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  1. My ex was somewhat alright with the concept of tulpas or "imaginary friends" but was very much against the concept of me not being myself at times. Like Lucilyn said, talking to yourself mentally is a different level for most people than the idea that a tulpa can control the body. They may start drawing parallels with demonic possession or with how DiD is depicted in horror movies and freak out. Generally the best way to approach it is to come at it from a religious viewpoint about Buddhism because then they cannot necessarily bash you over your religious beliefs. Later you can show them
  2. So, a lot has changed although not much of it is really related to the thread, so I'll just cover that. Self-imposed bans are gone. As long as we have time to practice switching, we can. As for the other large post above, we had attempted to dissipate the tulpa. However, although at the time it seemed to work, it didn't. Shortly after we did this, about a month later, she just returned. The response of course was to put her back into the glass coffin we had and force her to be dormant again. It remained that way for many months. The glass coffin was in Raven's room because she never used
  3. Unfortunately the last time I went through the users list (before the auto-banning plugin) something like 85% of accounts registering were spam bots, and we were deleting the same style posts daily. The plugin may fire some false positives but the alternative is 7 or so spam posts a day. If there is anyone who is autobanned incorrectly, please contact staff and we will resolve it as quickly as possible.
  4. If you are referring to this in the context of DID and Alters, they are both headmates. Whether or not they would fight each other depends entirely on their relationship. There are systems out there who have had pretty positive experiences with creating tulpa.
  5. Merging generally refers to two people becoming one more permanently. The end result is a single person that has traits of each. Blending or Co-Hosting is closer to what you are thinking about. Co-hosting is where two people control at the same time. In this way the person who wants to do something the most will end up moving the body. I don't have much experience with it. Blending is somewhat like merging, where the two personalities mix enough to feel like a single person but separate enough not to be. I've blended a few times with Ivy and while blended we cannot differentiate each oth
  6. It's been a mix of myself, Vos, and Pleeb dealing with it. I'll take a look at some options and recommend some things to staff later today.
  7. A CAT scan is simply a scan of the physical portions of the brain. A cat scan would look the same of a tulpamancer as it would anyone else. What you are probably thinking of is EEG scans, or brainwave scans. There are a few people attempting to make that happen but renting the machines are very very costly and hasn't been done yet.
  8. Your religion is your own. You would have to decide how this would reflect on it. You don't have to tell you parents if you don't want to, or you could wait until you are on your own first. As for demonic possession if you believe it to be real, it in theory is actually safer to have a tulpa than not as you then have multiple people resisting compared to only yourself. The difference between mediums and tulpa is that mediums are communicating with the dead. A tulpa is created by you and is what some would call a "local spirit", it is not the spirit of someone who would have existed befor
  9. I've seen it but didn't intend to buy it. It seems really short.
  10. You definately can make music with your tulpa, offhand the person that comes to mind is Vrabo and Iqua. [video=youtube] I hope you make quick progress and feel free to ask about anything you have questions about. (Also props on the clever title, made me laugh)
  11. Tulpa share a head with you, and spend the majority of their time with you. The majority of tulpa are very good at imitating their hosts. Even if something does seem "off" about you to someone else, the last thing they are going to jump to is that you have a different person controlling the body. Tulpa may pursue their own friends separate from the host, but the majority of tulpa find online friendships fulfilling enough. It's more of recognition separate of the host rather than necessarily needing IRL interaction. It was a big deal to Ivy when she first made herself an email and accounts
  12. You might want to look up Ford and Aury's youtube. He has a few videos explaining it and how it's not dangerous. There are also a few studies that can be linked.
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