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  1. has it made it clear he doesent want a form? Shapeshifter tulpa perhaps?
  2. welcome to the forums eventide. maybe your tulpa is just deviating, ive heard of many tulpae that did this, my tulpa did exactly the same, just trust it will "eventualy" find a form it likes then work from there. Or make a base form, then let the tulpa deviate within the baseform. Another thing is not being focused in the visualization at hand, sometimes intrusive thoughts may interfere in visualization, try to clear your mind before forcing. Also, for how long have you been forcing/started on your tulpa?
  3. i can only awser the falling asleep part. some people say its harmfull, but personaly, to be honest, from the first day i have started tulpaforcing, i have fallen asleep like 95% of the times, and tamitha seems to be doing okay.
  4. haha, not here to get a penpal, just would like to like to add that i do a similar thing. my girlfiend texts my tulpa. does this count as penpals?
  5. so... Been a while since ive posted with questions. Two days ago, i believe my tulpa has made her first audible sound through auditory halucinnation, bad thing is, it was a very scare sound, much like the jump scare sound from slender, exept with less echo. I heard her mindvoice laugh imediately after. Today, it was a visual halucinnation. I was going home by car, someone had pick me up, the sun was setting, enough so that its always in this unavoidable angle. I had my eyes closed, the sun rays go through the eyelids, so i decided to visualize a bit. Once the sunrays are blocked by the
  6. since the very first damn day i started tulpaforcing i have fallen asleep EVERY single time. it doesent affect my tulpa. its been over a month and she's vocal.
  7. lets get a discussion thread going. Tulpa super powers. What "super powers" does your tulpa have? When and how did they get them, or what reason did you give them. How does it affect your tulpa and what does your tulpa do with them? For example. Recently, because im a dragon ball fan and my tulpa see's it with me, she asked if i could visualize her a super saiyan form, for her to use whenever, she can also fly and do magic.
  8. im a pastafarian. Although when i asked tamitha she said she was pastafarian aswell, but she may have said that because i am.
  9. Recently I've acquired more time during the day. I usually force an hour/hour and a half everyday before bed, and, no, it hasn't bucked up my tulpa in anyway like it does to some people. the thing is, now that I've got more time and decided to go for more forcing sessions I seem to be unable to actually focus or even get in wonderland at all. can this be fixed? also, is one hour a day good enough? although I have already made progress enough to have her vocal to know its enough, id also like to know how much time do you guys spend a day on this.
  10. dont worry. Also, welcome to the forums. First days are hard because you dont get any responses, although im still making my own and tamitha is just a month old i believe i can safely say, believe in your tulpa :3 give it lotsa love and attention and im sure he/she/it will turn out alright.
  11. thanks koomer, your awsers helped alot, and, of course, everyone else too, thanks. Ill be sure not to doubt so much from my tamitha now. Thanks again :3
  12. so many questions. Lets start by the one that seems to be bugging me the most. So, for about a week and a few days now my tulpa has become vocal, however, it only talks whenever i talk to it, and before i even finish talking its like im already comming up with what she's about to say, im getting this awful feeling im parroting, although i know i shouldnt believe i am because of obvs, is this normal or whats going on here? Also, ive tulpaforced her voice alot, and yet she still uses my own voice, and its that little dim mindvoice i can barely hear, how long did yours take to be much more a
  13. well, thats helpfull, thanks, but, my other question. "i asked if she could see what i was seeing, she said she couldnt, she also couldnt hear what i was hearing, she could however, feel what i am feeling, shouldnt this be the other way around?" i thought, that, just like Faqman said on his guides, or, no wait, might have not been faqman, anyway, i think i remeber reading up that tulpa's could see what you see (exept reversed) and hear what you hear. thoughts on this?
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