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  1. thanks. btw, this is cool, how there is another scarlett. and i actually created another without realizing. hes made himself known just this past christmas. now she has a companion. so when im at school (now) shes not 'alone'
  2. its just a room in my mind. i cant usually see her but we talked last night. loooonnnngg conversation. probably one of the longest. i saw her for a few seconds
  3. Tell them the only way it could be unsafe is if you neglect or mistreat your tulpa. I plan on telling my friends;my brother knows and is cool with it.
  4. i try closing my eyes and meditating on her physical features,but it seems like when i am not trying, i can glimpse her for a second. its also a little difficult when my little brother is always interrupting because he wants to talk to her.
  5. How is it having more than one tulpa? i only have scarlett. [if she creates another it had better be a girl] and scarlett is a handful on her own... at least i dont have to think of anything to get her for christmas.
  6. Scarlett speaking. My host's name is Marissa. I call her that. I never call her by her username she uses"harleygirl''. I love my host. She can be rude sometimes, but i love her.
  7. I recently began creating my tulpa a month ago. Her name is Scarlett. I named her after the fact that my scars remind me of my past. She talks to me, and sometimes can take over my hands and she can speak through me if i allow her. But i have trouble visualizing her. Sometimes I get a fleeting glimpse of her bright red hair, or her ocean blue eyes, but it isn't often. I am a little frustrated, but she often tells me not to worry. She does that a lot. If i am depressed it is as if she is rubbing my back tellling me its okay.If she wants to frustrate me just a bit, She'll start making me sing when i'm listening to music. I still wish i could see her.