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    My tulpa was made from a combination of daydreaming and passive forcing. We started on December 16th 2015, but he says that the first time he felt the beginnings of sentience was in March 2016. I normally flip between extremely excited to reserved, while Mordecai normally tries to make sense of my odd behavior.

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  1. It'd be cool to wear whatever any time of year... In case my handwriting is too difficult to read: (Winter) Me: At least your clothing makes sense now. (Summer) Mordecai: Fashion has no season. ...according to me at least.
  2. Here! I wasn't sure about the eye color, if anything is incorrect just let me know!
  3. Uhhhhhh Hello again! So similarly to last time, we lost our program and lost our motivation. Whoops! I was gonna try and come back all cool with all the requests done on arrival but I had a lot of questions about them and wasn't sure if any of them were still here so..... I got one done cause they were fairly simple, but I'm sure I messed it up somehow, haha. PsychologicalKitty-Cat just tell me if I messed up on Verdict, you deserve nothing but purr-fection for how long you waited. Shadow, I have a sketch done for Shade, but I wasn't sure about the outfit. What you meant by the stitches on the face? What does her hair look like? Can you get me some references or describe those things, please? Mr. Mister, I never did that request unfortunately. If they or you want one, don't be afraid to ask! Chris-One, which outfit do you want me to draw her in? There's a LOT of different options on the link now and I don't remember the one you originally asked for... Everyone is welcome to send in requests. Same things as always: family-friendly requests, they're free, and give me some images or a good description. I may skip requests if they are too complicated or stress me out, I'll tell you if I choose not to. Thanks for reading!
  4. I don't know how she would take the last part, but I told my boyfriend about it pretty early on. He wasn't thrilled per se, but he was generally accepting and appreciated what my tulpa means to me. I would start by mentioning plurality or maybe imaginary friends, then moving onto what tulpas are. Make sure that you mention that they are essentially another person who you made that makes you happy. It's important to make them at ease with the topic or they may misunderstand and believe you have a disorder. Maybe send them some well written articles explaining what tulpamancy is, if possible. If she's pretty chill then I doubt anything bad will happen. The worse you'll get is probably along the lines of her trying to ignore what you just said and not bringing it up.
  5. AHHHH I'm so sorry it took so long! But with the holidays and my program not saving it in a layer format (so I had to do it all in one sitting which was an intimidating thought) it was hard for me to get time/ motivation to do it. But FINALLY! Here it is. She was really fun to draw, it just took a lot of time and I had too many issues to get it done in a reasonable time frame, haha.
  6. Spent a while writing the article on our blog-thingy, so if anyone was waiting on that, part of it is up now. Gonna try and work on your request soon! Finals and other life things kinda kept us busy. Meanwhile have this:
  7. I'll try to make more, but there's another comic maker on Reddit who's stuff is pretty funny if you want more tulpa-related comics. And yeah, I'm pretty sure it was lol. I always want to look at tulpa art but normally its just me. And I'll try to do that request! -EDIT- Can you find me a reference for that dress?
  8. Seriously, every older thread has all of its images missing. Sucks. And thanks!
  9. Thanks for the response! Yeah, I was struggling with the title for a while. May try to change it.
  10. Thank you! I'm glad I'm getting some older tulpa's responses.
  11. Thank you for the in-depth response, Lucilyn! You guys seem to be a lot like my tulpa and I. We can talk to each other for support and stuff, but we have no clue how tulpas can "find stuff" in the brain and change moods/memories. Thanks again!
  12. Hello! I am conducting a survey for some research. This is primarily about how tulpas interact with the brain. If I feel I have enough responses to post something, it will be at my Tumblr account: ( ) Our account tries to analyze different aspects of tulpamancy. We are hoping to provide an article about how thoughtforms are able to change brain chemistry and find lost memories, but we can only do that if we have some responses to work with. If you have more than one thoughtform and the abilities are different per tulpa/alter/thoughtform, please elaborate. No names will be posted, but your responses might. Feel free to PM me your responses or post them below. (A.) Basic Information: (A.1) How many sentient tulpas/alters/thoughtforms do you have? (Anything that reoccurs in your mind that has some conscious attributes) (A.2) How old are they? (A general guess is okay, date of creation or any beginning milestone is fine) (A.3) How close are you to your tulpas? (Can the thoughtform see your memories, feelings, etc.) (B.) Tulpa’s Abilities: (B.1) Is your tulpa able to perform possession, switching, or imposition? (Say yes ONLY if you have seen movement, had dissociation with a tulpa switch, or seen your tulpa physically) (B.2) Can your tulpa change your mood at will? (NOT including bleeding emotions. Can your tulpa make you happy for no reason?) (B.3) Does your system experience any emotional bleeding? (If your tulpa is happy, do you feel happy? NOT including mutual happiness due to mutual care for the other; I mean you are experiencing their emotions directly) (B.4) Can your tulpa find memories you’ve previously lost/couldn’t recall? (Have you ever completely forgot about an event, but then have your tulpa bring it up? Or have your tulpa remind you of something you would not have thought of otherwise?) (B.5) In regards to (B.2) and (B.4), how does your tulpa accomplish this? (Please elaborate as much as possible. Have your tulpa answer if necessary. How does your tulpa find memories/ change emotions in the brain?)
  13. I'm really digging your art style and her design! She's adorable.