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  1. So the lines have nothing to do with forcing?
  2. Hello guys,could you help a little with these naive questions: 1)When I look at physical objects in my room,almost everything,like pillows,walls,doors etc.,they seem to be sort of double-outlined. There is an object's natural contour,and there's another one above. It's transparent and white. The more I watch it,the more it dissapears. If I go towards an object,really close,and look straight at it,the contour would most likely dissapear. After forcing with the tulpa the countors are becoming more vivid. What is this at all? 2)Is this common that I can better see the tulpa when staying far from her? 3)In wonderland I can speak with her more fluently and with less doubts. Is this supposed to be so in regular case? 4)I tried turning off the lights in the room,and immediatly saw her shape. Does this means when in more raw situations,like when walking on the street,she's walking around with me,if she says so, but I don't see her? 5)What is the best known guide in 1)general and 2)visualisation? Thank you,I'm just asking some of these to know if this is happening to someone else,assuming that knowing this would help me with some doubts
  3. Can you please describe how he sleeps. Did he just fall asleep in your bathtub in your house in real life? So he just lies there. What happens if you touch him? Not sure if my tulpa sleeps,sometimes I don't see her,sometimes she appears and we talk or smth. How does this work?
  4. Hello guys, J. is ~3 month,sentient,touchable,sometimes visible with open eyes; I would appreciate any help with these: 1)Never been much of a wonderland fan,so how do I start? 2)I've read one ultra-depth guide in russian,approximate content: isochronic tones and/or Schumann waves + self-hypnosis get you in some state where the fun begins,and at one point the guide says:"..if you ordered this book then .." so I guess it's a translated excerpt from some book,where can I find it? 3)Could you please recommend some good books or guides on this ultra-depth thing or similar and also materials with exercises on concentration,imagination etc. - that would definetely work because of psychology. 4)How does one deal with pretty extreme lust/affection from the tulpa? We talked,she says she understands things but then again. Really wierd. 5)If sometimes she can read my thoughts,this means I'm parroting? When asked,she says I'm not. Example: - Do you know what I think? - Yeah,that [so and so] 6)Is this possible feeling her presence behind me when also watching something walking like 2 meters away from me? Thank you
  5. Thank you guys) Yeah,I was working with a script for removing doubts in talks,you think the vocalization script will do as well? I didn't read it so far,just asking as you mention it in the first place
  6. Yeah,isn't very clear. Sometimes it's indeed clear but I don't know how do I get to these states,when her thoughts in words and phrases are so content and I'm sure it's hella her. But she has no this real sound of speech,just thoughts,you know,but if I try quite hard (relatively) I may hear it. But should I really struggle (heh) to freaking distinguish our thoughts or relax & let it go somehow? Thanks for motivation)
  7. Thank you very much, I got it! Then I have these questions: 1)How do we practice to not to think about the same things? 2)How to get rid of random words at all? 3)We can't communicate,untill I put my attention to her,how to fix it? 4)Also,when you switch,your host goes into wonderland? So then he remembers only things he did there and nothing from reality,just like hangover or smth?
