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  1. Anyone here play Rainbow Six Siege? It's probably one of the best shooters out there right now. I really like it because the destruction and operator abilities mean that matches never play out the same way, there's always something silly that happens.
  2. Hey there, this is where I'll be logging the progress of my tulpa. I first started three days ago. I spent the entire first day visualizing my wonderland. It's a large clearing in a forest, at one end of the clearing is a simple log cabin with a few flower beds at the side. At the other end of the clearing is a wooden bench beneath an oak tree with a small pond in front. The second day was spent focusing on my tulpa, I had the day off so I could spend quite a while actively forcing. At first, she was a floating ball of energy. At first, I gave her a tour of the wonderland and explained that this is just as much her place as it is mine, so she can feel free to make any changes. I also spent a while talking to her about my day and explaining some of my choices behind the wonderland. Eventually, I got sick of referring to her as just 'you' or 'they', so I decided she needed a name. I thought about it for a little while and the name Blaine jumped out at me. From that, a form immediately came to mind. I spent a bit puppeting her form around to make sure I didn't accidentally picture her legs the wrong way around or anything. The third day I was back in college, so I didn't get much chance to actively force. On my busy days, I'll only be able to manage about half an hour every day, although I plan to try and get a two hour session in at least once a week. I spent most of the day passively forcing, I'd talk to her about what I'm doing/watching/listening to etc. I've also been imposing her on the world around me, she's pretty much constantly in view usually out of the corner of my eye. Whenever I'm actively focusing on her I can smell lavender, I guess it helps me stay focused. That's how I've started off. I'll update this thread whenever I feel like I've made progress. Or just to air my doubts and frustrations about the whole process. Thanks for reading.
  3. Hi there! My name's Cai, I have a bunch of nicknames but none of them are suitable for polite conversation. I first learned about tulpas from the tulpa threads on /x/ and /mlp/ a long time ago. Recently, I became interested in creating a tulpa and have already started off. I'm excited to see how my tulpa develops and I'm excited to be a part of this community.