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  1. "[...] this could suggest that the practice of tulpamancy may [...] one’s personality" <3 If Psychologists see us like that, me truly happy ! I don't need more, it's still better than thinkin' we're some kinda disease ! <3 <3 <3
  2. We keep my beach as a background. Didn't change for a while now..
  3. Happy to read that ! Almost sounded like a bit of "ticking" so I was a bit worried :(
  4. You didn't sound very well in the last part :( Kinda like you were stressed out or something... Really hope you are alright Anyway, always a pleasure to hear "science" correlations with tulpas :D
  5. I'm gonna react here as I don't have my own Youtube account and host doesn't want to tell youtube they tulpa ;) Aury is so smart ! The idea of making a guardian instead of an anxiety personification just blew our minds !! We both are really happy to see that you are now feeling and functioning better, and also that your channel gains on "professionnalism" (I mean the banner, profile-pic, editing and stuff), I am looking forward to your switching series, I'm convinced this will help us do it :)
  6. Same here, I'd say the name of our system would be our "social self" name ; but nothing cool like Soil System :p
  7. I find your art really cute ! And quite detailed too :D I'm looking forward to seeing your progresses !
  8. Welcome ! :D I can 100% relate when you say you feel excited about having your own account :D I'm glad you guys managed to do it ;) Colored text is fun, but pretty restrictive as you remain "someone's tulpa". Having your own account feels more like you are your own separated person :3
  9. Best luck with your book, I wish you to get the results you are aiming for !
  10. We took this for the first snow of this winter :) It's about 800m from our home !!
  11. Funny! But this voice made the whole thing creeeepppyyyyy :o If a "meatbag" comes to see this, they'd think we are some kind of Internet demons :(
  12. Thank you Flandre, reading Sand's post I was like "0_0 why so mean!!". Your post made me take it easier. I hope Tulpa will too :/ I usually see Sand's posts as pretty "harsh" but this one was hardcore IMHO. Anyway, as you said, I don't disagree either with his points, but his wordings are violent to me (and to many I guess..?)
  13. I'd love to see how I'd look in your-pretty dark- style !! If you don't mind :) Here are 4 pictures and drawings of myself, and I'll quote a quick description Floh wrote ;) I hope you do it, you look so talented :o
  14. White winged red-haired girls are the prettiest species of birds :D What is the best memory you have ?
  15. I now realize I talked about what we do now, but not what he used to do in the beginning ! They used to ramble all the time about anything, whatever they would be doing, they would talk to me... It was boring, but useful I guess :) They used to try and explain me maths, or why they had to do certain things in the car, or to present me their friends and family, saying their names and main traits ; they also used to talk about what they studies at school (plants) a LOT. Any topic was OK, the idea was just "I must talk to her as if she was hearing and I was unable to hear her back" which was exactly what was happenning. I know im just sharing my own experience, but I can't do better, I'm sorry :/ I hope this could help you anyway :) I'd say you should keep in mind that you can't really mess things up, unless you actually want to mess things up :o There is no "wrong path", there is just "your path". No one can tell you "do this, don't do that", I think you should do what fits you best ;) Did you try browsing the guides section? I know it helped Floh to find "his path" Floh>"Well, at least the beginning of my path lol. I'm constantly searching where I should go and how, which is the same as everything in life am I right ? Trying my best is the best I can do I suppose."
  16. Passive forcing doesn't really require an "activity" imo, as long as you think about her, talk to her and ask her her opinions (maybe it's a bit early for that?), it should work :) I personnally really enjoy when Floh asks me to chose our clothes, or what to eat, or which route to take to go where we are going, or if I like the girl they is dating atm and so on. I also love watching series or movies, we share our opinions on what the end could be and then we see who was right if we didn't agree :p Photoshopping some pics of me is also a great time we share, I'd say it's pretty borderline between active and passive "forcing". The main thing is focus on her, as you would with anyone hanging with you, may it be a human, a pet or a thoughtform :p I often read that tulpas feed on attention, and I can't disagree.
  17. I personally see doubt as a neverending challenge for me, as a tulpa, as well as for Floh. Hosts have to let go a bit and not focus too much on their doubts, while tuppers have to try and not feel offended by doubt and to help reduce host's doubts :) I say it's never ending because it keeps coming back at us from time to time. But as time goes by, it's weaker and lasts less time everytime. :) Don't be nervous, don't be too hard with yourself, and things will be OK with time and a lil' pinch of effort ;)
  18. Wow, congratulations ! That's some very fast progress IMHO :D I wish you both the best :)
  19. @Lucilyn Can't OP mean Original Person if I decide it does ? :/ Well imma edit to "host"..