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  1. I just realized I never posted in this thread. Roam was created with a blue pony form and cyan mane/tail. To help with possession, he also spends a bit of time as a human.
  2. A: Tristan, in case anybody was wondering. Q: Roll
  3. A: I broke my arm once when I fell backwards off a chair onto some bricks. I was like 4 years old so I can't remember which arm. Q:Roll
  4. I think Fede misses the point. A: I would also like to live in my wonderland with my tulpa indefinitely. It would be pretty cool. Q: Roll
  5. ^^^^^ Those. It wont become "mainstream" if it takes effort to do. The 2edgy4u teens would "try" make tulpa with no fucking idea what they were doing. If all the possibilities of tulpa (possession, switching) went mainstream then depressed people might "try" to create tulpas and "try" to force them to live their lives. That would prob just mess up their minds more. I say "try" because most people doing it for attention wont even be bothered to pull up a site on the subject, much less a guide.
  6. The point is: We understand what is our own and what isn't our own and live in a healthy multiplicity. People with mental disorders may have no clue what is real or not and have no control over hallucinations they have. We haven't "lost control"; Rather, we have more control than most people.
  7. Tristan379

    CTRL+V huehuehue
  8. I think that was quin you are talking about. I saw that a few days ago. Didn't realize he was into the tulpa business too.
  9. I am having trouble connection to the mumble. 'Server connection failed: Connection refused.' Also, Mumble sucks. You can't just pull up another open program from the windows bar, you have to forcefully minimize Mumble because it takes overlaying priority over every other program. IMO Teamspeak is vastly superior.
  10. A: No Q: Have you done any kinky shit with your tulpa?
  11. He normally sleeps in a bed in the wonderland.
  12. My pony tulpa grew a horn once...
  13. That is pretty much my only concern about it. It's definitely better than the earlier version.
  14. Then you are shitty at helping your peers succeed. Seriously though, It would probably take a bit of effort to wipe out significant memories that have had an effect on who the host is. I would think it takes a lot more effort to cover up than a sentence he read a few times and actively tried not to think about. But that's why we have this section; To learn more about the tulpa phenomenon and what it can do. By exploring this methodically and safely we can learn what not to do, what works best, etc.
  15. He had it when he was just a kid I think, long before the community existed. He didn't know that it was what we would call a tulpa. He thought that it existed in the watch, not his head; therefore, it did (in a sense).