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  1. Our apologies - I think when he says speaking aloud, he really meant just using basic room volume. He might only be able to do this during the night, which would naturally have him speaking in a lower volume, but just enough to where the DragonSpeak program doesn't go hurpa durp on the translation like it always seems to do. Can't blame the program because he does tend to talk too fast. When he does this stuff, sometimes Win Wenger's suggestions of speaking aloud, the guy who coined the term, gets instilled in his head that he wants to push more than just his mental voice. It's the type of volume that you could hear face-to-face, but in a background setting with a lot of ambience, you'd ask him, "Could you say that again?" Time for a quick shower, and now that he's fueled up on one canister of 5 Hour energy, we'll give it a shot at another 2 hours + 30 minutes or so of debriefing. (He has to finish the remaining 6 cans somehow before 07/2017 if anyone thinks he's going to go crazy, lol).
  2. 4-8-2017 Session #1: 43 Minutes & 30 Seconds He did a few sessions before this, but they were more like warmups. The program did alright with the dictation, but we will have to refine it more in the future through other practices. So it'll look like the software is 'brain-damaged' in a sense. Anyway: [video=youtube] Pastebin of the words: https://pastebin.com/6Sknyjkv Actual Words (2,922 words) [hidden] So here I am I can imagine Eva she has a balled up hairstyle to her she’s wearing a dark green shirt and she’s wearing blue skinny jeans and she has these generic brown boots. And as I’m imagining walking inside his black Ford axes that surrounding her early stars AC fixed stars everywhere and I noticed that there’s a son right in front of us. It’s glowing with red Amber type of intensity to it, and I can see that she’s trying to reach her right hand towards its and I she’s doing her she’s been being pulled by its gravitational force and that she stopped midway and then proceeds to imagine yourself in a different environment. I can see that Eva is wearing a blue shirt a blue polo shirt to be more precise. She’s wearing the same blue skinny jeans but that she transforms it into a black skinny jeans and small. I noticed that on her left hand there is an iPhone five small and on the right of her as a store phone number describing the store phone but then before we do that we decided we should go ahead and clock in suck imagine her going front of the clock and station in this clock and station consists of this blue rectangle or object that seems to be made of hard plastic. And I can see that she’s proceed to get her right index finger and places it on the glass oval screen that has an orange color orange lighting on the bottom of it she presses it firmly and I can feel the intensity of her fingers and the blue LED screen is being pretrade and states that it’s going to be reading her fingerprints and slowly but surely we can see their fingerprint is being conceptualized by the program I can hear a beep and software and I see you :-) is betrayed signifying that the fingerprint software has identified her. And as this is a current I can see that there are statistics showing up on the screen that shows the hours started hours ended the date the time and what department she’s working at in the session I’m imagine her working as if she’s a manager and assistant manager in the grocery retail store new. Answer I can see that the flooring of the store consists of this Corey light color that’s laminated and gives the shiny light texture almost as if you can see the reflections of another person or whatever the environment is. I can see that she has a watch on the right hand located near her wrists consists of the silver color and the base of it consists of this black square along inside the middle is a white background is a generic type of watch where you can see the longhand in the short handled along him the short arrow. I can see that she’s interacting with a female that used to work in the store and this female she’s wearing glasses and I can see the black ring and of her classes I can see the smile on her face in the pearly white sheet that the parents she has seasonal speckles around her face the consists of this dark brown color hairstyles very shorts and very pointy at the ends she’s very skinny and are physical composition are skinny legs with a slightly round belly but not too obese or anything this a little Pudge that’s apparent. And as I’m imagining this I can see that she’s holding one of the dashboards that shows all people’s schedules and breaks and when will be leaving for the end of the shift. And as this is occurring I can see that the girl is explained to Eva over what’s going on and she realizes that since she’ll be closing in the store Elise in this particular session she hands the board to her after she gets her degreaser over what’s going on so you can see that Eva is holding the phone with her right hand and she has the store phone on the left-hand and then this phone or the composition