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  1. Did more art, here's Syn and Lumos :3
  2. sure, I'll need a reference photo, or a good description ^~^ important info I'll definitely need: age appearance (what age do they look like about hair/eye color skin tone (approximate works, but if you could find and send me exact hues for them (the hex code) that'd be absolutely perfect) hair style clothing style any major body markings (birthmarks, moles, freckles, etc)
  3. I'm perfectly willing to take requests for people who need art of their tulpae. While I'm not the greatest and could have trouble/not do it right, I'm also doing it for free and am perfectly willing to try .3.
  4. Usually for myself, but I tend to make artwork for friends and such as well (as well as taking requests at times) but I hope to start making money from it once I've gotten myself better together haha also thank you both of you for popping in it's appreciated .3. I'll possibly post other things like sketches and stuff here otherwise I tend to drop stuff on my tumblrs
  5. All art I've posted is by me. More can be found at http://azucaku.deviantart.com/gallery/59174205/Tulpae
  6. Hey, nice to meet you all. I'm commonly known online as Quota. I have six tulpae; Syn, Malum, Nox, Lotus, Lumos and Aranae. I'll be supplying art of them in this order. I'd also like to note that I take requests for drawing tulpae if people need them and can be contacted at http://quota-and-company.tumblr.com
  7. I'm willing to take requests for art! I'm contactable at http://quota-and-company.tumblr.com