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  1. 1) I am having trouble concentrating on on thing at a time. Do any of you have any tips to alleviate this hassle? I do have ADD or ADHD (Doctor still doesn't know which) and I believe that this is a major contributing factor to this lack of focus. 2) I am also having trouble coming up with new things to talk about with Heaven. She likes a couple of same things that I like, but I do not want to bore her with details of the nights gameplay, for example. Could I try playing the creative videogames out there with her to pose questions? 3) If I were to write a story with the main character b
  2. I have had two other posts on that...(the traits that is) and I don't think it would be necessary to list them again...unless I need to.
  3. Nothing here yet, but when I have made ANY *SUBSTANTIAL* progress with Heaven, I will be posting that progress as a reply to this thread. {He still owes me two hours...}
  4. Allright, my bad. I will do that next time then :)
  5. First, she has changed her looks a bit from the last time I posted (on her form) Wing traits/Wingspan: Black feathered with white tips, and a wingspan of 6'. Dress: Usually casual Hair Color: Black with caramel highlight Voice expression: Soft and caring, but very well spoken.
  6. As you may have assumed from the title, I believe that Heaven is becoming sentient! This is very exciting for both of us, and I can't wait for more in depth conversations with her! Do you all have any tips for us, as we are approaching sentience?
  7. 1. Is it possible for a tulpa to get lonely? 2. Is is necessary (if you just have one) to either a) request a walk-in companion for the other, or b) call another one into existence? 3. I have schoolwork, and need to focus on that during the day. Would a tulpa be opposed to the idea of forcing/talking in the evening instead of in the morning or afternoon? Thanks for any comments/answers. I hope to take this at our own pace (with Heaven), but am waiting for better visualizations as well.
  8. Heaven seems to be a natural at this! I have one question about the typical duration though. It seems that she can only lift my arm/hand/leg, etc. to a certain height, but if I direct her to point at something say on the ceiling, she'll use my finger to try to point at it but can't lift my arm above like a couple inches from where I let my arm relax. She seems almost eager to be able to "control" a part of me, but she also seems very gentle about it. How long is possession typically? If I leave the connection there, without asking for control back, will she continue to control my hand/arm/leg,
  9. Hello, this is my first post, so please don't criticize me *too* badly. As you may have guessed already, I am a MALE trying to form a FEMALE tulpa. I already have her voice, and her personality traits almost developed, and I try to force for at LEAST an hour daily (more than that, if schoolwork allows time). I have these physical traits, and we switched to develop them. Name: Heaven Gender: Female Height: 6' 2" Eye color: Dark leaf Personality: Fun loving, humorous, kind-hearted Voice expressions: passive, but caring Body language: none yet (when we switched she just drew a horizontal
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