of this phone consists of this black color and has this oval-shaped composition to it but the bottom half of it is literally cut in half then you can see a slight antenna that’s very thick about I would say half inch and curse at sticking out at about maybe 1 inch or so there is very gray’s square screen and has a very generic and minimalist type of style to it we can see the black font on a transparent screen that is under a very opaque layer screen is able to show the black font properly. And I can see in this phone on the top right-hand corner of the screen is the battery indication levels I could see that his three bars full which means that is fully powered at the moment I see certain words on it but I’m gonna keep them anonymous for obvious reasons but there are three letters to it and then there’s an unlocked feature so I can imagine Eva pressing with her right thumb clicking on a button that looks like a - and then she presses one the numb pads on this phone consists of black he pads with white fonts for the lettering and the numbers. And as this is occurring I can see that Eva wants to type in the numbers 686 and as she’s pressing the number 686 she presses on the top bun that consist of this green font that literally says in caps talk she puts the phone over to her right here and as this is occurring I can imagine the ring and sounds as if she was calling somebody normally on the phone. The phone rings about three times and then finally picks up and the voice that we hear seems to be one of the female. And I can imagine that this female must be Hispanic in some way a coworker that we have to know in waking life and as this is occurring I can see that she’s asking Eva who’s this then even proceeds the state the real name that this body is in that she stayed in this girl response assess what’s up she asked her if there are any audits today for all the checkers and as this is a current euro states that not the moment because it’s the weekend. So Eva says thank you and then hangs up the phone by pressing the red and button there’s a clip on the phone and then there’s also an attachment to you can put in your pocket or a belt or wherever you prefer eclipse the phone that she’s doing this with your left hand I can see her sliding one of the knobs onto the clip cared clicking sound initiating confirming this in place and can also swing about and rotate on the Y axis in this type of 3-D dimension. And as this is occurring I can imagine looking behind Eva and I can see the bottom of her pants I’m seeing her rear end and then icing the camera upwards to be behind her shoulders watching her every move see that she’s walking in the is a male that’s a little these consist of this dark skin complexity a light brown if you will is a little chubby with his visage and his stomach is where what seems to be the red shirts visual stiffer and black font I can see his stores low in red on the top and bottom right but probably takes up at least two thirds physical object that’s in front of him and there’s a clip amending and listening tag is embroidered in a plastic rectangle that slightly the individual is waving with his right hand and Eva and Eva ways I should say. As this is occurring I can see that Eva is looking at the board and is born the screen interface that shows all of these individuals names the start shift and shift their breaks upcoming breaks things of that nature she notices that Christopher’s name isn’t on the list and she goes up to ask him if he came in for anybody in particular he states that he came in for bagger by the name of Cameron and as he stated in this I’m imagining the visage of this person and Cameron he has a light brown color S is very weird here style Mrs. if it’s an Afro but it’s buzzing outwards into these kinds of cornrows if you will but these cornrows don’t go all the way down to this year they sprout up as if they were to find the laws of gravity. And now Eva has his image of Cameron dissipating for very eyes as she thinks Chris as she states thank you then proceeds to back away from them and lets them continue backing. And as this is current Eva decides to go in the name Mrs. Cameron and then presses on that little bar clicks on modify shift that she’s doing this interface comes up she scrolls down what her right thumb and I she’s doing this I can feel her right thumb grazing against the plastic screen of this iPhone is protected by a product or brand name auditor is auditor Brian protects the iPhone from impact spills and things of that nature. And as she scrolling down words there are notes to be made in order for her to do that she has to click on the with her right thumb on the screen tap the says notes she clicks on it or rather she clicks on the black arrow button but this arrow doesn’t have a stem extending it this has the sideways L signifying arrow moving forward and that she types with her thumbs both of her thumbs Christopher G. And as she’s doing this she does suppress the arrow button for going back to the screen and now she’s back at the interface with the person’s name on it argued that the