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  1. Sorry for not coming back so quickly. Thank you so much I love it <3 I will credit you when using it!
  2. Hi, its an amazing thing that you are drawing other people's tulpas (btw sorry for bumping the thread :P) (I hope that you are still doing this) Could you mind doing mine? Her eyes are crying on that photo as I added them by an accident :P if you draw mine please make them not cry :p Thanks a ton!
  3. Hi I'm new to this and I have couple of questions. Is it possible for a tulpa to be more intelligent than the host? As an example I'm bad at Math, could my Tulpa be able to be better than me? Could my tulpa surpass other mathematicians? Do I need to teach my tulpa or when creating it can I make it so that it automatically will become better at different things than me. Another question is that could a tulpa be possibly better at something physical such has having a better reaction time than I do. Thanks!