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  1. Hello everyone! Just want to let you all know I'm still around and still working on Holly! This week has been a mess and while I've still been able to force, it was nothing big enough to post about. You can expect frequent updates in the next few days! I've been thinking though, and I have a question: - Is it possible for progress to plateau (in regards to forcing) until something is changed? It's not a problem I've faced so far but since my personality/visualization forcing has been so repetitive this week it crossed my mind. Say you've memorized your personality list and continue to
  2. Looking forward to reading your report, Mosta! Do you have any plans as far as form/personality?
  3. Hash browns What did you have for lunch?
  4. Japanese curry, preferably with a pork cutlet! What's your favorite story? (Movie, book, game, etc.)
  5. Hello everyone! What it be, what it do, back at you again with another forcing review. (4/4/2017 12:42 AM, My Room): It's been a few days since the last update, and I apologize for that. I was just feeling lazy I guess :P Anyways, we're back with another session and I'm going to change things up a bit. In recent sessions I've been using puppeting as a hallmark of my forcing. While puppeting is fine in moderation, I find myself indulging too much. In my forcing I see puppeting as training wheels in a way. I'm going to cut the puppeting cold turkey for a few weeks and see what happens. I
  6. Apocalypse Now! What's your favorite album?
  7. Whats going on folks? Im back on track with another session of forcing. There were some interesting developments last time and Im curious to see if they'll develop this session. (4/1/2017 2:15AM, My Room): I am extremely tired while writing this but that's no excuse not to force. That being said I am going for a lighter session so I don't fall asleep while forcing. Im thinking of some narration, visualization, and personality. As always session details are below! Session (1) Roundup: [hidden] 's tones attempted to focus my mind as the session began. Narration was pretty standard, I wa
  8. Uhooooh! Its past 10 o'clock and that means I didn't reach my goal for forcing early. However, it's certainly better than 12:00 AM. So no procrastinating, time to get down to business. (3/29/2017 10:40PM, My Room): Heres what's on the menu tonight folks: Narration Visualization Puppeting Scenes (Personality Traits) Personality via list - A simple plan but a solid one at that. Session details below! Session (1) Roundup: [hidden] 's tones marked the beginning of the session as narration started. Just like last session I did some impositional narration to get Ho
  9. Oh b o y I'm forcing late at night once again, and forgot to force yesterday. Yikes! (3/29/2017 12:23AM, My Room): Im not tired, and that is a very good thing. But I cannot push back forcing time until hours later. Here are some of tonight's planned activities: Impositional Narration Linkzelda's image streaming (Puppeted) Personality Through List Visualization ~ I'm just looking to cover the basics, but cover them thoroughly. I'll get started after I finish listening to this bizarre but entertaining episode of jean-luc walking. As always the session deta
  10. What is going on pals!? It's 1:00 AM and I'm feeling alive. It seems like I've bounced back from the funk I was in this weekend. And you know what that means. More forcing time! I've started out tonight by listening to jean-luc's Tulpaudcast. Listening to other people in the community who achieved their goals helps me get revved up for forcing. If you haven't given it a whirl I'd certainly recommend it. (3/27/2017 1:28AM, My Room): SO first order of business: Tonight's Session. I want to get a lot done, mostly in the time department. The more time I sink into Holly the more concrete a
  11. Thats a good toucan. Lets give him a hand!!!!!!!!! ahaha! Ahah! WOOO! C O M E D Y
  12. Banned for banning someone for not banning someone who banned someone else for banning someone for banning someone for banning someone. tl;dr: Banned
  13. Some good tunes for somber times
  14. Haldo folks, sorry for the lack of an update yesterday or the day before. Friday was pretty hectic but as always I'm back on track. I've heard frequently that its possible for Tulpas to send an emotional pulse in a form of early communication, similar to headpressures. I may have experienced that, or it could have been something non Tulpa related. I doubt it was Tulpa related because of how early Holly is into devlopment, but I wont ignore the possibility. (3/25/2017 2:19PM, My Room): No forcing yesterday so I ought to put some extra effort into tonight. I may however recycle the techn
  15. Granted, but you can only draw what advertisers tell you to draw I wish for a battery that lasts forever
  16. Granted, however real life food looks really tasty, and you can't eat any!! I wish for a basketball that never misses
  17. 109 choo-choo here comes the neutral train
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