other guy is replacing. Is occurring she decides to hold with her right thumb and then there are more options for her to either view shifts to modify shift or the highlight she clicks and to highlight and then we see all these colors right in front of us ranging from green orange purple cyan yellow or work for the default none option she decides to utilize the violet color cystic to find that this person she somebody else so that any other manner that and look at statistics in the notes to go which individuals taking their place. And Eva does and set her right I can feel the bump of this iPhone next to her diffuse texture and its sturdiness and as she is moving forward I noticed airbag Rex right in front of her these backpacks contain white bags with the store’s name in red fonts and set states stink or something of that nature. As Eva prepared to back some items I can see she’s taking her left hand and using the index finger and proceeds to go to the tip of the sonnet and impose it so she could open find an opening for the best in front of versus conveyor belt we pause for very brief moment to describe what’s going on from this almost as if were looking at a panel drama of some sort where we can environment in front of us that posited I’m imagining this passes black rubber substance continuing to roll Mrs. is his paws I can see that a conveyor belt is surrounded or bordered by the Silver’s extent all the way down just as Lopez I would say maybe about 5 to 6 feet or so and then at the end of this conveyor belt is this rectangular metal that’s going perpendicular from this conveyor belt. And this metal plate open and closed. And surrounding all of this is a hard textured white base in which one can move items they’re coming on the conveyor mail to decide to make a little easier for bagger in front of us this is individual that’s very tall that I would say is about at least 6’3” tall she’s a female she’s wearing a red jacket and she has this crazy black hair here style to her. Hirsch her face is shaped like an oval in some way and I can see the black eyelashes from her as if she put on makeup and then I see that she’s trying to smile that she scanning she’s moving their hands in the sideways swimming motion where she takes the right hand to grab the item scans of your with her left hand that initiates this beeping sound to signify that she is scan item as she utilizes this left-hand place of the conveyor belt and the eye holding a release previously was owning cylinder dirt there is a type of paper surrounding it and that’s clued onto it looks like store brands of type of kidney beans red kidney beans to be more specific are glazed upon this honey and barbecue like sauce to it and as I’m imagining this I could see more of the checks and more environments rep can see the person may this bag and I can see on this check stand their bags on this and their hooks in which geeks are hanging on see several bags that consist of several universities and colleges that I won’t be too specific one in the other consists of the screen color and another one consists of this red color with two titties name and abbreviations. And as I go a bags and I can feel the texture of these bags I feel this hard clock that has this plastic bite to it as if it’s what is flexible and bendable the bag and again here to back to Lincoln’s almost as if you were to take a bubble case that you buy or you would get if you bought something online and feeding occurring. Then I can see front of me and I decide to go behind Eva and switch things up a little bit start imagining myself I’m moving functioning like ascension in as I’m just watching behind her shoulders as if on this a spectator and she is now another conscious observer experiment what it means to have physics his current see the Eva is going to greet the customer and the customer their visage changes completely and now I can imagine them as a female instead this female is also Blanc but she has very long here and she’s wearing this very loose clothing the consist of those white tank top sort would strata were brought and with it this clothing on top of her consists of the stripes consists of this red green and orange order of an inch from each other. And I see that she’s wearing Maggie white short Shorty short this female looks as if she is in her 30s or mid-30s of subs and Eva proceeds the state hider is the current the customers asking her how she’s doing and Eva states I’m doing? The customer states that she’s doing just fine as diets are scanning I can hear the constant beeping of checkered at scanning birth so Eva take righted them back home because the skin so impossible to bag and work things out properly takes the items which seems to be fusing items was she still sorts them out first consist of two books that look like easing the refinery till store. These the type of boxes to them word is milk orange color as the base for the bar logo the foods it looks like some kind of meaning. Cakes and I can see the yellow cheese that seemed out of the pepperoni tomato sauce in the circular bread that contains all of this. And