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  1. Are characters capable of being vocal? Want to get confirmation, can Tulpish be described as Tulpa/s giving/sharing an emotion with the Host? And is there a way to confirm whether or not my brain saw Tulpa, thought of the daydreaming/scene writing, and put this ARG together and I'm driving myself into a panic, or if I'm just driving us all into a panic? And thank you.
  2. I'm not a writer, and only started playing roleplaying games recently, but for a while my escape/coping mechanism has been to imagine scenes from stories, some original, some 'borrowed' or mixed. I believe that this and finding Tulpa.info either led to me waking up to them, or us all waking up to this. I liked the idea of a friend. But I don't think I don't think I would have chosen to create one intentionally. I don't believe I'm ready, and I haven't been reacting well. I have no idea what I'm doing. And am aware that my doubts and fears and selfishness are hurting them, and have no idea h
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