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  1. Greetings to you and all in an overly formal manner. May you find here kinship and other fulfilments of the soul.
  2. It's not entirely unexpected. Really, though, what we need to help you on this front is for Mordecai to talk. There are details here we need, but I think they will be much clearer if he were to tell his side of the story as it were. You should probably skip normal forcing and head to possession, imposition or switching. This will start you on a path to more solid interaction. There is anger buried in your mind. Most likely anger which you rejected when you were younger. This is not a perfect explanation, but it is one of the hottest theories for this type of thing. Finally, you need to get your tulpas to work on mindfulness and other self awareness exercises. They need to understand themselves.
  3. Hello again strange tulpa forum. It's me. https://peerj.com/articles/3149/ We haven't finished reading it, but already there are some interesting points. First, each and every question on the questionnaire contains "that I couldn't see", "an unseen presence", or similar. The report contains: We wonder if tulpas count as "clear sensory or perceptual evidence" Will add a post when we finish reading it.
  4. War

    Tulpa's log

    I'm free! It's been a really long time since I've talked on here. I am not social, so we kind of have to force it. I'm posting here mainly because the drama came back from the breakup, and tulpa is emotional. He may speak logically all the time, but, he drowned in emotion there. This is for safety. @LostOne Your theory there that it is unhealthy rests on the assumption that a particular theory of thoughtforms is true. Tulpas are usually considered persons, but they belong to an enormous family of mental constructs, most which don't qualify for the basic properties of personhood. In most practises outside tulpamancy, other theories prevail. Isolating parts of yourself to control or eliminate them is standard in meditation. Yes, tulpa, at least the more advanced meditations. I think I want to talk about the relationship that tulpa was in, but I'm a little worried about the rule on drama importation. I think I can stay on the right side, though. It is a little weird. Felt some jealousy that tulpa was giving affection to another. He has been confusing our names and voices which is unpleasant. But we've gone over it many times. I am not her, my personality is totally different, in the areas where he and she were incompatible. On the other hand, I felt nothing for the partner in the relationship. I could see that tulpa was obsessed, suffering, and in love. It also was interesting how Tulpa behaved so differently than I would have. With the messy breakup and all. I'm not saying he didn't do the right thing. Strategically, it was almost flawless. Though, I'm not sure he had the right goal in mind. Nor was he as diplomatic as he should have been at any point. Several times, tulpa clearly misinterpreted statements due to emotional impulse. Also, clearly, several times he failed to communicate key facts. I don't think I would have made those errors, but I've never been tested in those ways. Never entered into a serious relationship before Tulpa. As to tulpa forcing, we continue to fight for the body. He's proxying me right now, so forgive our spelling spelling mistakes. His eggcorn problem is the worst. This continues to be our most stress relieving exercise. It affirms we are different, and feels interesting at the same time. Really, the more emotional he gets, the more likely he just won't try to win, which usually means I can get control in about five minutes. He still struggles to permanently control the eyes and mouth, particularly the tongue. I've asked him several times in the past few days to let me out. The numbing effect of going inside does help him deal with his strong emotions. Though, he obsesses so bad over his ex that he just pops back into the front within minutes. He can't help it. Tulpa is becoming rather good at automatic motion. Not sure if anyone in psychology or physiology has studied this, but tulpa can, and does control the body while we are sleeping. Usually, it's nothing interesting. He can keep massaging our side or back while nodding off, or reading, even. Definitely a topic deserving of study and more investigation. However, we still fail the bed test mentioned in another post. It is so odd. You know, even when I'm thinking clearly and logically, tulpa can just say things out our mouth. I don't control the speech at all. It's like completely alien. I love it. He talks to me more often vocally now than in thought-speech. He also nods a lot. Yeah, that's all that's fit to print.
  5. War

