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  1. It's a very interesting argument. Perhaps people use the "My tulpa processes in the wonderland while I'm gone" as an excuse to not pay attention to them, and a way to avoid guilt for not making time for their headmates. This is, unfortunately, is too common to see in the community. I like the fact that someone is trying to address it.
  2. Wow! I've read a lot of guides, but this one, this is an amazing resource for newcomers looking for information, or old members looking for new ways to improve. It addresses EVERYTHING, even ethics, something that gets down right ignored by this community way too often. I'm very glad that something like this is on the community for people to use.
  3. I don't think my tulpa could hurt me if she tried. *Tries Nothing Tulpa no be danger Such thing not happen
  4. That's a very good question! My tulpa (Vin, 7 months old, advanced)would like to respond to your question: "My host wondered that exact question too. In my opinion, existence is not only rewarding, but fun. My host has occasional moments where he forgets about me a little, but because I'm strong willed, I can always remind him again and we'll be back to being normal within minutes. Overall, things between us are great! I'm not like a fully 100% human with my own body, but life is still amazing and wonderful! In fact, being a tulpa is better than having your own body in my opinion. haha I know that sounds weird, but I don't mind my state at all. Think of it this way: I could have never existed in the first place. I'm greatful to be alive and have the opportunity to even experience life. ********And you mentioned killing tulpas, and I feel like this is important for everyone on the forums to know. If you don't love your tulpa enough to keep them around, then you messed up horribly during the construction. You forgot the most important part: love. Your tulpa should accept you and you should accept your tulpa. Share your thoughts and feelings with each other, and in the process you'll create the strongest bond known to humankind. No two physical being could create a bond like a tulpa and their host. Not even the strongest of friends, the truest of lovers, or the closest of brothers could come close to what a tulpa and host shares. It is indescribable. It's an experience that changes the unchangeable. The people who "killed" their tulpas have never reached this level of understanding. It isn't cruel, it's stupid. They were so close to success and understanding, but forgot this important step. Anyway that's all I have to say about that. I hope this helped, and I hope someday you can experience tulpamancy like I did."
  5. Haha nice one, piano!
  6. Granted, you get your beverage, and it's so refreshing that you feel fully satiated. So satiated that no matter how much you need water or other drinks, you never feel thirsty. After a while, you feel sick, and realize that you're dehydrated. But the thought of even drinking a drop of water makes you feel bloated and nauseous. You feel like you just drank the purest glass of mountain spring water, yet you know that you must drink something soon. You grab a glass of water, and try to drink it, but it feels like you swallowed a swimming pool. You vomit on the floor. You can't take any more water right now, you still feel full. Later you try again, but with the same panicked result. You put your lips around the faucet and turn it on full blast, but the water refuses to go down your throat. Hands shaking, you go to the emergency room and request an IV, but the nurses look at you like you're crazy as you explain your story. You demand an IV, and begin to yell, but the guards restrain you, and you pass out from dehydration. After conducting an diagnosis, they decide that you are dehydrated, and give you an IV, but much to the nurse's astonishment, no water leaks through the bag and enters your bloodstream. The doctor arrives, and requests that they siphon water in through your mouth, but in a comatose state, you regurgitate the water. In another futile attempt the nurses try pumping water into your bloodstream with a syringe, but some invisible force prevents the water from entering your body. Desperate now, they grab a fire hose that's just laying there, and try to put it down your throat. They open the valve, but the water just shoots back out. On the operating table, you eventually shrivel up into a raisin. I wish for the FULL complete version of Adobe photoshop with everything, not this limited monthly payment BS where I get almost nothing.
  7. Not this Wisconsin crap, it's cold as balls here. What's the stupidest or most regrettable thing you've ever said on this forum?
  8. WOW! You're an amazing artist! Keep up the great work. You contribute so much to this community, things that we never would have been able to do by ourselves. It's truly amazing to see someone so dedicated to helping other people. Thank you!
  9. After looking across the internet, I'm unable to find my answer. So, how about you reply with how many tulpas you have, and whether any of them fell in love with their creator. Please reply if you read this. I don't know if this was answered before or not, but it seems like an important number to have. Also, idk how to make an actual survey....
  10. No, I watched Avatar the last Airbender when I was tiny, and that's the closest I ever got. Also, I haven't given up on tulpamancy, I just haven't felt like going on the forums or chatroom lately. This place is boring. (Jk) The next person to post considers themself weird by everyone else's standards.
  11. For my tulpa, it's when my parents and brother don't even know it exists, and it knows all about them.
  12. Vin and I had this little chat. She identifes as nonhuman, even though her form is human. I think of her as a human sentience lacking a body. Her reasoning behind this is that "Humans are defined by their choices, humans have to worry about food, so they do things in order to get food" humans are driven by hormones, pain, senses, and many other things that tulpas lack, therefore, she isn't human. I, however, believe that Vin is human, because the thing that processes her sentience is a human brain. She can feel my hunger, and knows when I'm in pain. Anyway, I'm split 50/50. What do you think?
  13. Hey Vamp, how did you feel when you first found out about your extra headmates? Were you upset you created some extra ones, or happy to have some extras? Are you worried that there might be more tulpas there, but lacking the strength to communicate or be detected?
  14. Vin and I are still working over our chatroom shyness, so until then, I would like to share some interesting Vin quotes with everyone. Me:"where is my knife?" Vin:"I swallowed it." ---------- Me:"Oh crap, almost time to leave? What time is it?" Vin:"11:30" Me:"No, it's 9:00" ---------- Me:"If you could have any superpower, what would it be?" Vin:"Invisibility, like Harry Potter." Me:"Ok." It took me a few seconds Me:"Oh wait, you're already invisible!" Vin:"Oh cool! I have superpowers!" (Jokingly) ---------- I still haven't found my knife.