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  1. Oh my lord. I didn’t intend on setting off a whole chain of events here. I think what brought me here recently was the idea that the mind and imagination can be a pretty powerful thing, and that even those things that might not be apparent or tangible can still feel quite real. I tend to have a pretty powerful imagination and fear of the unknown that can set off my mind in unexpected ways. I was sorta raised to question the state of reality and/ or not discount the metaphysical but I tend to dabble more in the scientific side of things. I could certainly believe that someone could condit
  2. First of all, I would like to thank everyone for their advice and support. Second of all, I did not wish to spawn a potential argument about whether or not I'm afraid to use my imagination. I am certainly not afraid to think through and create concepts, characters, and ideas. I have been a roleplayer and writer for some years and understand what it feels like to 'get into the mind of a character' without necessarily having them come to life. I have known about tulpas for a while, and this situation hadn't really come up until yesterday. As I see it, this was just another coincidental chink
  3. I haven't posted in years on this forum. The last time I posted was early 2017. Needless to say, I think I really screwed things up in the whole tulpa process and I wouldn't even delve back into it if I didn't feel guilty over them. I had quite a few anxieties that definitely came back to bite me. In what I write, I have no intention of being offensive to anyone who has a close relationship with their tulpa. So here's a warning for a possible dissipation story and overall disastrous thinking. Back in 2016, I was extremely depressed and I started making a tulpa in the hopes of getting some c
  4. I feel sad saying that I probably haven't visited my wonderland to interact with my tulpa enough within these last few months. While I was sure that I had enough time theoretically, even in my busy schedule, by the time I actually did get enough time in my day, I was really worn out and continued to put it off in favor of other types of forcing, like narration or trying to spark up a few simple conversations to practice vocality before I went to sleep. Now that I've finished a few major commitments, I'm sure that I actually do have the time and energy for a tulpa. Unfortunately, since I h
  5. UPDATE: Tried something a little bit weird and it worked. I found an oldish piece of tape somewhere, probably on a folder or something, and wrapped it around my finger. I remembered my tulpa for a good while before I decided to take it off and could feel some of his presence pretty much all day just from thinking about him constantly. Tape around the finger is pretty annoying and constricting after a while, and I suppose that's why it works. Especially if it's an older piece of tape, because that means corners get unstuck and scratchy, and you have to focus on keeping the tape on at all time
  6. It's been about 2 weeks since I've started creating my tulpa, and while I've been working things into my schedule (e.g. daily walk with narration, short visualizing sessions) and trying my best to build a habit or thinking about him, I find it really easy to forget about him when I start doing or thinking about other things without focusing my full attention on him. He's not quite vocal yet and there isn't much to go on as far as sentience besides a few slight head pressures when I direct a pretty large amount of mental attention to him, so there's not really much he can do yet to remind me o
  7. I really appreciate the response. I've been trying to do research and whatnot, but since I'm so new to this and haven't experienced a lot of things for myself yet, it's a little hard to sort fact from crap (I haven't read many creepypastas, but rather a few personal accounts. Might have been fake, but who really knows.). I sorta knew that my worries weren't really based on a lot of logic, but I guess I have a lot more control over this than I thought.
  8. I've recently begun creating a tulpa (for about a week and a half) and I find that there's already been some issues in my own mentality. I'm a sufferer of generalized anxiety disorder and extremely prone to panic. I worry about every little thing that could possibly seem to go wrong until I nearly work myself into a fit, and I'm also pretty susceptible to intrusive thoughts. I didn't really know much of anything about tulpas until a month ago and I only looked in-depth around the time I started creating my tulpa. Funny enough though, I may have been subconsciously wanting something similar t
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