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  1. Update #5 We haven’t been able to force Quinn for a few days due to getting used to the holidays, but on the way home from seeing my gf off for the holidays with her parents, I had a it of anxiety being around so many cars. So, we hung around in our cafe. Quinn was there and shouted out to me every time I started started spiraling. We started playing our Switch to pass the time. There was a sinkhole in our mario game we were worried to fall into in case of dying and restarting. Quinn said “ Do it! What’s the worst that can happen? You lose a few coins and restart- but it could be a new area!
  2. Update #4 I used a guided tulpa creation meditation to be in a room with Quinn. His form is definitely more defined now. He’s a tall human male with poofy/flowy short white hair, blue eyes, a sky blue shirt that sits on one shoulder and rolls off the other, exposing his right shoulder. He has blue shorts with a black stripe down the side (might switch to torn jeans at some point) and switches between white velcro sneakers and his pink bunny slippers. On his face, he has half of a skull pained in white on the left side of his face. I started out laying in a comfy bed as our merged form, one o
  3. #3 (I doubt these will always be daily, but still. It's just something to keep myself up with) He seems so far comfortable with his new off-shoot form of the original character’s design, and since has become and overall more soft and upbeat personality. Silly notes I’ve noticed: - He likes finger guns. I had intrusive visuals while trying to hug him that made me uncomfortable happen twice, so we did that exercise where they become like a shadow shape and one of us slashes or shoots them away. He picked finger guns with lasers xD - He really likes bread? Not that we don’t, but when I was
  4. #2 Our fictive we've been trying to help develop had his confidence broken a bit when learning from the internet that being the person that makes him the most comfortable is a character that is equally well-loved as much as mocked and called 'cringy'. He got scared he'd be made fun of or insulted for being who he wants to be. Sadly, while there was a lot of accepting people, this became true. He faltered a bit and said he wanted to change. We weren't sure, but said we'd support whatever he wanted. He was going with a mlp form for a while with a character we own, but that drive for it seemed t
  5. (Yay, now I get to add more updates! I'm renaming this thread "Yuki's Progress Reports". as I don't call myself Yumi anymore.) #1 (Long post) There was a long time where I really wasn't sure I'd hear, feel, or sense anything even remotely vividly in headspace, but thankfully that's (partially) over. - As is most things that go along with my system and I's development, progress sort of popped up when I least expected it, stop trying so damn hard all the time, and definitely surprised me. While I'm still having trouble seeing colors besides blurs and grays in our house, Little recently s
  6. I'm not entirely sure how to start this, but here goes. Hi! I'm a mixed-origin system of 8. Though, I'm questioning now if I'm more. A few months ago or so, I started questioning if I was otherkin (not what this topic is about, just some background). My youngest headmate was interacting with a group/community online with people like her and many of them identified as otherkin/fictionkin/etc. It did seem really similar to unexplained reasons why we felt so connected to a few characters and not others (as well as characters from their shows/games, but in a friend way). I decided to go into in
  7. I don't know if this is relevant to the thread anymore, but I recently realized the possibility of a tulpa-like-being in one of my favorite book series... >>((Contains spoilers for the book series "Feed: A Newsflesh trilogy". Please read these wonderful books/listen to the audio books if you haven't already! Very interesting take on a post-tragic zombie-apocalypse world))<< In the second book of this series, Shaun, the now main character, lost someone immeasurably important to him in the finale of the first book. It broke him. They were inseparable since birth and they had al
  8. Ah! Thank you! Well, I'll be sure to let everyone know how it goes!~ <3
  9. I apologize, what do you mean by "You can do some stuff different with a physical focus, but I can't say I've witnessed this happen while I've been around."?
  10. Hi, there! It's certainly been a while, yeah? Due to a lot of stress, I had a really hard time focusing on my tulpa and having the time and physical/mental energy to dedicate to Jane (thanks disability!) due to the detail and everything else about her, so we put that on hold for a while. Now, onto a different idea for a tulpa we got. The youngest in our system, Little, a long while back picked up her then new stuffed rabbit toy (like from build-a-bear) and decided to ask for its name. She immediately got "Tiffany!~" in response, in mind voice, and more distinctive than most any of us have
  11. This is one of the first real drawings I've made since I stopped drawing a year or two ago! I'm really proud of it, honestly!~ <3
  12. Thank you both so much and thank you for the code!~
  13. Those in here are my headmates Little (The bunny girl, 6), Nee (The blonde, 27), and Tenebre (The girl in the corner, 19) I may continue to draw these, because Little gets herself into a lot of situations xD She's normally a very well behaved girl, but she does have her sweet tooth xD https://i.redd.it/v9uj4cju7rey.png[/img]
  14. Sure! That's totally fine. If someone else has written one, feel free to disregard this one! It's my first ever guide, so I just wanted to give it a go since it's one of the only Tulpa things I have years of experience with so I'm not really able to contribute anything else xD Thank you for your time, though!
  15. Because to me, it is not ^^ And that's what this guide is saying, too. It isn't roleplay when you get into much detail with it as I have listed here. That's why it's there. It's opening a door for two people to meet and it's a very personal process when it's done with the care it has here. So, nope. ^^ I saw some people could really use this and know this is an option, something more than a roleplay that give you a genuine sense of comfort and decrease loneliness while also having substantial benefits. If it were just simple roleplay, I would agree for sure. But this is something that due t
  16. Thank you! I drew her recently, but I think it can be stressful than pleasant. I used to draw a lot, but I find writing may be more easy on me these days with finger and wrist pains xD When you say writing, how do you go about that? Like you'd just write your conversations like chat logs or would you write stories about yourselves? Maybe what you see in real time?
  17. Hot cheetos, but I'm seriously trying to kick the habit since I'm trying to lose weight. I also like edamame. ... Also cheese. xD If you could wear any era of clothing, what era would it be? (Ie: 20's, 40's, 60's, Victorian, etc)
  18. (I hope the update finally works this time. I've had people said the colors updated and some not xD Let me know? I rewrote it and updated it a few times in hopes it works this time.) That's Little! ^^ And almost anything from Italian to Japanese food. What is your favorite snack on a rainy day?
  19. No, though I wouldn't mind having a few more ^^ I try, but I think I'm not the best at figuring out how to go about it. I'm not the type to want 20 friends and not have enough time to hang out with all of them, but a few or even a handful would be nice. That I could manage. I really love people and learning about each other. It's a lot of fun! I love meeting others!~ It's one of the bestiest things in the whole wide world! Because it's like having a totally and completely new experience with someone that will be likely no one else! :D People are interesting. I study things I find interes
  20. They released sixty monkeys
  21. (reply to the question before about bias because it took a bit to figure out for myself, but didn't want to delete what I wrote) A little bit of both. I keep about 50% of it if it's truly relevant, but I've always been "on the fence" kinda person. It allows me to be able to see things from countless viewpoints and ideals, even if I may or may not agree with them. It also allows for sympathy, should I want to give it (which is more often than not a yes) to even the most "evil" of things. While there is positive and negatives, there is (in my mind) no real overwhelming "good or bad". It is o
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