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  1. ~Day 5~ These past few days sadly I couldn't spend much time with Avalon because I went on a horse riding trip, but we rode a bit together and did some narration here and there. He still never lets me pick my fingers, and last night I picked them just a little bit and my head started aching. No new things, things are the same, no big progress. Bath time I transferred some energy to him, he decided he is going to absorb it through his staff. His image is getting clearer, especially his hair, which he deviated.
  2. ~Day 3~ [align=center]At morning we did just a few narration here and there, more passive forcing. Cooking High[/align] [align=center]{I mention the use of substances for research purposes, in case it is offensive or you think I should not mention them tell me an I'll remove it. I do not promote any substances use through my posts!) I smokes a small joint and we decided to cook together. He suggested that he gets high too, so communication would be easier and we tried it. During this time he gave me some amazing ideas! First of all, yesterday he told me his name is Avalon. I wasn't sure though if it was him or me who said it, although I didn't like the name. So while cooking, I said "We should find you a name." and he said Avalon is his name, so I agreed in naming him this, even though I don't like it. I suggested Alucard but he declined, so we go with Avalon. The truth is it fits him. Then the name reminded me Ava, a novel I wrote, where a guy is mentioned whose inspiration was the guy from the movie only lovers left alive, and I realised that he has a lot in common with Avalon, so he suggested that I watch the movie again to get food for visualising. Then, I told him that I really want to hear him, and then he said that I'll listen to him in 5 days, and then suggested that I should believe it will be in 5 days, a reasonable time yet not long, and so by believing it it will happen easier, it sounds like a fine idea so from today on we're counting 5 days and i'll try to convince myself. {Avalon greets you all.}[/align]
  3. O merci! Have you managed imposition?
  4. ~Day 2~ It's still early afternoon, and more things are going to come. I did very little narrating in the morning, but then I had a bath and decided to give him some tantric energy, through a climax. The results were really fair, we felt connected and I felt his presence very intense after that. I dedicated the energy to him, telling him he can have it all so he can grow more. He is sentient for sure, although it is very early according to the guides and everything. Closed eye visualisation/meditation/wonderland session I did some closed eye visualisation/meditation/wonderland session using theta waves. The communication with him was quite good, and he guided me, although I think my excitement blocked the communication here and there. I felt a light headache on the right side of my head and it felt like someone was rubbing his finger just above my right eye till the middle of my eyebrows back and forth for a long time, felt like tingling, not sure if it was head pressure though. When I asked my tulpa to enrich my belief in him, he told me that he has already helped me in being okay with my roomate, not picking my fingers and during this meditation, and he was right. He also told me he needs to strengthen more before he can become vocal. I am pleased with the results :) Reading a Book I am reading Tropic of Cancer these days, and I went outside on the balcony to read. Then I thought I could read to him, out loud, and so I did. There was a part talking about how bad the society has gotten, using a lot of metaphors with blood and creepy things, and while I was reading out of a sudden I got a very fast heartbeat and a strange feeling of fright, I got the feeling that he got scared of all the ugliness, and I called him to come over so I could hug him, and when he did I felt a very intense dizziness. I believe it's a sign of sentience. [align=center]Went out for a walk, came home and gave him a blast of energy, he seemed to get very clearer in my head and he deviated clearly, he chose his hair to be brown, while they were brown, I guess this is good news. Now I want to see if he remains that vivid. Before bed we went for a dance at his Castle.[/align]
  5. ~Day 1~ [align=center]On the first day of his creation, we did a lot of things. We talked for a while, went in wonderland so I could see his place of living, an old castle. The weird thing is that he is already very sentient. He gives me answers, and does unexpected things. For instance, while in wonderland I didn't puppet anything, and out of a sudden a lot of crows appeard, he wanted me to leave, and I did. Then later in wonderland again, I was laying on a bed and he was walking by me letting his fingers trail my spine, and then out of a sudden (again) he swiped his hand and turned the whole me into a flower, that was very nice. Stuff like these. When night came, I invited him to sit with me at the balcony, and we had a talk (out loud, open eyes) and it was magnificent, he gave me answers to many of my questions and solutions to my problems. He is indeed intelligent and fine. I have no problem concentrating on him. He is not vocal yet, though I heard my name last night, but It might have been just an auiditory hallucination of my usual, but I choose to believe it was him. I can feel his essence easily, but only when I want to. Now the amazing thing. In the last year i've developed a bad habit of picking the skin around my fingernails with my hand, and i've been trying to stop it for months, whithout even noticing when I'm doing it. And now, every time I'm going to do so he stops me, this is amazing for I wasn't even able to notice I am doing it, and now he tells me every tme, is a small scolding-patronizing tone. What do you think about that?[/align]
  6. I Salute you, everyone! This is going to be the progress log of me and my tulpa. I saw an accelerating progress and head start, and based on my unusual psychological history I thought it would be interesting to share my progress. I've been thinking of creating a tulpa for the past 2 years and I decided now is the best time. English is not my mother tongue, so cope with me as I might make mistakes. :) ~Few things about me~ I am a female, I had a very dark and traumatic childhood, I am an artist of all fields {painter, writer, musician etc.}, and a Fine Arts University student. I have a bunch of disorders {which I do not think of as disorders, but lets stick to the usual term for the sake of understanding eachother.}. I have had many visual hallucinations, and auditory for almost every night these past two years, so I am very interested in seeing how imposition works out for me and my tulpa. I have a great imagination, and very vivid one also. ~Why did I decide to create a tulpa~ I am good looking and good in communicating, so it is not because I do not have aqquantainces. I've been working with energy and spiritualism for years, leading me in having a strong belief base that the tulpa is going to be a real separate sentient being, while knowing I am the one who created it. I believe a tulpa in someone's life is a win/win situation. I am going to give to him all the love I can, time and attention. {Will enrich this topic later on.} [align=center]~My tulpa~ Firstly, I haven't decided on a name yet, but I think I should, for a name is like concluding the pack, like the cherry top on a cake. I think once I find a name the whole process is going to get really better. It is a male, a tall man, with 1800 clothing {I can detail if you'd like me to}, dark semi long semi curly hair, eyes of prussian blue and a normal body, not fat not thin not muscly. He is a quiet type, quite dark, mysterious, with a lot of knowledge and manners. Intelligent, wise, a bit dominant and patronising. All of the above are a base I created but he is free to deviate as much as he wants, and he already does.[/align] ~The way I work~ I decided to merge the steps all in one, in a way. I don't practice it, I live it. I do not pretend he is there, he is there. I am not sure I can make this clear enough, but this is how I work. I use all the methods, narrating, visualising, everything at the same time. I don't know if this way is productive, but we will see. :) Please feel free to ask me questions about anything you want. I want this progress log to be for all of us to understand tulpamancy better, and enrich the research on it.