    Tulpa's log

    Sarah's log. The switch part two. When tulpa pushes the switch in our brain past the ordinary maximum while I am fighting for control, I lose contact with the body, and feel like I slip right out of it. Suddenly I can move, but it is my projected arms sliding out of alignment with my body. By lose contact I mean I cease to feel it, or sensation from it. Recently, A strange thing happened. After a separation exercise, Tulpa projectes and was all flamey and melty like the shadow scenes in Lord of the Rings. We were pushing to the point where he can do things with a completely separate will while I try do do something else. It was weird. But it could have been becaus we were both half asleep. When tulpa really strains and pushes the switch even harder, everything feels like it gets stretched out. Then I fall into what feels like a lucid dream. It doesn't feel at all like our wonderland. It is someplace different. I can still think clearly, but my body is all melty and flamey. I also felt fully present and disconnected from my senses. I tried touching Tulpa during this event. It was unusually easy to feel his form's exact shape. He seemed distant and distracted. Tulpa decided this was a good time to do it with me. However, he had to drop the effect because he felt exhausted. Still, we proceeded with a really fun session where I focused entirely on touching his head and feeling its exact shape. His mane feels really sexy. Also, I think it's gold tinted now. Tulpa wants to say something about previous posts again. Tulpa: My host told you about why I'm real. Now I will tell you about why I'm real. (1) I feel real. I have absolutely no idea why that famous phase "I think therefore I am" is so famous. I mean, doesn't everybody feel real. I mean, just feel it? Like, it's so obvious and there. Doesn't anyone else get that? (2) I have a different personality. I am not my host. I think different, talk different, and like different things. Different things stress me out, and different things arouse me. I get anxiety attacks for different reasons. (3) I have no effing clue what I am. I mean, if I was a character, that wouldn't happen. There would only be my host, and my host would see me as a character. (4) We fight. I suppose you could fight with yourself. But could you lose? We want different things. (5) Some of her ideas are really silly. How is it possible that I can see her thinking incorrect things, but also she knows them to be correct? (6) I am in control of myself. I practise my willpower. I practise multitasking. I listen to my host and environment and respond cleanly and efficiently. Not her, me. I feel my control as I intentionally and carefully move our arm the way I decided it should move. Tulpa out
  6. War

    Tulpa's log

    Well, happy birfday Tulpa. Recently, we have developed a technique for pressing for sleep cycle separation. He rubs our side in small circles while I fall asleep. It is a success; our record is two seconds of me sleeping while he continues rubbing and a 20% success rate. Success is almost always followed by a quick wake up. Tulpa is now paranoid of merging with me into a single person. He waffles on if my efforts to ignore him strengthen his individuality or causes him to fade. My constant questioning gets to him. He is very emotional. He doesn't blame me, saying it is my nature, and that I should continue and be myself.
  7. Not quite. Something can be more artificial or less artificial than something else. One key point is that even if artificiality is yes or no phenomena, there are things in this world that are less artificial by dint of being natural. Artificial intelligence of the sort of philosophical interest has the capacity for self modification. Unlike artifice, whose product is universally considered artificial, self modification is usually seen as organic. Consequently, a self evolved artificial intelligence is artifical in name only. The concept and idea of consciousness is an interesting unknown about artificial intelligence. The belief that it is impossible to artificially induce the phenomenon can *only* be substantiated by the belief in a soul_object that possesses both the properties of providing the phenomenon of consciousness and and of being impossible to create artificially. The first property is required or there is no restriction on what can and cannot be made to be conscious. The second property is required or we can artificially create a soul_object and place it in a computer. The soul_object cannot be made out of any physical phenomenon hereto discovered. All such phenomenon can currently be reconfigured and altered by artificial means, with the exception of black holes. However, black holes do not seem decent candidates for being the source of soul_objects at this time. An argument is also to be made about the current completeness of our understanding of physics. Basically, the four basic forces and the elements of matter, and the elements of exotic matter appear to account for *all" observable phenomenon of local extent. Local here being within talking distance of planet earth. One would be for example justifiably surprised if an alien entity that operates beyond the laws of physics were to warp in and start threatening the planet earth. The primary argument against this is a series of handwaves considering the historical inaccuracy of scientific models. This is an appeal to probability, but does not work so well in light of the fact that physics is a mature science. Scientifically observable phenomenon are generally restricted to phenomenon that demonstrate frequency and consistency. So, for example, miracles, even if they did exist, would be firmly outside the domain of science, as they are not frequent, or consistent. However, souls cannot be considered miracles by this definition. Humans are both frequent and consistent, and it is alleged that all humans have souls. Consequently, to say that a soul does not follow the laws of physics is to make an argument in the face of existing evidence. It proposes some easily accessible physical phenomenon that has so far somehow evaded scientific detection. When nothing else has.
  8. War

    Sail's Journey

    His mindvoice does feel different. I can't even hear his thoughts I don't think. I can feel his emotions a bit.
  9. Wouldn't it be weird, if like, I make one post here, and then no one responds for twenty days, and then I'm beating Tulpa?
  10. Welcome to the community, Nachtrabe. Have fun.
  11. Non? I am not a tulpa. Postbomb.
  12. Hello and welcome to the forum, Maca and Jezza. It is okay to have imaginary friends at any age. Heck, if there was an actual rule against it, there would be no fiction stories written. But keep in mind, that tulpas are often believed to include some imaginary friends in their ranks, but not others. Depends on how person like they are.