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  1. Oh man the cringe is real. Hard to watch. Ow. This is the kind of shit that makes me go "what am i doing with my life" associating with tulpa communities. I mean tulpa stuff is a hard thing to explain anyway without such a... socially unware... person representing it. I mean i have 2 tulpas but i dont interact with the community barely at all so i have a weird perspective but... I mean this video just comes off so bad. It comes off as a really lonely autistic person making up an imaginary friend because an internet community told them to. The furry ears and tail thing was something that could probably have been left out and didnt help her case. The "switching" thing too was a terible thing to say on camera.., reminds me of Oguigi, literally the saddest person ever... Tulpamancy has a real dark side, and this interview highlights that and doesnt show the positives. know MTV probably used only the most attention grabbing footage. Ultimately its a shame it turned out this way. Representing an entire community is a really big burden for anyone. Shame on MTV though. I feel bad for everyone involved. Fuuuuck.
  2. Something very silly was once written here.
  3. I've lurked here for a very long time (~3 years) and I have two tulpas, both very realized. I'm in this to have spiritual experiences and learn about myself, not to jerk off to ponies, and not to have idle banal water-cooler chit-chat with an imaginary friend. I have run out of meaningful things to do with my lovely tulpas. One of my tulpas was created on purpose (male, 3 years "old") and one created sort of accidentally (but she's still very cool, about 6 years "old") I have absolutely ran out of things to do with my tulpa's. Talking is cool but it gets fucking old after months of daily chatter. In fact, my oldest one (Kota) is starting to get annoyed when I just check in on her for no good reason. I just like giving them attention, as I'd like to be given attention... although, I have stopped worrying about the concept of them "going away" without attention, I realize that's probably not going to happen since they're both very willful and self-sufficient. When not active (98% of the time) they describe themselves as just sort of dormant or sleeping, not as a negative experience... I guess I'm just trying to grow them a little bit and get them some more experience so they can be cooler and more self-actualized but I have no idea how. How do I let them "interact" with the world? Possession (if it can be called that, it's really just a trance-state channeling the unconscious) is very limited... I've thought of stuff like writing them into stories but that's pretty limited as well. I guess, how do you actually "use" a tulpa? How do you allow them experiences other than just talking to you? I certainly wouldn't want my entire existence to be talking to some person, even if I was a component of that person. That seems... oddly pointless, while comforting. Some stuff I've tried before: Watching movies/shit like that with them (at best, mildly amusing, but really not worth it) Letting them talk to strangers on Omegle (Cringy as fuck, but they enjoyed it) Writing them into a novel (very easy to do but they didn't get much out of it... it was like I was setting up this world for them and they would interact with it, more like I was DMing for them in DnD than actually allowing them to interact with the world) Letting them write stuff without my conscious approval or oversight (produced some very interesting stuff) Basically I want to give them opportunities, experiences, possibilities, they deserve it for putting up with my shit. I do not know how to enable this. Any ideas? Activities "we" can do? How do I allow myself to be a medium for such an entity, and how can I do this in a way that is... somewhat constructive, I guess? Or... in a way that can allow us to grow? Thank you for reading.