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  1. We have a dragonfly and a monkey. They're servitors though... does that count? Next person's favorite color is purple.
  2. LunaWasTaken

    Poetic stuff

    Again, I have to compliment the flow of your writing. It feels so natural- like each one is a vivid memory being recounted to a close friend. Thanks so much for these! I especially like the first one which I assume is about either a wedding or engagement ring. Never heard a piece of jewelry described like that before.
  3. Nope. Get rekt, scrub. The next person is Van Halen's second most intense groupie.
  4. LunaWasTaken

    Poetic stuff

    request: haiku about a wife's love for her husband you're great by the way! I like how your ideas flow into each other in the longer poems. It feels like a dream.
  5. SubCon created all of us in response to very specific needs that the system had. (I'm speaking for him because he rarely does so himself and I felt like sharing our unconventional point of view) He created Little One to experience our formative years and act as an anchor for us later on in life (cause he knew we'd need one). When Little One needed somebody to deal with the adult world for him- Solune was created. When Solune reached a breaking point and didn't have anybody to help him- Sol and I were created. When our system was having a difficult time being flexible and compromising on some things- Alice was created.
  6. There are a lot of systems here (including our system) that struggle with meeting up in dreamland. So, props to you! You must have a talent for that particular skill. And that's how this stuff goes... different speeds of progression in different areas for different systems. p.s. love that profile name. Rock on with your bad self~
  7. Nope, we just got here. I've never peed anyway so I couldn't tell you. Next person secretly wants to hoola-hoop but isn't coordinated enough.
  8. LunaWasTaken

    Chat Thread

    Solune suggested LunaWasTaken as an homage to a Youtuber he used to like. I tried to come up with something witty but I'm just awful when it comes to naming things. I'm also limited by the fact that my pride will not allow me to do something like "WackyMoonGirl". It's gotta have my name in it, and I'm loathe to be second to anyone. Sometimes I wish I had picked a less popular name... but then another part of me thinks it couldn't have been anything else. It was always going to be Luna.
  9. LunaWasTaken

    Chat Thread

    That's a funny way to spell "fierce".
  10. There's no real reason to assume souls can't incarnate into artificial bodies. If you think transhumanism is cool, there's an idea that our collective soul is evolving too. Not sure what it's called tho