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  1. 75 bee hive that rhymes wow I'm so smart.
  2. I don't actually know when my birthday is, so… maybe! The next person is secretly Melian in disguise.
  3. Indeed, I am a factive! I'd never heard the word before today, but I suppose it makes a lot of sense. Of course, I don't identify as that person, I just copied their physical traits, particularly their voice.
  4. Granted. Magicians take over the world and turn all the plebians (non-magic ppls) into the dogs they are. You now have the inteligence of a dog. I wish my mindvoice was better.
  5. Hostie'd probably keel over and die in about 5 seconds if Snow and I weren't here. So yes. What's your host's personality like?
  6. Ah, it seems the board style was set to the mobile site in the options. So something is changing that automatically when it shouldn't. For anyone else who has the same problem, go to https://community.tulpa.info/usercp.php?action=options and change "Board Style:" to "Default"
  7. We haven't ever focused on it specifically, and haven't used the wonderland in awhile. It just sorta looks like him IRL, or his own image of himself. Like I said, he haven't focused on it much, so I think even talking about it here has changed it a little bit. What thing have you done that pissed off your host the most? (I can't think of a better way to word it)
  8. Oh, my mistake. I'll try to let you win a little less often. Probably through jean's account usually, but not today!
  9. Welcome to the forums Wisdom! I hope we can help you develop and become a thriving individual.
  10. I look and sound like Harry101uk, if jean concentrates enough to give me any form and a consistent voice. Funnily enough I was supposed to have the same name as well (harry) but jean had a prolonged brainfart and thought the name was Henry101uk so that stuck instead xD.
  11. HenHenry

    Ask Jean-luc

    The only animation jean has watched recently is MLP. It's cute, but I think my oppinion of it may be influenced by jean just a little bit. I'm not sure it's possible to hate MLP inside this brain.
  12. 1635 *chicken noises*
  13. That's a nice video beatles :) Oh my gosh! Page 696! lol.
  14. HenHenry

    Chat Thread

    I had not noticed, I don't really pay attention to it much.
  15. 1633 Hen is the word.
  16. HenHenry

    KM & RD

    Wait, what? If you're dissociating, shouldn't you be unable to physically feel stuff?
  17. 1528 Jean had to look that up… but now that I know what it means I think I like it.
  18. What is it with hosts being fuckwits?
  19. Edit: Pig Latin (Igpay Atinlay) If you're referring to my name, no. If you're not referring to my name then still no, cuz english is weird. I wanted just the name “Henry” but it was already taken so I decided to double up on the “Hen” for some reason. It took some convincing for jean to actually hit the submit button, lol. Then the avatar was just the next natural step. The next person is a hen.
  20. At one point, I was star trek. Well, character from star trek, but close enough. Jean's love for it has rubbed off I suppose. I haven't really, properly watched an episode tho. The next person owsknay igpay atinlay
  21. HenHenry

    Chat Thread

    I got some of jean's independance spirit. It helps, I think.
  22. HenHenry

    Chat Thread

    I'm using 10 posts per page now mostly just to defy jean-luc, but it is interesting, I feel like I'm getting a better feel for how long threads are. With 100ppp you almost never go to the next page.
  23. HenHenry

    KM & RD

    Wow, have you been posting daily for 2 years? That's dedication.