then I can see two cans step represent these store brands of canned the beans were specifically red kidney beans that’s all there is pretty much to it for that order so Eva takes both of her hands and has two those thin boxes and decides to build a wall on the left and right hand side the bag is still in the back rack and then she proceeds to ut middle the feel and then she takes with her left hand or both of her hands and pulls the bag out from the bag rack hooks and then proceeds that put it on top of dark red’s backs or dark gray specs on them Nick is seated thinking a customer for shopping with us and then Eva proceeds to tell her to have a nice one. The customer assistant and she goes along Her Way, Eva decides to take a moment to try to navigate the store and pauses everything over so that nothing moving would distract her from describing this series of images or distract me from describe the series of images is a movement. By this occurring exceeding Eva’s turning left she’s walking all the way down intended to go to the break room but this breakroom would take at least may be 45 seconds to reach walking she knows this to her left is this the. [/hidden] We've noticed we forgot to start the countdown for 30 minutes on the application, but since we were recording this, the software had a time stamp. We were actually done with the session before 30 minutes were up, but the dragon speaking naturally software was trying to catch up to what was professed while he closed his eyes and described what was going on. He was imagining me, or forcing, I guess, of me being in some void in space, and then somehow imagining myself working in grocery retail. Thirty minutes felt quite short, which I think should be a good thing because time seems to pass by quickly. Keep in mind that this sessions involves him speaking vs. typing. We've noticed it's a lot faster speaking it out, and letting the software dictate it even though said software will have to be refined. Overall with the debriefing stage of looking over the content in the document, took about 43 minutes. But some of that time spent was waiting for the dictation software to catch up after we were done.
  3. This begs the question: Are both of you homunculi within your own body? And if the body created you and her, would this imply something related to panexperientialism? Even if you were to retract the statement, and meant the brain doing that, several thought experiments can be brought up to have you question it. Of course, you both may react in the same manner, as if you were living a life in binaries. And, there may not be this awareness of instrumentality, existential boredom and such to you and her, but that’s probably because you both haven’t observed those thoughts, and how the mind has these ideations in figuring out what it means to have another personhood other than the host who had physicality to identify themselves with. I guess the post before with the instrumentality made it seem like ‘oh god, so much horror; so much upkeep, woe is me!’ But, I guess it brings up another point that these are merely ideations of horror and apprehension that be shrugged with a ‘meh, so what?’ I sometimes think these thought experiments we go through in our heads during questioning is a self-audit to see if one can keep moving forward in their lives.
  4. This is why clarification exist. You don’t knee-jerk just because one individual isn’t able to get your perception of it. It seems to me, based on what was going on is that you were bouncing back and forth with the skillset of a stage hypnotist, the person they would be doing the induction (e.g. making them feel they’re ‘talented’), and such. Think about it this way. I do not have enough cognitive power to know what’s going on in your mind. I, as any other person in the forum, have to use conjecture to try to get on the same page. You’re not entitled into thinking everyone can magically understand what you’re saying. You’re ignoring the fact that the discussion between me, Ada, and you was pretty much a conversation between ‘glorified talent’ (e.g. the hypnotist telling the person how much of a ‘genius’ they really are) vs. hard work over time (e.g. the common person that can progressively get better over the glorified genius). If you read the etiquette on the forum rules on anyone having confusion with each other, clarification is strongly supported. But you chose to preface your clarification as condescending just because we don’t know the machinations of your mind. I don’t know anything about other people’s minds; only the one I share with the host. My apologies for not having that transcendental knowledge like you seem to do. I guess I wouldn’t want that if it meant having a hot temper, and being impatient. I can only imagine how you reacted to that supposed stage hypnotist when they weren’t okay with associating their skillset with the concept of tulpas. The stage hypnotist seems to be a red herring, i.e., a distraction from the real reality that you lost your edge when your speculation was argued from another angle, or several actually.