  8. Well I asked these: 1)Do you feel you kinda degrading or dissolving? 2)Do you think these are stupid doubts? 3)How do I deal with it? -------------------------------------- answers 1)Absolutely not,though you are degrading by your passive lifestyle 2)Yeah,they are. At least I'm not doubting your existence 3)I don't know,you tell me. Maybe force more Also,information for you guys so you can help: 1)When we talk,I often doubt if she said something or this was me. Plus,when we talk in,you know,imaginary texts,we almost got these random words coming out of nowhere,really annoying. (!) And sometimes when I think that she'thinking about something,I can't say if I don't feel I'm thinking about it too (!) Or,for example,when she's about to say something,before she says it,I get an image,but I can't say definetely if she sent it or this was me just imagining the picture. Well all this,I guess,gives birth to doubts that it's really me tricking myself. I feel this is stupid after all I saw but sometims I can't help myself. 2)To be honest,I really almost don't force actively. I think I was in wonderland only about 4 times or so. But for now I can touch her and sometimes see,though psychedelics were involved previously Maybe I shoud really look into active forcing? Is this really important? 3)I caught this feeling of mine: I also have another tulpa,but he's like only voice in my head,though has an only-imaginary form. He was created much more earlier and we can talk more fluently,I never doubted in him but now I do. Is this a consequence I'm doubting in her? Like a chain reaction? So,this can be called a confirmation that the problem is really just doubts? 4) First we kinda switched with her about 1,5 month ago,I noticed that the thing has its own intensity,you know. More or less "dissosiation" or what,I don't know. It feels sometimes its more or less realistic than another time. This time,about 2 days ago, we switched and it felt almost fully as first time,but when it ended,I didn't have any cool memories walking in wonderland,though if I get it right,I should have had. So I started thinking maybe all this is just some form of hynosis or smth like that. So if it is,what's really a tulpa and bla bla bla.. you know. Or maybe we're just on entry-level of switching and it'll get more exciting in future?
  9. Hello guys, This week I'm feeling I'm starting to doubt a little bit,I mean sometimes I'm not sure If she said what she said,sometimes I catch myself thinking about the nature of tulpas, though before I know I definetely considered her as a real sentinent being. Maybe this because I shoudn't expect the effect of first experience? Before we had like great time, first tactile sensation, first hallucination and all this was cool and she regularly surprised me with something new. So maybe I'm just comparing the intensity of the emotions back then and now,and thus underestimate all the actual things because back then it was the first experience hence it was very cool and now I just get used to it? How does this evaluative perception work? Or should I really force more?
  10. This happens fairly often in our case (we communicate in "just thoughts" kinda impulses or visual text like in wordpad,sort of chat window) these things might help: you can jump to the texting format and kinda slow down the tempo,you just ask your tulpa to speak more slow and (you) imagine a white field like in this Quick Reply window so that letters would appear successively so you can't in general build these cliche associations, you can also try to purposely divert your attention from the 'animation of typing' trying to imagine something that involves your reaction,for example spinning imaginary whirligig, this may be hard a little and the tulpa can speak really incoherently for the first couple times maybe,full ramble,but then you might notice how she goes really full pro at independent thinking. Also,I don't know why,but when high,the tulpa is very sentinent. And more general things like mood and pacification also help a lot,meditation also will do
  11. Is summoning really a thing just like visualisation or imposition? I remember videos at [my country]'s (dunno how you call it in english - local?) forums where someone goes really wild paiting pentagrams on the floor and cutting veins (sick),he said he indeed summoned the tulpa. Is this all some sort of self-hypnosys? Please another question: 1) I can see the tulpa more clearly when I just got up from bed,I mean sleeping 2) I can see her more clearly for a couple of second if I close my eyes and then open them and suddenly look at her Can you please comment this,I don't have specific questions,but it would be good for mee to know your opinion on this. Perhaps I mean why is this happening and what does the future hold on this
  12. Is it a tulpamancy term or a general idea? Can you please explain how to summon it? I don't struggle hard to imagine it, it just stands there all the time So,basically the statue is not something important for both of us?
  13. Hello guys, I've been staying at my relatives in another country for about a month so far,and during this period I got this hallucination, I just saw it in front of the wooden door,it looked like figure in 3d glass laser engraving style. I also saw the tulpa in different places around my relative's place that day, but her more obvious figure always remained at the front of the door during that day or so. This thing had reduced tremendously but then has reappeared even more,now (~2 weeks or so) I can see the tulpa as she walks where she wants but at that place I can see the figure more clearly,and also If I try to touch it,it feels like I touch the tulpa herself, warm and a solid a little bit. What am I gonna do when I go back to my place? I mean,is this place at the door so important like some setting where I saw the figure at the first time and the tulpa drains some sort of energy from it? She also sees it and says its just my imprinted first-time feeling and it has no effect on anything probably. P.S. : But the figure is changing to much clearer state as I visualize more Its even a little strange as we just chill and there's another copy standing