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  1. I've decided to make two separate forums for beginning, I suppose. One for reports, and one for art. This one is for my art about my Tulpa(e). If I even draw any, I mean.
  2. Ah, Peanut is interested in extra-terrestrials, since I don't tend to hide the fact that they're based off of one. I believe that they are completely okay with this design choice, due to the fact that I've given them free will to change what they want and the only things they've changed to their design is just adding clothing! Peanut's personality does make them shy away from the more spooky alien designs but I do believe they find comfort in Greys. Thank you very much! And thank you as well!
  3. Hello! I am new to this site but I am not new to creating Tulpae. I've decided to start this account for a place to share my experiences and provide a progress report about my singular Tulpa and I. I would love to talk to others about Tulpae, due to the idea abolsutely interesting me. But, this isn't just MY introduction. My Tulpa is a little greenish grey genderless alien called Peanut. Peanut has shown small improvement for the while we've been communicating and that makes me very excited. I set them off with next to nothing but a base design of the stereotypical greenish grey alien, except adding a personal touch of antennae with blue lights glowing on the end, something similar to a firefly. Already, Peanut has added a red and white striped scarf to their design and taking a few creative choices to the wonderland I left them with. I left them with abolsutely nothingness, a white floor and an endless white sky. But, they've added a crashed UFO as a home, complete with controls and a side room with their bed. Plus, they also added a small waterfall next to the UFO, which is a nice touch. But, that's all I have so far. Peanut cannot speak and sometimes gets fuzzy in my head due to my problems with concentrating, I hope this progress report log will help me concentrate. I'll be sure to add more in the future!