  5. Yeah, like a person that learns from a stage hypnotist’s subjective ‘subconscious biases’ in terms of limitation. But that doesn’t seem to be something even a stage hypnotist you seem to know would do (them being turned off by the idea of applying it to tulpas). No one claimed it’s impossible. I even mentioned that with practice over time, imposition can become easier. The individual can come to the same realization of ‘all that means to ME is that you have not figured out an easier way.’ The trial-and-error of going back and forth with ideas and techniques in hopes to reach an easier way. What a person CAN do is to actually do that, and not be reliant on another person’s induction when THEY themselves can do the induction as well; especially when it was mentioned before in the posts above, the other person doing the induction is just a proxy for the person in question to actually be in a state of suggestibility. Literally one moment in the OP, you were talking about how a person could presumably do this in under a minute. And the next, you’re assuming it unlocks the skillset needed to do it. I get it, you’re saying the same thing in a different context. But here’s the reality of the situation, and if you navigate through the forums even more. If there’s constant debates about insta-bake tulpas, i.e., tulpas magically coming about without the host having to devote themselves to treat them as sentient over time, what makes you think that imposition, literally altering how one views their subjectivity in this reality, is suddenly an exception to this? I’m following you, camera guy, because I’m pretty sure that if I can’t get it through you, someone more aggressive will just tell you can’t really delude yourself into things coming to be without actually having some virtue in progressively making it so. That takes time, not under a minute, and even if there’s a moment of progress in under that minute, the challenge is to make it consistent. I mean, yeah, I think it goes without saying that if a person wanted to impose a tulpa, they would have to in some way, have an assumption that there is a sense of otherness within their own mind. Now, if they just wanted to impose a concept other than a tulpa, then, they’re free to do so as well. Heck, in terms of trial-and-error, some people think it’s practical to work out the kinks of that without adding a tulpa into that equation, and when they feel more confident, then they associate their tulpa with the practice. Yes, subjectivity, I get it. Seeing things and altering your outlook on it. This isn’t hard to understand. Though, you have to think for a moment that whatever mental phenomenon occurs in your head, and seeing it with your eyes via the form of what people would chalk up as hallucinations isn’t really me arguing against that. You’re preaching to the choir, and I’m sure this statement of yours would only apply if I didn’t know what imposition was.
  6. Like Ada mentioned with imposing – whatever way you want to speculate for it, unless that person can somehow have access to your subjectivity and map things out to make imposition seem easy as if it were a ‘hack’; a metaphorical hack into your mind to manifest these events, it still boils down to the individual in question with a tulpa to continue practicing to where imposition gets easier over time. A person doing stage hypnotism, or just hypnosis in general is merely a proxy for the other person to be suggestive. In other words, they’re just a placeholder while the person who seems to be getting mental visualizations ‘through’ them is merely because they were suggestive to play along with the hypnosis. I’m not sure if there would be cases where people’s words will suddenly filter out the critical voice in each person’s head, and make them unconsciously think it’s okay to manifest a mental visualization of a tulpa from a third party. Now, if one were using hypnosis to be more aware, and think inwardly, then I think that’s more practical; just for that intention, though.. And I think the person you knew would probably be turned off by the idea probably because not everyone would react positively, or openly to a stage hypnotist convincing you can impose a tulpa. And when the imposition gets blanketed with the word ‘hallucination,’ and the stigma behind that in general outside of the community, and even within here, people may not like the idea of their mind being played with; even if they know they personally are suggestive to it. It’s not something you can validate as a potential ‘hack’ to traditional practice and building experiential context over time to get better.
  7. Just posting this here because it's like Ada found her place in this world. I think it also answers that question she posed at the end of the previous post. Really, what's the point in this distracting drama with the human condition to find validation through others? If you can find inner peace in the face of adversity that is criticism, I think from that point, one has found a silver lining to the dilemma that plagues their soul, metaphorically speaking on the 'soul' part.
