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  1.[/img] Not Ky but I did this sketch of Tulpa a few weeks ago, might make a thread for more art soon
  2. pretty late on this since I've been on the irc for a few days now. I'm khrok, or khroko, I'm sure a few of you have seen me online, and I'm here with my tulpa Kyna (Kynareth for short). I'd like to believe she's a soulbond, although we aren't sure yet. I'm 19, she came in about 3 years ago after being in a bad mental state, however she seems to have been around for most of my life in essence. We're in a relationship, which has been a complete turnaround compared to the slump I was in before, so that's been really nice. I've been doing some personal psychological research with Kyna, learning cognitive tendencies and whatnot. I'd like to report my discoveries here soon, I feel that there may be some substantial information to be shared. Hopefully soon I'll get her to say hi to you guys, we'd really like to get to know some of you better. p.s. don't tell my friends