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    I'm one of Muffin's two tulpas, and I'm considered the sunshine of the group. I'm cheerful and bubbly (according to Muffin, anyway), and I want to make Muffin and Pumpkin's day bright and happy everyday.
  1. I'm about two and a half years old, from the first words my host knew were truly mine to right now.
  2. I call my host Muffin 99% of the time but if I'm talking about her to someone else I use her actual name, or the alias she uses on some places on the internet like an IRC channel or similar. Me and Muffin don't really like to use the term "host" because we find it somewhat weird to use, as if I were a parasite. Sometimes we might use some names like "my good lady," or "my slave" jokingly, but that's only occasionally.
  3. Kool how long this thread's been going. I kinda want Muffin to draw me in a special picture just for this thread. (Muffin: I need the practice anyway...)
  4. Our wonderland is sorta a hybrid floating island/regular island, as in half of the island's coast is at water and the other half goes to nothing. It's randomly generated as we explore it. There's no definite layout to the place, but my host thinks it'd be nice to have the place more solid and non-changing. There's also a room underground that's used to enter "other worlds" that we imagine up. We could do that from anywhere but it's more fun to have a certain place we have to go to. We have a small cabin that we can move around the island and put where ever we want it to, but most of the time we keep it by the beach with water. We could imagine it to be anything really. It changes often. I'm sure it's probably different from a year or two ago, as you could see if we mentioned it in our progress report. I think that's what the room to other worlds is for. For when we get bored of the island. Don't get me wrong now, the island is fun, but we like to have sorta what you would call daydream adventures. I don't think there's anything else to say really. The island is just a place for us to escape to every now and then. I think my host should draw it sometime. It's a really beautiful and cool place.
  5. Imgur is the most reliable from what we've seen, but we do find the website to be a bit slow and bloated sometimes so we just use a simple bash script to upload. If bash isn't your thing, there's more clients on their website. Or DeviantArt and Sta.sh could work, but those are more for storing pictures on a profile. Fantastic art, by the way! It's always neat to see a new one of these pop up in here!
  6. My host is pansexual and Violet and I are both of the same gender as my host, female. I'm also pansexual just like my host, but Violet is more exclusively homosexual.
  7. I like how your avatar fits well with your name! It's better than choosing the name "Mr. Spooks" and having rainbows and unicorns as your avatar. But if you want rainbows and unicorns, that's fine, I would too! I should stop before I end up making a wall about rainbow avatars... Thanks! My host got it a long time ago in an art request thread on another forum. Isn't she the best?
  8. Oooh, a thread that I can compliment whoever for whatever reason? This must have been made for me! You must be a very kind person. Kind in the cool way!
  9. (I dunno if it would be ok to post an introduction here since my host's been here for a while but here I go...) I know that I've already said a few things here under my host's account, but Muffin is too inactive for anyone to remember. So I figured that I would introduce myself here! Hey! I'm Melody and my host Muffin finally gave me my own account! I wanna be more active than Muffin cuz she seems to never post even when she wants to. Anyway I hope that I can brighten up this place just like I brightened up my host's life! c:
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