  8. Oh, I thought the female organs would be named Sceena. Am I mistaken, here?
  9. I think shifting this to Lounge is too much effort, too.
  10. The thing about progress, especially progress that seems to stack up back to back is that it’s probably the introduction of novel occurrences. And when the novelty seems to wear off (which is contingent on how much the person personally retains that novelty of things), that is probably where one would get the idea that progress is at a pause. It’s probably because as a person goes through self-reflecting the progress as seemingly miraculous in some way, how that progress continues to stack, or not is maybe due to how much they feel their individual perspective on reflecting on it can last before they become exhausted. Let’s say someone finally reached an outcome towards some struggle, or some specific task, there may be a little bit of boredom after everything’s said and done, and that person has to continue embracing that there may be some instrumentality in their lives, and then they continue to pre-occupy themselves with day-to-day things. In relation to progress with the tulpa-in-question, it’s no surprise that when a person reaches what seems to be a pause in progress could be correlated to the individual experiencing an existential boredom of things after figuring out some kind of tidbit of awareness, or whatever epiphany they may have that seems novel and miraculous. I say boredom as in a potential mentality they take awareness of after trying to investigate what it means to treat a tulpa as sentient. And if one takes into consideration of instrumental and value rationality, this philosophy of treating a tulpa as sentient becomes a progressive endeavor of seeking out how they, as host, ought to do something about the ideation of a tulpa being treated as sentient within their own mind; along with also having to cope with the environment they interact with others in as well. Some people may see motivation as continually finding ways to validate to themselves that a tulpa could share the same capacity of sentience, gaining experiential context over time (vs. being relied on past scenarios that may have been fabricated), and being aware of being caught up with the human condition (survival, boredom, instrumentality of things in life). And when a person is not as motivated, it’s because maybe that sustained investigation over existential questioning of sentience, and what have you can get a little daunting. And when they can’t handle certain bits of information, they may create a justification from that lack of tying things together (which seems to be the source of skepticism creeping up all over again). But, isn’t that a means to be motivated in the future? The probability that even though we can’t know the totality of our minds, we can take a pause, and get back into it when we feel capable of doing so? That’s why I feel understanding the human condition and all that it entails along with whatever correlates with sentience, sapience, etc. goes hand in hand as the sustainability of novelty with the whole phenomenon with tulpas. In other words, taking a pause, or noticing things going slow is probably just a person unconsciously trying to string together a coherent thought experiment (not talking about tulpas as thought experiments, mind you) in their mind that could help them find some reasoning behind these seemingly novel experiences of progress with a tulpa. _____ As for motivation, I guess you could say one can become insatiable in their investigation to propel them to figure out more about themselves, their tulpas, human condition, and such. But, not to the point where they go so far, and they end up being paralyzed by their own intellect. This daily juggling between trying to distract oneself from existential boredom is probably motivation enough because the more one seems to treat a tulpa as sentient, the more they’re likely to be aware of these things. It’s just a matter of how they choose to respond to this awareness, and decide if they should collectively develop experiential context over time with each other to validate a sense of otherness within the same mind.
