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  1. I enjoyed it and its overall message, but I didn't really like the ending. It felt really odd and unfulfilling. I would recommend it though.
  2. I recently watched this movie, and in a lot of ways it relates to the Host-Tulpa relationship, leaning towards the romantic side. In this movie the main character purchases a new commercial operating system that is integrated with an AI that can think for itself. He ends up falling in love with her, and have relationship struggles along the way. [video=youtube]
  3. Decided to bump this. I recently watched through a playthrough of Beyond: Two Souls (a PS Exclusive game) that came out in 2013. It has a lot of feels that can be related to a tulpa, although the storyline itself lies much more on the supernatural, as the being in it is able to move physical objects and perform other paranormal feats. Essentially the main character Jodie has a non-physical companion who has been with her since she was born who is a male named Aiden. Aiden can effect the physical world like a poltergeist, let Jodie see visions of memories from objects, and even allow Jodi
  4. Welcome Jax, Yes you can very much do so. If anyone else you share a head with wants to post you can either share an account and label it as such, or they can make their own accounts and link them for quick account switching. If you have any questions feel free to ask!
  5. That is quite some progress! Have you had tulpa-like entities in the past?
  6. Thanks so much Apollo! We both love it!
  7. Ivy_

    Tell Me Anything

    I just read your PR and gushed at the scarf part! I was actually thinking about that today :D
  8. Congrats on making progress! That journal intro seems really overkill though. Wouldn't a passworded document somewhere digital serve the purpose better? And greetings Fuzz!
  9. We've kinda got one of those too. When the time comes we will expand. Expanding the system is a large undertaking that should be considered against the current stability and roles of all the members. If there isn't enough time then spreading yourselves thinner isn't a good idea. There is always the future though.
  10. Rose Quartz is great. If you could take on any animal form, which would it be? (or if you have one, what would your human form look like?)
  11. Welcome Jennifer! If you need anything feel free to PM us or bug us on the IRC Chat.
  12. Sounds like a great way to socialize. Glad to hear it. I've thought of joining a witchcraft site before and just kinda blending in. Nothing should really come up that I couldn't skirt around. Let us know if it goes well!
  13. Thanks for the positive remarks everyone. It means a lot.
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