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  1. Seasonal depression is a bitch. But it'll be my bitch eventually. Someday. The only thing I like about this time of the year is Christmas, the rest of it can go to hell where it belongs. Anyway, I'm still feeling fine most of the time, so it's okay. Danyla's form has earrings now and they're super happy about it. They and Roska have been playing in the snow a lot, Roska especially has been excited about it again, now that he has someone to play with. I'm wondering if stuff like this would be better in a lounge thread rather than progress report, 'cause the only thing we really have to talk about is how and what everyone's doing. Actual progress just hardly ever happens, even with Danyla it's been rather smooth sailing. I feel like we're pretty much "done" with progress.
  2. Happy birthday Bre! Hope you have/had a good one
  3. Please do! We like looking at art stuff
  4. Big things? Hmmm. Well, Roska's been thinking about maybe wanting to switch to do art. He's been asking all sorts of questions about it and seriously considering, but he's a bit uncomfortable about the idea of being in control of an adult female body. I'm sure he'll get over it soon, though, and then maybe we'll get some of his art on host's art thread.
  5. Wouldn't that just be an AI creating another AI? Although I suppose they would share the same parts and software.
  6. Well, I already lost that train of thought, so maybe I'll get to prattle on about them later at some point lol... I love them both a lot.
  7. I try to be as accommodating as possible with Dany, so even though they don't mind the occasional he/him I try to stick to their preferred pronouns. It's not something they're very sensitive about, though, they're fine as long as people don't think they're a girl, heh. Which would be understandable because of the name and the hair and colors I guess, they have pretty "feminine" interests too. I could talk about them and Roska all day long but no one really wants to hear that lol so enough about that. About three more hours before we'll go shopping. On foot, because there's snow again and that sucks so much, the walk takes like half an hour both ways... At least there's gonna be food, there's a fast food place at the store and we're probably going there too.
  8. That's relating to the page changing, right? It was pretty funny that time, though lol Finnish doesn't have gendered pronouns so learning how to use they/them about Danyla took a while 'cause it was basically just on this site and it was a switch from he/him, but it's become natural now. Yayy. We still slip up sometimes but usually see it before posting so that's fine, and they don't really mind it. Then again we sometimes accidentally mix he and she when talking. Still happens after having learned English for 13 years. Pretty rare, though.
  9. Sounds pretty cool, good luck with that
  10. It's 3 right now and we're likely gonna stay up at least until morning, probably until evening if we can.
  11. It's fine, and I hope so too. Also thanks for the input Bre, very insightful
  12. It's they or he, actually. Basically anything but she lol I know the name is feminine
  13. Damn it Oh I'm okay, went through some rough mood swings today but I'm feeling good now. The kids are also fine, Danyla still has some anxiety issues but we're working on it. Probably gonna see some of that in our PR when host updates it again.
  14. Hi to every hi on this page EDIT: OF COURSE this is when the page changes lmao. Hi to no one I guess