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  1. These are GAT guidelines that every guide should adhere to. These will need to be fulfilled before your submission can be approved. It is recommended you read them to save time for everyone during the submission process. 1. Submissions should adhere to Tulpa.info's rules. 2. Word use must be consistent and generally be in line with community use. There are a lot of different uses of individual words in the tulpa community. We're not terribly strict on whether or not fronting and switching is more correct to what you're trying to communicate, so long as it makes sense and the words you use mean the same thing throughout a submission. 3. Please use proper grammar and spelling. The GAT is not your spellchecker. We'll help you on this, but not if your submission is riddled with misspellings. Try pasting the text of your submission in Word or Google Docs, then correcting the errors that the program points out. 4. Off-site linking is allowed, either because the submission is long or because it was originally published elsewhere, as long as a) The website does not contain viruses and is secure. b) The full guide can be accessed on the forum itself OR an alternative back-up link is provided. If an alternate link is provided, a synopsis of the guide should be posted in the thread itself c) If it is a blog that contains NSFW or otherwise rule-breaking material but the page with the guide itself does not, a warning should be provided. 5. Advertising is acceptable as long as it is minimal, does not distract from content, and also can bring some additional value to a system's tulpamancy experience. Paywalls to content are not allowed. 6. Each submission should clarify which guide board it is intended for. The GAT may decide to put it somewhere else when approved if appropriate. The three guide boards are as follows: Guides: Specific methods and instructions meant to aid with reaching a goal Tips and Tricks: Smaller pieces of information and advice that don't make up a full guide Articles: Informative writings meant to share knowledge or research on a subject 7. Submissions shouldn't be early/rough drafts. If you would like the GAT to review an early/rough draft, you can post it in Lounge, General Discussion, or even your Progress Report if you want. Be sure to notify them if so. If you think your submission is a final draft but end up needing to make major changes, either update the original thread, or make a new one. If you make a new one, then the old thread will be moved to Lounge so that there aren't two similar threads by the same author in the Guides board.
  2. I would be hesitant to claim a dream experience has any bearing on reality unless you were somehow lucid and so was your tulpa. However, two weeks is certainly a possible time to hear your tulpa, so keep it up.
  3. I mean, shoot, let's do literally anything, because at this rate the push isn't going anywhere. Shoot, I don't particularly want to be the GAT manager because I don't think I'm qualified, but I'll do it if it gets this place moving again. This is an important element of the community so doing ANYTHING other than sitting on our thumbs and getting applicants that can't even be approved is just a waste.
  4. Okay so when are we going to decide on a GAT manager and how are we going to do it? It's been longer than a week since this issue was brought up a second time and so we're on the verge of this being the second time it dies. We have several members on the team now if we accepted everyone who joined, and a sizable team if only half were. We have a team, now we just need a manager to have the "revolving door" get going So what's the plan?
  5. Since it's a thing, I can vouch for Kopase's writing capability and think his rampant hatred of obtuse writing will be massively valuable to the GAT Team and will be an area of expertise most of us lack. Somehow I doubt we'll find many people who are both tulpamancers and professional writers.
  6. Well, if there are only two managers to discuss who joins the chat, I don't think that'd really need a private channel, but whatevs. Guides are so rare right now though that I don't think the once-in-a-blue-moon pings would be bad or email push notifications etc. etc.
  7. I believe it would be important to keep GAT transparent as possible. If it were just a channel for pinging, there wouldn't even necessarily have to be a GAT-specfic role, you could just have a channel where someone can ping those with an opt-in role that a new guide has been posted and link to it in that channel. There is a use for a GAT-specific role though: publicity. If the GAT members were displayed separately from other members of discord similar to how the mods are, it would raise more awareness that 1: this forum exists and people can post their tips and tricks/guides/etc. and 2: it lets people know the role exists and more people would be likely to want to be part of it.
  8. So we already posted this in tulpa.info's discord, however I feel it's appropriate to post this here. A lot of people in this community want art. After all, having a visual thing to point at and say this is me/ my tulpa is a really cool thing. Naturally, this means artists in this community are sought after, because some of us can't draw a convincing curve to save our lives. However, connecting to artists is sometimes a bit of a daunting task. Sometimes artists are pricier than you can afford, there aren't that many of them in any given server usually, sometimes you find someone affordable but they have a style you don't like. More unfortunately, people exit this community and their art goes with them. So, I made a discord community. Discord allows me to fix alot of these problems, as I can create a hub of sorts where artists can advertise themselves and you can peruse their works, see their prices, know what they can and cannot draw, etc. It also allows users to put out "bounties" for art they need. This allows an easier way for people to connect to artists. So, here's the invite link if you're curious about joining. Thank you. Tulpa Art Market
  9. I'd like Luminesce's system to be the GAT manager. I know they don't even particularly want to be on the GAT, but I really think they're the perfect fit. They're highly active on the forum, first, though that's just a prerequisite. Though actual seeing and knowing about every new guide is a big deal for the managerial position. Also, I think Luminesce's tulpas have the capability of calling the GAT to action to approve new guides. Why? Because they already do. They already fit and perform the role plenty fine, they just need the title now. I know you're not big on the idea of approving/ disapproving guides, but really all you need to do is keep critiquing people until they make all the changes you think are necessary, which you already do anyways. All you need to do now is add the word "approved" to your posts after you say something along the lines of "this is good"
  10. I know, the title is clickbait-y and on-the-nose. It's wonderful. Maybe I'll get those delicious views. That idiotic introduction aside, I was going through the depths of the tulpa community when I encountered someone who had asked their community not to post nudes of their form even though porn was perfectly fine in that particular community. Before the event, the person did not even know the anime their form had been ripped from. Another episode, a friend of mine tells me about a smaller tulpa discord where the host didn't want nudes of their form posted, despite it also being allowed on this community. So it brought up a curious question in my mind that I thought the community could have fun discussing (or maybe I'll start a flamewar, who knows). Does a tulpa have a right to be upset that something resembling their form is in a pornographic medium and can be readily displayed to anyone? After all, even though I'm sure most of your tulpas are quite attached to how they look, but at the end of the day they are NOT that character. Then again, I'm also biased as all of my tulpas are original forms and only one was even based on the looks of another creature. Soooo, discuss!
