile or Reddit's Writer's Block, but I do have a profile on reddit. I'd like a link. I'd like to point out that I'm fairly new to reddit. I've been there a few times, but never fully grasped the interface or getting around. Reading the posts is easy and I can tell who said what and where; it's just the posting and interface that I have a problem with. It should be no biggie, though.
  7. I'm unsure where this post should actually be, so if need be it can be moved to a proper subforum. I'm writing my novel, Exemplar Ex Infectus when I've come across a problem: Tulpas/Thoughtforms are a core concept in the lore, and I need to research more about Tulpamancy in order to complete the chapter as it's a Tulpamancy Analysis. My problem is that I'm unsure if it's alright for my research to be of this site's guides and etc, but I don't want to be stealing from the community or something like that. (It should be known that I'm not one to plagiarize -- I'm not about plagiarism. That's just lazy.) I could create a fictional offshoot concept based off of Tulpamancy, but I've got so much on the table for the novel and the mythology connected to it as well, that I can't cook up anything newer until I shake those off. Any advice? :(
  8. Something like that happened to me before I fell asleep last night. Something like it. I randomly visualized this tall, grayish figure with crazy eyes and a mouth or something. I don't know how that happens to me, it's like some sort of uncontrollable mental burst. As I saw it, I asked it what it's name was, and even asked if it was Vincent or Celeste since they both don't have complete forms. The figure, of course denied who it was and I still don't know who or what it is but it seems to still be present. Yep, it's looking at me. Bizarre.
  9. Soo, I had this idea to attempt to achieve lucid dreaming to possibly "feel" Celeste (im sure this is possible since the DMT-like drug that allows dreams/hallucinations can fool the senses) and, even if it's a horrible friggin' idea, force lucid nightmares so I could maybe cause a Blackened Messiah / Paradigm character become a soulbond and then to a developing tulpa! (The whole Exos and Crowley shebang 8 - 10 months ago was, I realize now, a side effect to staying in character after filming entries for my short film / webseries, so I don't actually think they became actual tulpas. I apologize for that mess lol) I want to know your guys' thoughts on this and if you guys have tried before! :)
  10. Well... I'm at least glad that there's no cases of ego death in your answers :)
  11. My apologies if this has already been asked, but what does it feel like to commence possession with a tulpa, and what does it feel like to switch with one? Does it have any ... dare I say, spiritual side effects or sensations? Maybe even some loss in personality afterwards? I am curious because Celeste and I have thought about it for a while but never actually got to it, and with the sudden occurrence of Rhea, I don't think it'll be easy for any of the four of us to do anything like it.
  12. It may come as a surprise, but no, I haven't meditated before at all. I'll consider it, though, and may visualize in the shower. Never have I showered in the dark but, like I said, I'll consider! :)
  13. I see. However, I've thought some things over when I put in place the idea of God and entities being entities relating to tulpas, and thought about how angels are good because we believe them to be and that demons are evil because we believe them to be, but being put in the perspective of thinking every entity in Christian mythology is good, it makes the illusion of belief that demons are good, and to hypothesize, if someone were to believe this and summon one, it would be good. I don't endorse rituals or sacrifices, but I have a feeling that the mythological hierarchy of Demons and the demons themselves are only evil because humans think them to be. Yes, tulpamancy is a subculture that has a collection of ideas surrounding practice. But I believe the qualities of it gather into a pseudoreligion/philosophy that uncovers truths of the human mind and origins. Not to sound cryptic or mystical. Just a theory.
  14. Now, now, I know -- coming off a bit strong here, but hear me out. After writing (not so exactly) an essay about what I have realized about tulpamancy in religion, it made me see everything in a new light. Demonology, Angelology, theology, Goetia, philosophy and paranormal all came together in a mental amalgamation, almost feeling like a sodomic defiling of knowledge, and it made me think. I'm not saying in the big picture of tulpamancy, or in the case of a cultist type of way, more like a buddhist type of fashion -- would Tulpamancy count as some sort of religion, and not just some practice/medium like Goetia? Because as a (personal, sole) philosopher and a "creator" of literally three different multiverses, I believe that, since the mind is so powerful, so great and mighty, we connect to a different state of self (our spirit) and through that, it causes ideas to come to life through visualization (forcing, wonderland) and it attaches another spirit (tulpa/guardian/etc) to our spirit, causing pure enmeshment. Through this, (and I use this terminology loosely) we become Gods. Like I asked, would Tulpamancy count as a type of religion?
  15. As you've known, Celeste has told me that our wonderland is the universe inside my head; the characters, locations, creatures, demons, and etc, but I feel that she and my other tulpa, Vincent, have strayed away from those places since I haven't been using my imagination lately because of stress. The world in my head is starting to be hazy, a bit blurry and every time I try thinking of Putridus or Cruentus or even Atritas's empire, my head starts to slightly strain. I have been writing another one of my novels, but it doesn't have the same qualities it once had in late 2015 / early 2016 (due to the creation of Dortarians, which then lead to the creation of Umbrians and the Aicelea). Tonight I want to force normally and speak to Celeste the way I should, but I can only visualize with my eyes closed since with my eyes open it is difficult. I am told you shouldn't close your eyes during forcing or visualization. but it is the only way for me to focus. Should I try this tonight?