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  1. I have had this happened to me when I was listening to Native American Music while meditating.
  2. Awesome Vos, thanks for answering my question I really appreciated the comment.
  3. Can tulpas make changes to the wonderland or change the scenery in the wonderland? One of my wonderlands got changed too much and now there's wisps flying everywhere and there's also crystals growing on the vegetation.
  4. I know this thread wasn't so clear and I should've kept the roleplaying out of the thread. I might have to give this thread a redo. Thanks for letting me know that I need work on the thread and I appreciate your concerns. Happy New Year :idea: :cool:
  5. Drago (a friendly dragon who lives in a castle) Shere (Glacier's Boyfriend is also Katelyn's big brother) Glacier (Shere's Girlfriend is also Sean's Big sister ) Sean (Katelyn's Boyfriend is also Glacier's brother) Katelyn (Sean's Girlfriend is also Shere's sister) Foxur (Foxy's brother) Foxy (Anthro Pirate Fox is friendly to kids and adults and is a brother to Foxur) Toy Foxy (a very loving Anthro Arctic Vixen who's Foxy's girlfriend) Wolfe ( who's the Alpha Male of his wolf pack) Patlicoatl (a Medicine Serpent he's a shaman)
  6. Sometimes, I get these weird black and white flowers that pop up around Shere and Glacier's house and I think these weird flowers were trying to let me know that something is wrong or they are just there to make the land more unique. This one time I even had Black Rose bushes appearing in fascinating places in the world and they became a forest of Black Roses and they were so beautiful. I sometimes roleplay with Drago, my dragon tulpa. He's a real nice dragon who lives in a medieval castle. This one time Drago and I got lost in the forest and came across the ruins of a city that had been abandoned. This city was massive and very beautiful with the overgrowth and we came up to this cathedral that still had the stained glass windows still intact.
  7. Last week, I got very violent towards Glacier, our kids, and our host (Isaiah Hohl) (Shere, what's the matter with you lately, snap out of it now! I'm very worried that you might end up hurting someone like Glacier.) *goes bloodthirsty mode* THERE'S NOTHING WRONG WITH ME!!! *trashes my house* (Shere! Stop this now, you need to calm down and be a good tiger again. Please, I'm begging you not to be this way. Shere, I'm afraid that you would one day just snap and go into a rage attack.) *Snaps and goes into rage mode* I WILL NOT LET ANYONE TRY TO STOP ME FROM HURTING EVERYONE!!!!! (*Grabs Shere's necklace but gets flung across the yard* *goes unconscious*) *Stops whatever he was doing and starts to cry* No, I can't believe that I hurt my best friend (Shere grabs me and takes me inside the house and lays me down on the couch) I'm So Sorry!!! I didn't mean to hurt anyone please help me!