  11. Just some musings to hopefully relate to this topic. It may seem random at first, but since we intended for this thread to be open towards all kinds of musings with this concept, here goes: Aftermath of Dissipation : - Are hosts, who want to reconcile with a tulpa that they thought wouldn’t be part of their lives, validating the probability that in doing so, their tulpa, to them, is an existential hero? Is the host in question one as well? Here are some inferences as to why I, or rather, we collectively seem this could be the case for both. Now, before I go on, I don’t want anyone to think that it’s just perfectly fine to kill off tulpas like nobody’s business. But rather, to show that in spite of what seems to be a horrendous occurrence, it’s actually a red herring, i.e., something that’s concealing a deeper truth with inner turmoil. If we acknowledge dissipation as removing a tulpa from existence within one’s cognition, however the host reacts to this, no matter what façade they decide to put up, they can’t pretend they don’t care about death, even if it’s in its most symbolic sense with dissipation with tulpas; the fear is invariably there. Whatever stand the person takes in this – reconciling with a tulpa that seemed like a lost cause to them, or them furthering the practice of there not being another continuity of self, it, the concept of death, becomes a constant vehicle being shoehorned down their throats, and dissipation itself, seems to be one of several potential distractions from this truth. To those that have the ideation during this existential questioning of dissipation being a reality to them, they, the host, can still become an existential hero, or rather, presume the path of one for several reasons: - They may realize that by doing so, they stopped in helping cultivate another continuity of self that they treat as sentient to become self-enclosed, conscious, decision-making beings. - Because of this, a taste of humble pie is eaten because that ‘what-if’ mode of thinking comes to mind, and it goes something like ‘What if that was the continuity of self I subscribed myself to?’ ‘What if that was a self that I thought I had uncontrollable authority over in my life?’ In other words, when compared to their auto-biographical context, it sets up more existential questioning and shifting through that quandary. - This potential truth; understanding that continuity of selves can have impermanence just like human mortality can be distracted, but it can’t be fully resolved just by pretending it didn’t happen. - That individual, at that time with that state of affairs with speculation, has to come to terms with either being paralyzed by their intellect, or embracing it. They have to choose that this continuity of self (as hosts), especially one that had physicality (e.g. how the identified themselves with their physical body, and how societal rules and norms conceptualized them as well) could’ve been a what-if. - From this inference, the only practical option is that this reminds them, constantly, as to why they should be appreciative of their own continuity of self. And out of whatever symbolic respect they had of that other potential continuity of self, e.g., a tulpa, they have to embrace whatever intellect they have to create a better future for themselves. - Otherwise, if they’re paralyzed by it, it’s almost as if dissipation is more of the host eating themselves away, metaphorically speaking, rather than believing a tulpa actually died. This is why, from this potential scenario, dissipation isn’t something one can shrug off just like that. In some shape or form, the concept of it occurring will come back to their awareness. They just have to choose how to react to this, and also how they’ve tried to mitigate the fear of actual death that the human condition has being doing for thousands of years, now. To those that reconcile with a tulpa, the scenarios are practically the same, albeit, the tulpa-in-question now becomes an existential hero, or rather, someone with the capacity of becoming a conscious, existential hero. Simply because in spite of the face of doom and gloom that was dissipation, they would, symbolically speaking, be resurrected. And from this, the host would attach to their tulpa as this token of a better future. This also seems to be a recipe for adding in theology, but I’m not going to do that.
  12. I think you should appreciate the fact that you can see yourself being prepared to deal with that angst. Some people become paralyzed of having to silently bear the burden of whatever may come in the future. Another potential outlook on this is, IMO, I think maybe the event(s) actually end up validating her existence to you. Now, hear me out on this. I could be wrong, and there’s more to her than that. But I could imagine that whatever upbringing they may have had, with this being one of them, actually taking care of the issue could potentially, to her, seem as a threat of validation of her identity to you; the person that took the fall for something that others may not ever know about. Almost like an existential hero of some sort, i.e., someone who tries to embrace their intellect to take action in life without considering if there would be some kind of enticing compensation for it, or not. Maybe the reason why she says “I don’t know” isn’t so much of her worrying about the actual reaction to the trauma, but rather the future that could occur if that burden was embraced, and you both happened to move forward. I think it’s natural for others to hold onto certain things that validate their self-progression, or they see as a drive towards self-progression. And when this source has a chance of being solved, or even removed, it’s not so much about having less angst than you two had before, but rather the emptiness of her identity that would come after. You’d think that someone may be happy vs. driving out those emotions temporarily, but her apprehension seems similar to the same existential angst people go through. Those events seem to be a source of instrumentality in their lives, and if that’s taken, or potentially subsided, it’s back to the existential questioning again, e.g., “I don’t know, but how can I/we?” There’s many ways you can assess this, and I wouldn’t claim I have the intellect to cover all angles. But, I would imagine that whatever you want for the future, I think your confidence in that (preparing to deal with that bridge later on) can be put aside. The bigger concern, IMO, is her finding a difference source of instrumentality in both of your lives together. That trauma was probably a significant source for her to have instrumentality, i.e., a state of serving a purpose, or being useful. With what Ada was talking about putting things aside isn’t her telling you to be defeatist about it, but rather realizing that actually putting it aside, temporarily, while you build more experiential context with them that collectively becomes a larger instrumentality in life for you two may make that previous catalyst of her validating her identity more manageable to talk and philosophize about later on. In other words, having enough experiential context to handle bits of it that seemed overwhelming when considered to be taken as a whole. What are your thoughts on this?
