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  1. I've never really thought of my tulpa needing one, as others have said it's not like there's anyone to distinguish her from! I guess I might give her one when she's fully formed...
  2. Nice idea, can't belief I hadn't noticed this thread before, I'll get working on my silhouettes *dashes off*
  3. Aside from what people have already said, there's also the point that MLP's cannot exist in real life unlike human-based tulpas, so there's no "real" alternative for brony's to turn to. I guess the same could be said about furry or talking animal type tulpas as well though, so probably the closeness of the brony community has helped the idea spread too.
  4. Yes, but then my Tulpa has the personality and form of a young child so that kind of relationship was the goal from the start. In retrospect I probably should have voted the "inevitable" option rather than "yes".
  5. I'd prefer Off-topic be kept together since it's not like the forum is hugely active, heck there's threads that haven't been posted on since Sunday still up on the front page, it'd just lead to extra clicks. If you don't want to read a NSFW thread then just don't click on those ones, you can usually tell by the title.
  6. I don't think starting over is a good idea, there's no reason to waste all the work you've already put in. It's worth remembering that not all Tulpa have one consistent form, indeed some are designed deliberately as "shape-shifters". Nevertheless, if this isn't what you want, I'd suggest trying to focus your forcing on one form in particular. Remember a Tulpa is part of your subconscious, they are ultimately under your control. As a side note, if it's unclear whether you're parroting it's generally best to have a "glass half full" perspective, after all belief in your Tulpa is key in the process of it's creation. If you're unsure whether it's your Tulpa or not, that in itself shows you've made progress. Basically just have some faith, it'll help :-)
  7. Thanks for the advice LLeRRoux and American Dash, good luck with your Tulpa's too. 7th October: Over the last couple of days I've been working on personality and form, with some success. The former still needs work but for the latter, I've decided to name my Tulpa "Charlie" and that at-least initially she will take the form of a seven year old British girl of Chinese descent. Visualisation is still at an early stage but I've had something interesting happen with narration. Yesterday I think I heard something speak with me briefly, I genuinely shuddered the first time I heard it say my name but I'm not sure at this point in time whether it was just me parroting or my Tulpa trying to get through. The replies were in a deep throaty voice and it seemed a little confused... take that as you will. Since then I have tried a couple of times to reach the same state again, however so far I have been unsuccessful.
  8. Guess I better add mine to the pile, if this is still open... Charlie at the moment takes the appearance of a seven year old Chinese girl about 110cm tall: wearing a simple white dress, bare feet, long flowing hair. She is not in animé style, although if all the humans in the group picture are to be depicted in that way then drawing her as animé is acceptable. I guess she'd probably be doing something mischievous in the picture.
  9. An excitable and joyful seven year old child named Charlie, initially female and Chinese British in appearance although both of those will quite possibly change as my tulpaforcing progresses.
  10. Yeah, as TulpaCouple mentioned Charlie can be short for either Charlotte or Charles depending on gender, I've known one of each in the past.
  11. I haven't settled on a name yet but tentatively I'm thinking of Charlie since it's gender neutral and I can see my Tulpa switching gender quite a bit, perhaps eternally.
  12. Some of us like myself are waiting until our Tulpa reaches a slightly more advanced stage before putting our details on. Right now I'd only be able to add a rough approximation of what I'm forcing down in text, leaving most of the fields blank! Perhaps though in a couple of days I'll have enough to commit it to the records...
  13. I really like the sound of this idea, I'm nowhere near imposition but when I'm ready to start it, I'll definitely try this! I'm the sort of absent-minded person who will keep on forgetting about their Tulpa if I don't have a reminder...
  14. This is speculation but I'd guess once you've meditated / taught your mind to reach the state where it can produce a hallucination at will, it's not much of a leap to create a second Tulpa in addition to the first as you've already overcome the hardest part.
  15. Hey, I'm fairly new here too but what the heck, welcome to the forums! You seem to be at roughly the same stage as me, I've really got to get down to solidifying my Tulpa's personality soon. What are you planning on starting first, visualisation or narration? (or both at once?)