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  1. A solid introduction and followed up with good details. Approved.
  2. Removed a few things. Most importantly, no longer using CondeelezaRiceBox. Thank God.
  3. +1 Kronkleberry -1 Obama
  4. This guide is awful. I'll try to be polite when I say this but there is no real "guide" part of this. I don't even think I will approve this for tips and tricks either. There is not enough real content in here that is worthwhile or hasn't been said at least a hundred times before. I can't find a single redeeming factor about this post at all. I'm sorry.
  5. My tulpa rejected me at first too but it turns out she was just playing hard to get ;)
  6. this also take a look at:
  7. Disapproved. Too vague. Not detailed enough. Poorly written. Wouldn't even approve for tips and tricks.
  8. Haven't tried this but will approve for resources.
  9. Marajuana is best tulpaforcing drug. Amphetamines are amazing too. Also one time I took 10 tabs of acid and this is what happened:
  10. I got obsessed with Chinese food for about a good four months. I craved it constantly, like every day. Pretty sure Raina had SOMETHING to do with that.