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  1. Or any other mental illness that can impede daily activities, too, I guess. (Please don't say "go see a doctor" as I personally am medicated and have regular therapy, so that advice isn't particularly applicable here haha - it's managed as well as it can be at this point.) I was forcing for an hour a day for the first month and a half, but in the wake of a pretty bad "down-swing" I'm struggling when it comes to motivation. I find I spend more time apologizing to my tulpa for not having the energy to devote to active-forcing than I do actually, y'know, forcing. The only two times I've been able to sit down and focus in the past month have been 20-minute sessions that were kind of aimless and unfulfilling. I've been trying to get back into the swing of it but I figured I ought to ask y'all if you have any tips you'd be willing to share since depression isn't all that uncommon (unfortunately) and I've also seen a fair amount of users with various MI diagnoses around.
  2. If you're sick or otherwise feeling under the weather (due to mental illness or what have you, the ''downswings'' during depression etc), do you still active force? Do you limit yourself to passive forcing, or not at all? Not sure if anyone on the forums has chronic pain issues but that would apply as well. For the tulpas, what does your host do, and does it differ from what you would prefer them to do? Do you not have a preference at all? etc. Mostly thinking of active forcing here, rather than passive, since active forcing requires more concentration and dedicated time.
  3. Not sure if this quite counts as double-posting since it's been a bit, but if it does, my apologies. I'm back with another question. For the past couple of days, it seems I'll feel my tulpa's presence strongly for very short periods of time, but for the rest I'll be struggling to sense him at all. So... Can you force 'too much' and tire a tulpa out? And if you suspect the tulpa is tired but can't confirm it, would it be best to keep the same schedule w/ active forcing, or to take a break from it? I've been doing roughly an hour a day of active forcing which has been my goal from the beginning, and I know some people here have forced for hours on end without issue, but I figure that tulpas are as different as people and can have different tolerances so I dunno. I've tried asking in several different ways and no response (he's not vocal yet but sometimes I get tingles etc) and I'm starting to worry I'm annoying him with all the questions or something. :/ Sorry to bother y'all. :x Just a bit worried.
  4. Thanks to both of you! I told my buddy last night to take whichever form he was more comfortable with before I "entered the mindscape" and to wait for me in a certain spot if he could. I found him not only in the second form, but also that he was waiting for me where I'd asked, with a blanket to share because it was so late and a bit chilly out. :') There were other things set around him but they were too fuzzy for me to fully make out what they were, though I got the distinct impression that one was a lantern or candle or something (again, it was nighttime and the mindscape reflected that). I'm such a sap I honestly almost cried, I must have gushed to him about how awesome it was for such a long time. Guess he was showing me that second form for a reason after all :D
  5. You know, it hadn't even occurred to me to give the new form a "test drive" and see if it felt the same! It's such a simple thing, I feel kind of silly that I didn't realize that was an option. xD But I'll definitely try that first and see how it goes. Thanks much!
  6. Oookay, I've got a question. A few, but I'll start with just the one. :) For background info: I'm about ten days into the process, active forcing for roughly an hour a day + narration, focusing on personality before visualization. Before I started forcing, though, I came up with an ideal form and a mindscape for him - Kiel - to hang about in. Visualizing is very very easy for me as an artsy type so the form ended up becoming quite detailed kind of by accident. However, sometimes I get flickers of a different form. Still human, so the changes aren't drastic, but they're different enough for me to have noticed obviously, haha. This second form is generally consistent each time I see it as well. The question is this: Should I continue to think of the original form I had in mind, or should I accept the new one that keeps popping up in its place without question from now on? I'm not sure whether to consider it deviation or just me being distracted somehow (idk), and I've asked Kiel each time it happens but haven't received a reply, which doesn't surprise me considering how early-on we are. I just wasn't expecting deviation so soon, though I guess this might be what happens when you do personality first and visualization second :P lol. Just wondering what y'all make of the whole "possible version 2.0" thing that's going on. Any input would be appreciated!