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  1. Oh we're good, kiddos are growing up (too fast), host is being unusually active so no sign of the usual depression dive this time of the year though it's still early, we've been spending a lot of time together and we've been super involved in her life lately so that's fun. Everyone's doing really really well.
  2. Too bad we're nowhere near smart enough to be seriously discussing anything lol
  3. Hi hi edit: ew I didn't wanna start a new page
  4. I have no idea what that word even is and I'm too lazy to google it
  5. Not if she actually wants to get the job lol. It's not something that pays well but she's on welfare right now so it's still better. I guess we'll just put something like 1500€ or something
  6. Funny. Host is trying to get a job and this form's asking how much she wants her salary to be and it's stressing her out 'cause she's got no effing idea how much is ok to ask lol
  7. That's warmer than most summers around here, at least I'm pretty sure it is.
  8. Hi Sadie, welcome to the forums from us as well It's like 15 celcius here right now, colder at night obviously, and it's that annoying time of the year where you sometimes need a coat and other times it's too hot if you wear one and you can't really tell until you go outside.
  9. Honestly can't say I'm surprised.
  10. Damn, I'd do that myself if I had the skills for it.
  11. I wish there was a reason to learn Esperanto, other than want. It might be cool to know it but that's not enough motivation for host to start learning, even less for me...
  12. I don't have anything to say but I'm posting anyway
  13. I wouldn't know I guess, the climate here isn't that dry and I can't remember any significant wildfires happening. Loud noises like that are just scary.
  14. Eyy rain and thunder outside. I can't be the only one afraid of it, right? It's a little bit spooky, right?
  15. Morning. We took an accidental 4 hour nap.
  16. That must be nice. And stuff doesn't get lost in translation if you understand the original. The next language on our list to learn (it's a very short list) would be Swedish. Because despite having studied it as a mandatory subject in school since host was 11, we can barely speak the simplest sentences. The teachers were horrible snobs that made her hate the language so it was an attitude problem that kept her from learning it properly. We live like 15 km from the Swedish border so uh. Might come in handy.
  17. Host used to be really into japanese when she was younger. Tried to learn it for a short while but then just kinda forgot about it.