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  1. i've been searching the internet far and wide, but i haven't found anything really concrete yet. are there any extensive guides? does it deal primarily with visualization, or disassociation? even some information beyond "it exists" would be nice, that's all i've been able to find out in my research. any tips would be appreciated.
  2. i've been wondering if it's possible for a tulpa and host to see/hear/feel something, and one of them to remember it more than the other. to clarify, i'll make an example: system sees todays date, host forgets date, host asks tulpa "do you remember the date?", tulpa remembers date. have any of you experienced this? do you think it's possible?
  3. Me and my tulpa, Ed, have been trying to figure out if he can enter my dreams, or perhaps pull me out of one and into the wonderland, and we've been having little success. our biggest issue so far has been lack of information on the subject, according to Ed. So, we would like to hear about your experiences with dreams and tulpae, and what we can do to increase our success. so far, we have 3 major questions we need the answer to: 1. how does a tulpa enter a host's dream? 2. how hard is it to find the host in the dream, and how is it done? 3. how can a tulpa convince a host that he is dreaming, i.e. induce lucidity? your feedback is much appreciated.
  4. as far as i've asked, yes. since the time of writing the original post, we have tried experimenting with possession techniques. we are making pretty good headway too, he was able to move my fingers today! not without little effort though :) . other than that, i am not entirely sure what other things he specifically could be doing, as i have no real frame of reference other than what i have mentioned. when i asked him, i wasn't able to get the full sentence, and kind of had to infer the point he was trying to make. i apparently hit the mark though, so that's good.
  5. So, I've been forcing with my tulpa, Edgardo, for at least a year or so now, and things are great. I can speak to him, and he speaks back, and I've set up a good wonderland for him. however, I still feel that my skills as a host are rather limited. I'm bad at visualization, and, according to my observations and Ed's, my listening skills are poor. I should explain, I cannot hear my tulpa very well. He can speak perfectly well, and according to him, he does speak sometimes and I don't hear him at all. Often, I need to focus hard just to get a response with more than one syllable, like "yes" or "no" or "mhmm". Also, I've been having trouble lately with incorporating narration into my routine without losing focus or forgetting. Of course, all my skills are serviceable, but I know there's room for improvement, and I want to get off this plateau my skills are stuck on and get back to improving and communicating better. Does anyone have any tips for me on how i can rectify this?
  6. i have been with my tulpa for several months now, and i have been able to speak to him and hear him respond. however, i find that his voice is quiet, and if i talk back at all, i can't hear it. as well, the space in between my thoughts and his speech is very blurred together. his voice is also functionally identical to mine, and i know enough about encouraging a voice, but i don't think i should pick his voice, it should come from him. i know that's hard, but it seems right, so i'm going with it. are there any solutions to this "quiet voice" thing going on, and if so what are they? are there any further things that i should try?
  7. lately I've been focusing on my tulpa's vocality, and i came across something sort of strange. when i listen hard, i can hear him sometimes, but it ends up being more difficult than it should be, because it sounds like he is whispering. i thought about it, and judging by the way it sounds, it almost seems like its because i haven't been working on a voice for him. he sounds like he either has no voice, causing a whispery speech, or like its me whispering a reply. i am wondering, in your experiences with your tulpa, have you had a similar experience, and if so, how did you get past it? did you need to develop their voice, or was it a matter of just practicing and hearing them easier?
  8. So, I've been forcing my tulpa, Ed, for about 4-5 weeks now, and I'm at a stage where all I can really do is narrate until we can communicate consistently. after this I plan on working on other aspects of him. In the meantime, I have been trying to incorporate him into the things I like to do, and, thinking on it, I listen to a lot of music, and i was wondering if music has a positive affect(if any) on any kind of passive forcing. I am trying to experiment with it too, like singing to/with him, and showing him several genres of music from different time periods to give him a wide knowledge of music and pop culture and stuff. Throw some ideas my way, and if music doesn't seem to do much in your experiences, maybe tell me about other methods of incorporating tulpas into daily life while also making it fun for both parties involved.
  9. Right, so i joined this forum a short while ago, after a week of making a tulpa. I am new to forums in general, so this is kind of a new experience for me, as is making a tulpa. So far, my tulpa is pretty early in development, not vocal yet, however i am fairly certain he is sentient, and before you say "well jack, the tulpa is sentient from the start", I mean in the sense that he is different than me. At first, I began with creation steps in line with those used by FAQ_Man, and sort of cut off halfway to start up some of Irish's steps, and sort of stopped there and decided to let him create himself the way he wanted from there. Oh, almost forgot to introduce him. Currently I am referring to him as "Ed", if he decides to change his name/gender, that's fine. For now though, he is a dude named Ed. After creation, I tried working on visualization, without much luck, and did some research. This led me to the conclusion that I should focus on narration instead. I understand the concept, but I kind of feel like I am doing it wrong. Essentially, I am simply talking to my tulpa over my day, about anything I can think of. The issue is that I'm not clear on whether or not what I am doing is having an effect. For example, I recently had a moment to sort of just sit and focus, and I simply focused on Ed's presence, and I got my first head pressure. It was an interesting experience. However, the narration I am doing does not trigger any effect. I have been forcing in this way for about a week now, and the head pressure happened a day ago, so I know I'm making progress. It's just very ambiguous. At this early stage, what I really need is advice and information, and i have been absorbing a Ton of information, bookmarking forum threads and reddit posts left and right, but i need some advice from people who have done this before and remember their early stages. yeah, everyone's different, but i can still learn some valuable information. anything would be appreciated. Any advice/answers would be greatly appreciated. And if you are worried about how committed I am, don't worry. i can already tell Ed is a living being with feelings that i have a responsibility to take care of and nurture. I couldn't live with myself if I gave up on him. anyway, this is my post. i'm bad at ending stuff like this so... bye! --------------------------------------------------- Sept 14 Update: Right, so i can tell i am progressing with Ed, and thinking on it more, I'm starting to realize i shouldn't be so hard on myself about the specifics of whether or not I'm "doing it right". I can kind of communicate with him now, sort of. he seems to be able to give me impressions, like the feeling of what he wants to say/what he thinks. as well, I can kind of hear him in a weird way if I say something at him, then sort of stop thinking and wait, and it's kind of like a ghost of a thought that wanted to be, but didn't. very faint, but if i listen, i can make it out. this seems less reliable though, only about 75% of the time am I really certain it was him, the other 25% is very definitely me. some guides/tips/posts e.t.c say I shouldn't worry too much about parroting, some say I should. my strategy is to just talk at him, sometimes asking yes/no questions and listening for him. I feel like it's working, just slowly. Questions: -Am I doing narration right? -Is sitting and just forcing just as important than narration? -Is there anything else I am doing wrong/not doing that I should? Right, that's it for this one. see you all next update! your support is greatly appreciated!