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  1. I just started forcing my Tulpa when I remembered a really bad memory I have. Now every time I even think of the word Tulpa that memory flashes in my head. What do I do now? I still want to make a tulpa but I don't want to force with this memory always present. Help!
  2. I know its me imagining his response. Another question i have is when did you start hearing a voice? thanks for the response :)
  3. Hello, I am an extremely new Tulpamancer who has some concerns that are distracting me from creating my tulpa. Although ive known about tulpas for a while now and have done a lot of research into the phenomena and have read dozens of tips and methods (such as Tulpa 001's 171 page guide) I have only started forcing and dedicating my time to creation a few days ago. I do my forcing sessions (ive done 3 now) in the morning and they last about 20 mins of forcing and then 20 mins of research. During my forcing sessions i sit down and play mediation music. I visualize my Tulpa and talk to them with the outline i have typed up: Forcing sessions: Sit down in front of them and Greet tulpa. Tell them a little about yourself, (something new every day) tell them we are partners in life and that i love them and cant wait to talk to them. Personality traits: tell tulpa all about themselves. Each trait and how it would appear in a situation. Adventurous: we will always encourage ourselves to do things we wouldn't normally do. We come up with ideas when we’re bored or places to go when we are just out for a walk. Calm: you almost never freak out and are always able to think rationally Funny: you can find humor in any situation although you dont let it distract you too much (on serious occasions) Clear headed and clever: you are very calm in most situations and know how to stand back and assess a situation. Determined: once you set your sights on something, you dont stop until it's finished or solved. Adaptable: you can read a situation and know how to act in it. Compassionate: both of us need to be dedicated to each other and frankly obsessed with each other. Both of us must know and ask for what we need. We must care for each other as we are both in one body. ---- While doing this I am constantly distracted by thoughts and although i push them away i usually have to look at the picture of my tulpa to re visualize them and i have to repeat what i was saying. Here is my big concern. How do i know im talking to my tulpa? I Have ADHD so its extremely hard for me to focus on one thing alone, theres always music or some meme playing in the background of my mind. since im in the extremely early stages of forming, i cant hear my tulpa or really feel them there. If i try hard enough i can visualize them in what feels like the back of my brain but i dont know if thats anything. Im just worried im doing something wrong or if theres an easier more efficient was i can force in these early stages. I also sometimes (during passive forcing) think of my tulpa and think of how hed respond, like ill say hey in my mind and think of him saying hey back. Im pretty sure this is a bad habit and i dont want to respond for him. Thanks to who read this :)
  4. Thanks for this ::) have ADHD too and I can seriously relate to a lot of the the things you said here
  5. A question I have asked myself sometimes is why create a Tulpa? I am very interested in knowing why some on you guys have created (or are creating) your Tulpas.
  6. Hi there! I'm and EXTREAMLY new tulpamancer and I have a few questions I cant find the answer to anywhere! My main problem that concerns me is I have severe ADHD. Its been a problem for me all my life and is now such a frustration when I try to form. I ALWAYS have a song or some rhythm stuck in my head and it gets in the way of conversation and wonderland forming. My first question is are there any tips or methods to dealing with this? My second question is how does one go about personality forming? I already have an idea of a physical form and an outline for personality (I want my tulpa to form most of it by themselves around a basic outline) but i have no idea how to enforce those. Do I just list the traits? Do I tell them "hey I want you to be decisive?" How do I do this? Third question: How vivid are hallucinations? I'm fascinated by the fact that you can see your tulpa irl but I want to know how vivid are these hallucinations? Fourth question: Possession? What is is like? Last question: Would it be more or less effective to force out loud? As in talking to them with my voice instead of in my head. I have a drawing I made of my tulpa and I want to look at that and talk to them directly as a method of dealing with my ADHD Thanks a bunch to anyone who read this and i hope to hear from someone! also another question: to those of you who visualized their tulpa as a 2D character (Anime character, MLP character etc) how do you see your tulpa? as a 3d version or are the 2d and if it is 2d does it look natural or tripy?
  7. haha i just watched Donnie Darko for the first time and it is one of my fav movies already, then i see your profile pic xD