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  1. [video=youtube] This one's been sticking in my head since I heard it. <3 Dragons
  2. As hosts, we (intentionally or otherwise) have a huge influence on our headmates. One thing that I haven't heard discussed as much, however, is the influence our headmates have on us. I'd like to ask a question, and then share an answer of my own to (hopefully) start a discussion. What kind of influence has/have your tulpa(s) had on you as their host? Has it been a good influence or a bad one? A few years ago, I was a much grumpier person than I am today. I didn't have much faith in humanity, and (as my psych teacher said) if I was on jury duty I'd always vote guilty and my (theoretical) recommendation would always be the death sentence. The list of things goes on, but you get the point. This was around the time that I started working with my headmate Sasha. She had been around for years, but I had recently made a pact with her that we would each specifically be around to help the other when they needed it (both life in general and in magick, which I was more into at the time). This was about the time she started being more talkative. At the time, she was much more compassionate than I was, and she made it her mission to help me see the good in people. Pretty much every day on the walk to work and back she would point out people and try to show me the good in people. Her plan eventually worked, and I've become a much more compassionate and well balanced person as a result. I definitely owe her tons. I tell this story mostly because I'm wondering if anyone else has had an experience like this with one of their headmates. Has one of your headmates taken it upon themselves to help you grow as a person? (Or for tulpas, have you tried to help your host grow as a person?)
  3. I told a few of my friends, and they seemed mildly interested. I choose wisely who not to tell, though. I think it's important to understand which people aren't able to deal with that sort of thing before I open my mouth, considering I lived in a highly conservative christian area for most of my life.
  4. Grüß Gott! I'm new to the forum, but not new to the concept of tulpae. I've been stumbling along trying to figure things out on my own for about 9 years, but the guides on this forum should help me along a great deal. At the moment I've been working on memorizing Sasha's appearance well enough to effectively try imposing with her. I've begun to be able to do it with simple objects like rings or spiders. Also trying to figure out how far mind's eye goes and if it's possible to be able to physically see things with enough work. Auditory visualizations can be pretty realistic.
  5. If there was a patreon, I'd pitch in as well. Even though I'm new to the forum, I'm not new to tulpae, and I like the resources this place provides.