  11. The way you worded it, I'm going to say no, it doesn't feel different. All of them sound different, sure, but the actual process of thought feels the same. Their vocality is the same as mine, what a surprise, it's like we share a body or something.
  12. The friends and I made up. Really, I'm surprised that one of them did. When they messaged me I... didn't really know how to feel. I thought they were idiotic for sticking around. It was hardly the first time our systems have had conflict. But, it also makes me glad. I will say. I did fuck up. Like, I don't want to detail how, but I feel it does these two systems justice to admit I was wrong. So, one has decided to wait before talking again. The other has decided they'll just talk again. Um, I don't really know what I'm feeling. Mostly confusion, honestly. So, I'll just have the tulpas talk. Annabell is... honestly I say it got worse for her, ironically. She's tentative to talk to the ones that came back. I'll let her deal with it. I feel she'll come back to talking to them in time. Granted, she was willing to talk to one of them today, so perhaps it'll be faster than I thought. In slightly unrelated news, we re-learned that Fidelity does continue it's magic after a "break-up" (which, really, it's more a "it's complicated" right now). So, Annabell has pretty much no interest in sex aside from one person. Omega um, well one of them said a thing and then Omega decided to listen to their advice and get a life and start being more social. Which, hilariously, it's a complete turn around from what he was like just a little while ago. He's struggling somewhat with it though. He's never been good at socialization. I'm proud of him though. Tula is not okay. I'll have to cheer her up some more. The ones who will talk later, they helped her alot. She's learning the nuances of humans a bit more. Now that I think about it though, my tulpas have always been slow to learn how to deal with other people. Hmm, something to think about. Wow, this almost sounds like a bad report. I know I was affected really positively, but this is meant for tulpas, not me. I promise everything is better cx
  13. Today was a shitshow. I lost my two best friends. Now I'll tell you the affects of that, starting with me. At first, I cried. But, oddly enough, it was tearless. My mind scrambled through in a panicked, shocked state for a while before I decided, after talking with a friend for a bit, that I needed to sleep. I didn't sleep, I sat in one spot drooling on my pillow and thinking. After sitting still for two hours, I felt... normal? It's difficult to say. I wasn't panicked anymore, but I certainly still felt I had a hole in my chest. So I sat in the presence of my dad and wasted my day away on League of Legends, thinking about the event the whole time. During this, I eventually concluded that if I lost my friends over what happened, clearly they never were friends and I'd placed all my hope in the wrong people. Real friends work through issues, not run from them. Then again, maybe I'm bitter. Annabell was... relatively unaffected? It was really strange to me. She stepped up and started caring for everyone. I asked her what she thought of losing her significant other. She said it was shit, but she doubted there were any hard feelings and she still had me. It... scared me. She and I also had a talk about how the thought of losing friends used to terrify her, and how maybe working to "fix" that has caused her to be so... okay with this. Omega is... not feeling well. He lost everyone he cared to talk to, and during the initial moments, he told me he wanted to never talk to anyone or deal with anyone again, including me. I helped him out of that a little, but he's really, really not taking this well and he'll probably be my primary focus during this month. I kinda wish I could still contact the estranged friend, if simply for his sake. Tula is massively confused and not sure what to do. She's never really dealt with people cutting ties and she... Tula has this general love for everyone, yeah? And she just doesn't know what it means when she isn't allowed to express that. It makes her assume they hate her. Which, she, in return, delivers hate. It's... not something I agree with. But, we'll have to see how this all pans out. These are all just bare minimum, initial thoughts. Lord knows what happens when this slowly, fully hits everyone. I suspect I'm the only one it really did fully hit. Meanwhile, I'm probably going to hop on IRC more and try to find some direction with imposition. I'll go back to writing stories, binging anime, etc. These friends were a massive timedump for me, so it's mostly going to be trying to find what to do during the time we used to spend on them. Eventually, they'll fade out of memory and be another story for me to tell to future people I trust, and the cycle will probably continue. Fuck my life. Edit: We should rename my PR the ellipses PR because holy hell do I overuse them.
  14. *Le sigh* Something interesting happened. I started talking to a human, I presume, and he and I got into a conversation about foods. I then mentioned how Annabell really likes chocolate (seriously, easiest way to become her friend is to give her chocolate). So, she decided she was going to go get some chocolate. The thing that made it new and fun is the fact that she full-body possessed and walked into the kitchen to find chocolate, and found some cookies. She did this without any of my prompting or even so much as my consent, lol.
  15. Hailie is the real master anyways, muahahahahha. Heeeyyyy, Hailie. You busy tonight? Jokes aside, this is my first time reading your PR, luckily the whole thing was short. Good luck on continued development man