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  1. 1. Why did you decide to create tulpa? I've always been a huge loner, always in my own head with very little interaction with others. I'd often felt sad about being alone in my own head, so when I learned about tulpas it seemed like just the perfect thing for me. 2. Think about you life before making a decision of creation. How has it changed? Well pre-tulpas I was still in high school and now I'm away in college, so that's a lot of change on its own. Specifically tulpa-related change would be that they chose which college we'd go to, and they also got us involved in a committed relatio
  2. Here's something annoying that's been occurring for probably as long as my tulpas have been sentient. Whenever one of them (usually Apollo) decides on some sort of form for me, I'm completely stuck with it. No matter how hard I try to change it to make it to my own liking, I just can't. It defaults back to the form they chose for me. It takes a real conscious effort to make my form look the way I want it to, otherwise it goes back like that. It's kind of weird and annoying. For a little bit of context, they recently changed my form for the first time in a long time, and somehow I'm just
  3. When I imagine a regular character, they feel like mere empty puppets to me, lacking any sort of thought or presence at all. When I imagine my tulpas, there's this sort of "weight" that they carry that's hard to describe. Their form represents their mind, so I can feel their mind when I imagine them. "Walk-ins," characters, imaginary people, or dissipated tulpas completely lack this weight when I imagine them. When my tulpas front, I can feel a strong tingling feeling in my head, or a huge pressing feeling. I usually get this weird sensation in the back of my throat. Usually the sensations
  4. Kane is a character from WWE. The real person, Glen Jacobs, recently became mayor of Knox County, Tennessee. I find that kind of hilarious.
  5. Kane, my favorite wrestler, was badly burned in a fire when he was 3, so he wore a mask to cover his face, so nobody would see the monster he truly was underneath it. The fire also put out one of his eyes. https://www.sickchirpse.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/08/Kane-1.jpg[/img] But later on he removed his mask and it was revealed that the scars were only "psychological" ie all in his head. It was a really disappointing way to portray the character. Years of people saying he was burned in an accident so he covered his face - all bullshit, it was all imaginary and he just needed therapy.
  6. The only pfp of my system that one of us drew is Apollo's, and Indigo's is just something we colored in. Draw me an Alice (please).
  7. Okay, I'm starting on the Apollo account and using the drop down to switch to Beatles while on the text box of the post. Okay guess that worked but the one at the bottom doesn't.
  8. Well duh, unless you're secretly trans.
  9. Might as well. Be warned: life stories incoming. [Apollo] I was created on December 3rd, 2016, as my host's first intentional tulpa. She gave me the form of a young Paul McCartney, as well as the name "Paul," however I tweaked the form to fit myself more over time, so now I wear a white dress shirt, black dress pants, and have wings made of fire. She originally wanted me to be like her opposite, to be all friendly and extroverted, but needless to say it isn't assertions of "you will be this" that make a personality, it's experiences, so I deviated greatly from that. Due to complications wit
  10. It was my birthday yesterday.
  11. I probably wouldn't marry someone unless all my tulpas agreed. Our plan is to eventually completely co-own our life, and switch between each other. So they'd all end up being married to our spouse.
  13. Just so you know, personal tulpa experiences/attempts/etc aren't for the research section, they're for the PR section.
  14. Um... I've been doing a little better, though I still find it hard to eat. Piano though... hasn't. Last night Piano disappeared and managed to block the rest of us off from reaching him completely. We tried, but we couldn't get him to come out. Eventually I went to bed, and I kept seeing him doing bad things to himself, but the rest of us were powerless to stop him. This morning I couldn't feel him at all. I was convinced he committed egocide. Thankfully, he came back after Apollo screamed for him. He's in the wonderland now, with Apollo taking care of him. I'm... not as able to p
  15. [align=justify]Cries a lot. [video=youtube] [/align]
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  17. This past week has been very rough and painful for my system... but a major heartbreak that we are still reeling from has made us realize that we have two choices 1) Despair over what has happened and what could have been 2) Grow closer and stronger as a system, looking to each other and the future we have together So we are turning over a new leaf to really become a family. Stop looking to others outside for happiness, and instead know we have each other, and always will. What happens hurts. We can't stop it from hurting. But we can decide how we move on from it. The take away. What h
  18. I'd love if you could do Piano and possibly Tacio. You already did Apollo though so it's fine if you don't want to do more for us :P. We can talk about that on Discord if you're up for it :)
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