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  1. I hate to deflect blame, but the question nine thing is totally surveymonkey's fault... I'll go try and fix that now. Thanks for letting me know! Oh, and I'll definitely be sticking with this. Not sure if the info I get will be quite as interesting to everybody else as it is to me, but I'll definitely follow up.
  2. In case you hadn't noticed, this is one of my first ever posts on this website, and there's kind of a reason for that. I've been kind of lurking for a while, but decided to make an account prompted by a project for my high school psychology class (I know, lame). I wish I could provide specific information on the thesis, but the survey kind of necessitates the takers not to know. As I mentioned on the survey, I am going to be personally looking into the results beyond the subject of the actual assignment, and I'll of course be releasing all of the relevant results and hypothesizing on it. Hope
  3. Nice to finally get around to joining the forums here. Y'all can call me Jasper if you want, but maybe's also cool. I'm pretty young (just a wee teenager) and deal with major anxiety and panic attacks, which is pretty much where my first tulpa, Isaac, comes in. He was originally a character in a really bad story, but he definitely took on a life of his own and tends to only speak up when I'm anxious. I'm currently working on another tulpa, Ki (just a stand in name till she's old enough to pick her own). We're taking it slow and steady but hopefully she'll be able to chat at some point in 2017.
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