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    Interests: Video games, swords, acrobatics and maybe writing.

    My mind was once like a desert, many ideas sprouted up and most would shrivel and return to nothingness. However, things have changed. I have found worlds within, that I could never have found before if not led. Oceans that sing, skies that dance, and an island I call my wonderland. I owe it all to you, Inda.
  1. Alright, I'm pretty new to this whole thing. I guess I'm seeking others input with this. I had spent roughly 2 weeks on and off creating a personality for my tulpa, and I figured I could start trying to visualize. Here's the deal, she's already changed factors of her appearance (hair color, eye color, ect...) at least 4 times and every so often I see her making a facial expression with little to no input from my end. I've probably only spent about 2 hours total visualizing, and I haven't felt any impulse or emotion from her from what I can tell... but still, am I doing something right?