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  1. Alright, here we go This on it's own is enough to get the guide disapproved. Easy, done. Joking aside, I suppose you're not wrong, to an outsider you're one person. So, despite being blatantly against .info's front page beliefs, I'll continue. This entire preparation section actually is one of the better personality/ form forcing sections I've seen in a guide and actually has a good reason to do both. I think it could have been expounded upon personality-wise, however. Perhaps change this to "Or encourage them to ask you one." Then again, this is your philosophy, and your g
  2. "make your vision bob up and down slightly as you walk" it's not real until you have shaky cam Joking aside, I feel this could highly benefit from expanding on it more. Adding more steps in increasing detail, primarily. ... that's really all I have to say. Approved.
  3. The guide itself said possession is a requirement. I don't think it's wrong at all either. Switching and possession are similar phenomenon. Either way, your tulpa is the one moving. The only thing switching involves is a headmate yeeting themselves out. And even disregarding all of that, possession is movement. You have to be qble to move to switch in.
  4. So from the first paragraph you say the technique is "easy" yet also drop a good ol' "It took me five years" and a "few seemingly master this" on the reader. Is it easy or a rare and difficult thing? Pick one. Or, you should explain why so many have difficulties with it and why it's actually easy and people overthink it, or something. Give a reason that your guide will make it easy. So, here, you give it from the host's perspective, which is nice. However, these are all from a negative view: what is not happening. You give nothing in the way of "the tulpa is possessing, reacting, and e
  5. Yes, it is utterly picky Luminesce. That doesn't mean these details are holding back it's approval. They are little things that can still be improved, therefore we should recommend the improvement. Anyways, on a second read You only actually touch on "drawing your attention away from... the real world" briefly. Also, I'm going to say this again. You give a summary of the technique. Then you give another, more detailed summary. Then you give the full method. Like I said originally, it reads like some increasingly verbose meme. Like this You could probably entirely remove either The
  6. So your first three paragraphs have a strange issue. The first two are very academic sounding while the third is very personal. It creates an odd shift. Additionally, all three of the first paragraphs are your introduction and could probably be rewritten to contain all the information you want to put out out there in less words. It's not a huge issue, really it's the tone shift that's important. Your fourth paragraph could stand to be part of the introduction too, as it's a literally summary of what technique you're going to use. The fifth paragraph is also clunky coming off the fourth. Thi
  7. I think my issue with this is the aimlessness of it. Posting the simple technique is fine but it's useless if someone can't learn the intent of it. It's fine to even say that you shouldn't read the full thing and perform the exercise first and use the explanation later as a reflection tool. Reading Lucilyn's comment on this actually helped out more. It told me the sort of focus I can expect and then trying it out myself I could understand why the sort of state could help focus. Such information should be in the OP. So, what does this focus do over typical meditation to help with tulpaman
  8. These are GAT guidelines that every guide should adhere to. These will need to be fulfilled before your submission can be approved. It is recommended you read them to save time for everyone during the submission process. 1. Submissions should adhere to Tulpa.info's rules. 2. Word use must be consistent and generally be in line with community use. There are a lot of different uses of individual words in the tulpa community. We're not terribly strict on whether or not fronting and switching is more correct to what you're trying to communicate, so long as it makes sense an
  9. I would be hesitant to claim a dream experience has any bearing on reality unless you were somehow lucid and so was your tulpa. However, two weeks is certainly a possible time to hear your tulpa, so keep it up.
  10. I feel this comes close to a lot of good things but doesn't quite hit the mark. Just enough that I couldn't approve it yet. First off, I think you should re-purpose your "How it works" section into a proper introduction. Try to trim out unnecessary repetition and just unneeded sections of it too, make it cleaner and more succinct. These are minor suggestions, won't stop your approval, but they're little things that will push this from "approved" to something that people might share. Now, to get more specific, you don't really instruct someone how to "block" their thoughts. You also don't
  11. I mean, shoot, let's do literally anything, because at this rate the push isn't going anywhere. Shoot, I don't particularly want to be the GAT manager because I don't think I'm qualified, but I'll do it if it gets this place moving again. This is an important element of the community so doing ANYTHING other than sitting on our thumbs and getting applicants that can't even be approved is just a waste.
  12. Okay so when are we going to decide on a GAT manager and how are we going to do it? It's been longer than a week since this issue was brought up a second time and so we're on the verge of this being the second time it dies. We have several members on the team now if we accepted everyone who joined, and a sizable team if only half were. We have a team, now we just need a manager to have the "revolving door" get going So what's the plan?
  13. Since it's a thing, I can vouch for Kopase's writing capability and think his rampant hatred of obtuse writing will be massively valuable to the GAT Team and will be an area of expertise most of us lack. Somehow I doubt we'll find many people who are both tulpamancers and professional writers.
  14. Well, if there are only two managers to discuss who joins the chat, I don't think that'd really need a private channel, but whatevs. Guides are so rare right now though that I don't think the once-in-a-blue-moon pings would be bad or email push notifications etc. etc.
  15. I believe it would be important to keep GAT transparent as possible. If it were just a channel for pinging, there wouldn't even necessarily have to be a GAT-specfic role, you could just have a channel where someone can ping those with an opt-in role that a new guide has been posted and link to it in that channel. There is a use for a GAT-specific role though: publicity. If the GAT members were displayed separately from other members of discord similar to how the mods are, it would raise more awareness that 1: this forum exists and people can post their tips and tricks/guides/etc. and 2: it
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