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  1. 118 wow two posts, even i thought i wouldn't get this far
  2. 121 heya all, guess who is back to post like one post and then drop off the face of the planet again
  3. I have beaten a fair majority of Crypt of the Necrodancer, so yeah I guess you could say I do. Next person is popular
  4. winner material right here i tell you what
  5. We do it all the time. ...Although, usually if I have problems figuring out a complex problem my tulpas won't be able to figure it out either. I think that problem resides in our system though, and isn't true for tulpas everywhere. Sometimes they do help me remember something I was forgetting when working through a test, though. None of us see any issue in helping out, we all share a brain so it's not like we have an advantage or anything.
  6. I feel like I would really like it if I ever tried it (I want to admit that I posted on this thread thinking it was "Last One to Post Wins", accidentally followed the game rules, and now I can't leave) next person spends more than 80% of their time indoors
  7. -21 means 13 really can be the best number in the alphabet
  8. correct. if i had something to do, i wouldn't be here right now next person overuses the word "like"
  9. -19 if you move the 1 and 3 in 13 close enough together it looks like a B
  10. Can't say I have! And how is life as a llama?
  11. BREAKING NEWS ^W^ how i do that face? next person is forgetting something they just can't figure out what
  12. I was avoiding that option because it something not a lot of people want to go through with, but if you already know about it and are denying answers in favor of that then why make this thread? Also talking is a natural part of a thread, it's discussion that causes the best answers to be formed.
  13. Hello Kai! Are you a host, tulpa, or just someone who is looking into this community? You mentioned you were new as well, so what do you think of the community so far?
  14. -15 guess that means negative thirteen is my new lucky number
  15. Assuming you are referring to permanently switching, yes, I did not think of that, but I also feel like that doesn't relate to this question as much.
  16. The only thing I can think to say is to improve your lucid dreaming ability. There is no way to truly "be" in your wonderland as you are describing, and so lucid dreaming is about the closest you can get. There are many ways to improve your lucid dreaming ability, and they can all be found online. The best ways though are to record any dreams you remember and you will start to remember your dreams more, and then from there you can find many ways to initiate a lucid dream. The more you practice the longer and more often they will happen. I know this probably wasn't the answer you are looking for, and I'm sorry. But there is no way to truly be in your wonderland as if it was reality.
  17. You can check a box that disables emojis in your post when you are posting for that reason exactly.
  18. posting here to say i posted here and also to say that no one can win this game
  19. Hello everyone, this is Nate. ...and of course, the Tulpa Trio as I've been calling our system. Recently we went on jean-luc's Tulpaudcast (episode isn't up as of now, but will be some time in the future™) and have come to the conclusion that we have been around here for quite some time yet we know no one. So, I decided to set up an ask thread because a lot of people have those and they do quite well and this could also be a good opportunity to talk to some people who are frequenters around here. (that and i'm too lazy and unmotivated to do a progress report instead) Or, we could just talk about something. I dunno. Just, calling it an ask thread makes it look like this thread has a real purpose. So if anyone asks, it's that.
  20. -13 if 13 is an unlucky number, then -13 should be considered like, doubly unlucky.
  21. -9 the downward spiral continues. i will never let good take this back
  22. -6 i actually did give your account a shoutout for being on this thread and making a ninja post
  23. -4 we collaborated over an episode of tulpaudcast TELEPATHICALLY COMMUNICATED
  24. -1 i was supposed to be the first negative number JEAN-LUC HOW COULD YOU
  25. 1 is the lonliest number that you'll ever do