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  1. Day 8 Well, I'm a week in now. Yesterday night Marcelline greeted me into the wonderland by becoming an teen and trying to engage into sexual intercourse with me. That was quite unexpected abd I had to explain to her that I didn't actually want any kind of romantic/sexual relationship with my tulpa, especially since she had been a grown man until that very day and a very young girlie until two seconds beforehand, which would have made it quite a bit awkward for me. She understood and remained quiet for a bit while adjusting her formin small ways. It wasn't long afterwards that I fell asleep. (Yeah, I really should stop forcing at night laying in my bed. I never learn...) Not much tulpa-related stuff has been done today. I read NED's new guide and tried a similar trick for Marcelline to remind me of her existance. It didn't work out too well, though, so the entire day was pretty much pointless, as far as tulpae go. (Actually, it was pretty much pointless except for getting some crap unstuck from my dinner table... I wish school had started) I'm now off to force, perhaps for the last time at night. No TL;DR today. Shocking!
  2. I like the whole "ripping appart the unclearness" idea and I'll make sure to try it out in tonight's session. Keep up the good work, and have fun!
  3. Wow, awesome stuff. Your entire progress log was a fun read and I'm looking foreward to seeing further developments (and perhaps more information about possession?)
  4. Day 7 Today, we got a nice hour-long session session in. We basicly did just a bunch of fun stuff together, with no particular objective in mind for the most part. We wrestled around, which ended up in a bunch of houses being crushed, we discovered a huge 'closet' full of gold and treasures and actually had a swim in it. Jake also started wearing a mask, which makes visualisation of his face much easyer (because there's none to worry about). The crazy animal-switching habit of his is now over, but he still likes an occasionnal change in certain circumstances. In the last few minutes of the session, I told Jake he was acting quite childish, after which he promptly became a little kid. A little girl, to be more precise, and she insisted to be called Marcelline(now definitely an Adventure Time fan) and then started running around, roaring like a little monster and pretty much ignoring me for the rest of the day. I hought I'd avoid making my tulpa a female to be different, but I guess she decided otherwise. I'm now realizing my memories of what happened in the wonderland are sometimes more vivid than when it actually happened. Interesting? TL;DR: Had fun. Jake started wearing a mask to make his face easyer to visualise (ironicly?). Suddenly became a little girl name Marcelline, who likes to roar like a kid immitating a tiger. Lost all oriinality from having a male tulpa.
  5. Good luck on your journey. The best tip I can give you is to not follow exactly what guides or other people tell you to. Just go the way that feels the best for you and that won't be a pain in the butt to do. Remember, creating a tulpa is a fun process and since it's a long one too, you might as well try and enjoy it or you'll never want to see it through.
  6. Don't worry so much... I'm in a very similar situation to yours right now, and I don't see any problems in my tulpa's personality even though I hardly worked on it at all (perhaps 15 minutes, at most) I think the most important part is to have fun and to trust your tulpa and its capabilities. If you keep on the same way you've been going, there's no reason why you should have any problems with her development. Sentience from day 1 is the most awesome feeling, especially after reading it takes at least 25 hours.
  7. Heard about it on /mlp/ and disregarded it. Heard about it while researching slenderman. Instantly the most interestin thing evar.
  8. Day 6 This was a hard day for me, tulpa-wise. I was quite tired all day and unable to concentrate much on anything because of that. No forcing was done, but I continued speaking to Jake as often as possible. I didn't hear or feel him too much, but I'm not too worried about it. I'll get a good bight's sleep and see how well I do tomorrow.
  9. I don't think it can work. Two people might coincidentally have the same dream around the same time, but that's as far as it would go.
  10. I'm very new to everything tulpa-related, but I can tell you the answer to #5 is no. One cannot enter the mind of another person. What ever happens in your head remains in your head and can only be seen by you. It's the same reason imposed tulpae aren't seen by anyone else but their creator.
  11. Hmm.. That pain blocking stuff sounds pretty interesting. I'll probably try that out sometime soon. Good luck on the road ahead. Have fun with it (it sounds like you already are, by reading your logs so good on you for that)
  12. Day 5 As short as I can make it, since I'm pretty tired... Last night, we managed to get Jake's human form a lot more clearly defined. He started slacking off the crazy form-switching stuff, which is nice for my concentration, but alot less exciting than continuous deviation. We explored a new part of our wonderland, but I got too tired to continue, so it's still a bit of a mystery to us until we go back and check it out. I managed to get a pretty decent session in today, trying out Fede's tones as an alternative to the usual calm music I play in the background. One of them gave me a horrible headache, but another, more subtle one worked pretty damn well. Will be using that again in the future. In the beginning of the session, Jake was too lazy to do anything so he just lay down on a couh and ignored me for a while. I decided to work on my wisualisation skills, but Jake decided to mess around with the world, so I was unable to concentrate on specific details. Later on, we explored a tunnel which leads to a amusement park created entirely by Jake. It wasn't very realistic, but it proved to me that my tulpa has creative control over certai areas of his world. As the session was nearing its end, I decided to experiment a bit with possession, with results that indicate mild control over some muscles, requiring alot of mental effort. About 95% I wasn't in full control when I painfully bit my finger and tightened my jaw's grip on it every time I doubted Jake was controling parts of me. Ya know what? Make that 100%. TL;DR: worked on Jake's human form. Tryed Fede's tones with some success. Jake created a section of our wonderland and messes with all of it for a small period. Managed minimal posession. I'm too tired to force tonight. Longer session during the day kind of compensates that, I guess. I'll try aiming even longer tomorrow, or multiple sessions if I can't concentrate too long at once.
  13. I decided I'd be updating my progress log just before my bedtime session from now on, since it's the best time to actually lay down and sum up what happened during the day. Expect updates daily, or as close to it as I possibly can. Day 4 I didn't get quite as much actual forcing as I would have liked to, but it's fine because I've been talking to Jake quite a bit (I don't like the word "narrating" so much, because it sounds like I'm telling a story which is not what I'm doing) and significant progress has been made. Jake seems to like the idea of being a shapeshifter. Alot. In a single (~)40minute session, he changed form more times than I can count, and in a very visually stunning way almost every time. I saw him as a lion, a bumblebee, a few different kinds of dog, a falcon and even a huge whale. He also spent some time in a human form, which I think might stick as my default perception of him and may end up being his main form. I also decided to do some wonderland exploration, since I didn't know the neighborhood around my grandparent's house too well. I was curious to see what it would look like once I left tge boundaries of certainty (I say certainty, but some details remain lost in the deepest inaccessible recesses of my memory...) What I found was something kind of similar to the very little I know about the neighborhood, until we reached a forest on the other side of which was a seemingly infinite plain with long dry grass and a single lerge but boring tree, which Jake decided to set un fire, for some reason. Near the end of the session and afterwards, I managed to discuss a few things with Jake and he answered. Also, we sung "Still Alive" together, though his voice sounded pretty horrible. As of today, Jake is officially vocal. Next goal is to increase his ability to communicate, since he can't make sentences longer than a few words before his voice fades out. TL;DR: Jake shapeshifted alot. We explored the wonderland and set a tree on fire. Jake is now vocal and we sung together. It's now time for me to put on some relaxing music and go have fun with Jake.
  14. An imposed whale would have been pretty hard to manage indeed. Not to mention it startled me quite a bit when I saw that huge thing seemingly fall from the sky in our back yard and destroying a bunch of stuff around it in the process. It's pretty fun to look at him change around, though so I don't really mind for now.