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    Good vs. Evil

    119. Wish I could get back into it.
  2. [Ehh.... No, I wouldn't say that. Mainly with proxying chat and switching, but I don't feel confined anymore. Not by choice, I mean.]
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    A spacebar. I have a habit of ctrl+c'ing spacebars after copy pastes. I don't know why.
  4. Ello, fellow discordian. I feel like the inferiority and the self-destruction shit are both coming from somewhere, problem is I have no idea where. Anyway, I've been feeling a lot of "nothing is real", "everything is disassociated" shit recently, nothing feels comfortable or right at all, ever.
  5. Write a story about a man who lives alone atop a cliff.
  6. Well, they can FEEL universally better, and I would say that can come up, but you're more or less on an equal playing field in reality.
  7. I'll put progress stuff here in the future, along with inputs from all of us peeps. Right now the current thing is imposition and trying to get Alice imposed really well. I had a random from-nowhere, VERY strong desire to do so. I'm kinda imposing her at my side, but it's more by presence. I can still kinda feel her, and it's nice. I'll probably post things here as they pop up, any stuff is welcomed. I'm bad at typing things out from a standstill, I might add to this as time goes on. Ah well, some more elaboration I guess. Right now I'm having issues staying in reality, or wanting to. I feel inferior to both of them in a multitude of ways, and things got to a point of what I would call a fetishization for self-destruction on my end. Don't really know where I am now, but I trod along regardless. Therapy meeting tomorrow, I'll switch with Alice and have her talk about stuff. She knows about the concept but little more.
  8. I do like having interaction outside of muh tuppers, but they are nice company. They keep me sane.
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    Let's share some music!

    the bird IS the word.
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    Good vs. Evil

    Holy shit it still goes on. 92.
  11. The groove to end all grooves. [video=youtube]
  12. It looks like an unfinished Skyrim interior. It's garbage, really, and we should work on it.