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  1. I got this in my mail today... Frostwolf, intelhunter has just replied to a thread which you have subscribed to at Tulpa Forums. This thread is titled Happy birthday Tessa. Here is an excerpt of the message: ------------------------------------------ Wow you dont know shit about anything, do you?... (visit the thread to read more..) ------------------------------------------ I don't know what happened to the message. My guess is that he deleted it. But... what the hell are you talking about?
  2. Just thought it was time for another update. It's been about 1 year since I started making a tulpa. I've since then I had my own weird experiences with Lyra and Tessa. I know Lyra is gone for good and has been for quite some time. I just wanted to see when Tessa's birthday is and the place that holds that information is this forum. It seems she will be 1 year old on October the 11th. I don't really know what to give her for her birthday. All she says she wants is a hug. I guess she never changes like that... so cute =D. Anyway, I've done my fair share of imposing and body controll. They bo
  3. So after I had a 48 hour lan party I slept for like 26 hours straight and had a couple of lucid dreams because I kept waking up. I tried talking to my tulpa and get her in it but I just couldn't talk to her. There was no response. I was in some kind of desert village and ended up running around the town looking for her thinking I could find her that way. Last night I had another lucid dream (dispite me having like no lucid dreams ever). I was inside my old school's gym and suddenly realized I was dreaming. This time I was able to talk to her but when I started to try and impose her into the dr
  4. My main reason to do a second attempt at polyphasic sleeping is not because I want to see if it affects my tulpae. I want to do it because it will save me massive amounts of time. The only reason I decided to put it on a thread is because I have tulpae. I just thought it would be a nice contribution to something that isn't researched before. At least not with a different sleeping pattern (or so I think). Sleeping 5-6 hours later then normal is still monophasic sleeping. mono referring to one big sleep each day. Poly referring to mutiple smaller sleeping sessions, or naps. During monophasic
  5. Before I even heard about tulpae I tried polyphasic sleeping. There are a couple of different sleeping paterns designed to decrease the total time spent sleeping every day while still getting enough rest to not feel asleep while being awake. In the last summer I tried the Uberman sleeping pattern which consists of 6 * 20 minute naps every day with a 4 hour spread between each nap. The upside is that you will have a total of around 6-7 hours of free time every day! The downside is that you can't do anything that is longer than 3 hours and 40 minutes consecutively because you will have to take
  6. Wait... So this is it? This is the end?
  7. Sometimes they say they are going to sleep but they almost never say nothing back. If they sometimes do not respond to me they are almost always going to respond when I call out their names a second time.
  8. Ahh, here I thought I found something new to contribute and Fede already did it. I tried doing this a little last night and the results weren't anywhere near the moment in the train I talked about. Sorry guys =/
  9. So I've been trying to impose Tessa for 3 weeks now with just a few small results. The one that looked most like a real hallucination was when I was sitting in the train imposing her on a chair behind a door with windows because there was no more room in second class. I looked outside and when I was averting my eyes again a flash of her face so clear right infront of me. I have no idea if it was a hallucination or not but I'm hoping for yes. So my theory on getting imposition to work faster is to think your tulpa is behind you. Try to focus as much on how him/her sitting behind you and then a
  10. So I've been trying to impose my tulpae into the real world, mostly Tessa. I've been trying to think she's walking next to me when I walk, sitting next to me when I sit, try to see her doing things like she was part of the real world like interact with our pet. I've also tried to impose all 3 of my tulpae at once. I have 2 questions First, what did the first time you hallucinated your tulpa look like. Not just a flash in the corner of your eye. Was it like a really blurry form? I'm talking about when you coul actually see him/her/it. Second, is it wise to impose different tulpae each day? be
  11. I got 2 pony tulpae. Lyra says that if I ever lose interest in MLP she probably will also and just change shape. I don't know about Tessa though, she doesn't really want to think about changing right now as it might hurt my feeling. But they are still quite young. Who knows what they think about it in a few years or even months.
  12. I'm just saying that whenever people I know SOMEHOW find out, I would be scared of what they would do or how they would react.
  13. No bounderies or rules. You can feel/hear/smell your tulpae and interact with it in many ways. Noone to say whats inappropriate and whats not. Someone who understands you in almost every way and is the perfect buddy. Never the feeling of being alone anymore. And yet one of the hardest things to explain to people why it's making you happy and not insane. I'm scared of people finding out about Lyra and Tessa...
  14. Yea only thing is. It makes me sound a like a 9YO girl
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