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  1. I read that taking Piracetam, Noopept and Choline together has a very noticeable effect on cognitive abilities. Also you could add in something like Adderall and it could be really useful, as my ability to focus is nearly nonexistent. I myself am going to try to get a hold of these and see what happens.
  2. Any ideas on Noopept? Going from what they say, its 1000x the effects of piracetam. From the sounds of that, it sounds like a better version of piracetam, which would help alot with forcing.
  3. Speaking of drugs, has anyone had any effect from using Binaural or Isotones while trying to tulpaforce? Seeing how there are lots of tones, that if they worked like they're supposed to, which directly help with it.
  4. Probably any store really that would have vitamins. If not sure just call them and ask.
  5. If you live in the US, you can buy it where vitamin supplements are in a store like Walmart.
  6. You guys fall asleep on 6 mg of melatonin? I could take 100mg of that and feel exactly the same. Anyway I do have some, so I'll try it and see what happens. Though on a side note, one night i did 5mg melatonin, 500mg valerian, and 1g of B6, and once I fell asleep a couple hours later, I had the most vivid dream I ever had. When I woke up, just closing my eyes I saw dream visuals again nearly instantly. Like when I closed my eyes I would go from an awake to a dream state instantly, back and forth when I opened and shut my eyes. Also when I would close my eyes, I would get a sort of electricity feeling in my head, and a sort of high pitched noise. It was pretty wild, and now that I think about it, it reminds me how well visuals came on.
  7. Tried 25-I, but for me the visuals were really weak, and the body load i felt was way too much for me to get anywhere near relaxed. And my thoughts were way too scattered to focus on anything. Took 1mg, not much, just felt like 2c-i. 5 days later took 2mg, still just felt like 2c-i, not anywhere near what LSD would be, 3 hours later, no effects. But it seems like my mind, in order to get effects other people get, i need 3x or 5x the dose. Anyway, im going to see about pharmahuasca, or some form of dmt, or just a tryptamine in general and see what happens. For whatever reason, these PHEA's are very weak in effects on me.
  8. What about 25i? From what I've read it sounds very similar to LSD, so much that some people cant tell the difference. Not to mention its much easier to come by.
  9. Yeah because I'm awful with visualizing and focusing, and those two seem to be the most important things with tulpas. What i was thinking was maybe a hallucinogenic like LSD or Psilocybin. Since if i have a hard time visualizing and focusing, wouldn't those help immensely?
  10. Lucidacid have you ever tried MXE in regards to the visualizing and tulpa's in general? Is it somewhat good for it, or too dissociating?
  11. Its better off the add meds? I'm terrible on visualizing, like i literally cant keep an image in my head for more than 3 seconds without it changing into something else.
  12. No when i took the DPH, i had not eaten or taken anything at all. As for the DXM, it was 760mg of Delsym. Now it was time release, so i was thinking maybe only ever half was at full effect. Either that, or i dont know why the effects of it were so weak. Again i didnt eat before it, only thing i had taken was Yohimbine 2 days earlier, which i made sure to wait as DXM and Yohimbine can potentially kill you.
  13. Store brand Benadryl, yeah its DPH. If you google around enough, you'll find other people who have some strange high resistance to it and post that ridiculous high doses dont have effect. I dont know what causes it.
  14. I'm usually a pretty light eater as is, i can thank genetics of my family for that, so no i didnt eat anything. And yeah each pink pill was 25mg, so i did take 32 of them. I dont take any medications at all, i have really bad adhd and anxiety, which i dont take anything for although i probably should. Its weird because when you read peoples experiences on there, on a dose like that i should have been hearing voices, seeing people walk in and out of my room, had spiders crawling on me and seen godzilla outside my window. But nothing, i was awake the whole time, telling people online how much of a waste the dose was because i wasnt feeling anything. And I also saw on erowid that someone tried a suicide dose on 1200mg, so if im at 800mg and not even getting anything, im not going any higher. Obviously something is not adding up there.
  15. Yeah i did 300mg first time, 500mg second time, 600mg third time and 800mg 4th time. Never really got any effect on any of those attempts. Same deal with the DXM. I guess that stuff just doesnt work on me.
  16. I've taken 800mg of Diphenhydramine and 800mg of Delsym. Not both at the same time obviously, but i never felt anything other than sort of tired and shitty, and i didnt get tired until 8 or so hours after i took it. Never felt high, never had any hallucinations, CEV or anything, basically a total waste of time. I was walking around on the Delsym fine like i hadnt even taken anything. Maybe i have some abnormal brain, but i never get any effects even remotely close to any of the things i read on bluelight or erowid as far as those are concerned, and those doses are above the extreme high dose they have listed too. As far as i figure, if i cant get any effects off doses that high, then im not going to get anything at all, because im not going any higher than that. As far as tulpaforcing, i was thinking the other day, that taking something like shrooms or lsd would probably be great for it, because of all the intense amount of imagination you seem to have on it. I wish i would have known about this when i had 2c-i, because i got really relaxed on it and had trippy visuals when i stared at things and CEV's when i closed my eyes.