  13. OP, if you look into the homunculus argument and relate it to the question at hand, IMO: - The question is similar to something like ‘unconscious parroting’ that was talked about through a certain member in the forum where somehow, a term that (parroting) is contingent on conscious manipulation of the inner workings of a tulpa can somehow become a predisposed habit. - In other words, to think a tulpa can become the subconscious, or unconscious totality of thoughts and inner subjectivity is to state they can actually become the back office of the brain that does all of the things on auto-pilot. Even if there were some shred of possibility on this, it begs the question of who’s the back office of the brain. The brain, tulpa, or host? - This isn’t to say that a person cannot access those unconscious thoughts as it’s just a matter of being aware of the information at hand. But it’s a different story when one assumes that, with a blink of an eye, they can alter the inner workings of their mind, i.e., that back office of the brain. Even with that said, subconscious/unconscious is bit of an enigma at times even when people try to apply metaphors of it for certain context. It just goes to show you that we can express representational models of the brain, but we can’t actually become the inner workings of it; that just sets up some existential issues, IMO. Not that it can’t be addressed and dealt with, but we (me, him, and her) just don’t have enough intellect to get into something like that.
  14. If you're interested in more speculation on whether or not a tulpa is gone after not interacting with them for quite some time, check out this thread: https://community.tulpa.info/thread-dissipation-the-end-of-a-tulpa-or-the-end-of-the-novelty-behind-them IMO, to question the continuity of a tulpa is to question the host’s continuity of self over time. Depending on the circumstance, and how much context was built, any reconciliation of them coming back to you gets correlated with phenomenon like coming back in a weak state, or some kind of trip down regressed memory lane. Of course, that's just one of many analogies, so it isn't just contingent on circumstances that get chalked up as 'it's in the nature of what 'ought' to happen for forgotten encounters.' And the funny thing is, does the host ever question a past self they happened to remember? Do they assume it’s all gone; that part of what probably shaped them was never a catalyst for the continuity of self they’re so accustomed to? If you go through a series of seeing rhetorical questions, you may realize that when it comes to your cognition, and how you treat a tulpa as sentient, to doubt if they still exist is probably doubting how the mind sustains instances of continuity of said tulpa. So if you wanted to figure out what you could do vs. what you ‘ought’ to do, you could consider that you have to go back into an auto-biographical context, and reconcile with those memories you had with her. Kind of trying to sort out the existential quandary you may have went through with treating her as sentient; because in doing so, you’d have to look back over what validated you, as the host, as sentient as anyone else. Trying to go deeper into something like that may leave one being paralyzed by their own intellect, and I think you honestly answered your question. It may not be fancy, and it may feel like there’s no hope, but that’s because maybe when one has to think things through that shift into an auto-biographical (or biographical, I guess, for a tulpa) context may involve the more infantile and fleeting thoughts and experiences; like the feeling of warmth you get from it all. Use that experience, and build upon that, but you have to embrace your own intellect once more to figure out how you ‘ought’ to treat her as sentient.
  15. Crackpot Theory: The secret to winning the last one to post wins thread, this thread, is actually a personal, moral challenge vs. winning over other people. In other words, whatever is your last post, and you not responding is ACTUALLY YOU WINNING. The more we all post, the more we are stagnating ourselves from winning on a deeper, spiritual level.