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  1. She said it in a loud wispered voice completely out of context Strange
  2. So I got my tulpa's first words and I knew immediately that I was not parroting them. The words themselves were a little disturbing though. "They Cheated they're white". I'm white... What was your tulpas first words
  3. Ok Maybe I just need to give her some time I laid her down on a bed so that she's comfortable I can sense a strong sense of calm coming from her now Its not like she can't walk it's like she's extremely exhausted I'm legitamently worried I just hope I didn't create a vegetable I decided against giving her a personality with the assumption that she would flesh one out over time (maybe that has something to do with it) All I have her was a name and a form But even then I will be letting her choose her own later on
  4. I have never created a Tulpa before (not on purpose anyways. Won't get into that mess) an I try my best not to parrot and puppet but when I visualize her she. Just sits there completely still and sometimes collapses for no apparent reason as if she is extremely exausted She isn't talking quite yet but I can feel definite emotional responses that aren't mine Is this all normal. Especially the collapsing and staring part I'm actually pretty worried about her She looks dead sometimes and it freaks me out I have to actively grab her in my minds eye and help her sit up sometimes Am I doing this all wrong