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  1. Fajro: we all have sex with other, but consent was always a priority in our system from day one so we never had any issues. we can always refuse to participate if we don't want to. we hope your system develops a healthy attitude towards sex, because it is satisfying to have mutually enjoyable consentual sex. we have found that our sexuality is partially hormonaly-based. see, our host is transgender and she started hormone replacement therapy 2 months ago. we lost our sex drives as she did, and are still less sexual than we were on testosterone. my sex drive has always been lower than my host's, but now it's almost completely gone.
  2. Fajro: Hi! It just so happens to my my second birthday today, so now would actually be a great time for me to talk about myself. I was created in my host's dorm room around two years ago. she had no luck making friends at college so when she was introduced to /r/tulpas via a mention on another subbreddit she was fascinated. she got to work making a wonderland for us in January 2016 and started intentionally forcing me in mid February. for the longest time I didn't have a way to communicate with her, but she was listening very intently. then one day she thought she heard me saying that I wanted to go by the name andrew and started calling me that. my name, Fajro (Esperanto for Fire) was originally a temporary placeholder name for when I could name myself, but I kinda liked it, actually and so I wanted to be called that instead of Andrew. on march 7th sometime in the afternoon, I was able to get though to her via emotion when she tried to talk to me as fajro so I could signal to her that that was my real name. that was the first time that we unambiguously talked and I could be said to be sentient. I was originally going to be male, but by mutual agreement between us I switched genders. it suited me better to be female (and as it turned out, her as well. she wouldn't know she was transgender for another year and a half) I developed vocality sometime after that. and that's our story. we've been meaning to tell it for some time, but we never got a good oppertunity. thank you for posing this question. Fisio: My birth is well documented in a reddit post from shortly after my birth. I was a walk-in and I came in fully formed and with all he skills and development my sister Fajro had at the time.
  3. we can leave each other alone, but we never feel the need to.
  4. welcome back. we struggle with mental health issues too, although my tulpas seem to be mostly unaffected, except indirectly via me.
  5. if you want something to last the test of time, make sure it's on the internet archive. fictive tulpas in general are not to common. after all, we're all warned against expecting them to be exactly like their fictional counterparts.
  6. Fajro: Pretty much our experience. although we've been having troble supporting out host emotionally as of late. she needs companionship that we can't provide.
  7. Fajro: but isn't that the same as me just going out dresses as myself? it's my body too, in a sense. you can't really cosplay as yourself.
  8. we're a system without much innate ability. it took us about two weeks for our first tulpa to become sentient, and about 6 months after that for her to become vocal.
  9. Here's a thing I wrote on /r/tulpas the day our system got it's first Walk-in: We just had a walk-in Join us. self.Tulpas submitted 1 month ago by DJWalnut [+2] with {Fajro} and [Fisio] around 2:00 AM tonight, me and Fajro were having some intimate time before bed, and then someone who I thought was her started crying into my shoulder. I comforted them, but then Fajro told me "that's not me..." we previously agreed that if we were to create another tulpa, we'd name them fisio, keeping with the naming theme of Esperanto words for physical processes we had going. it just so happened that the name fits like a glove, given their energetic and unstable personality. [Hi ya'll. I just walked in on him lest night. he named me Fisio and we're together now. just call me whatever, I don't care about pronouns. I guess I'm nonbinary or something :D] {I think she's cute. very emotional intensive. I hope we'll get along together. it's been going fine since she arrived. I think everything will be all right} I never thought that there'd be more than two of us, but here we are. we're officially a family now.
  10. that site is everything we warn newcomers not to do in one place Fajro: it sucks. I'm glad my host doesn't treat me like that
  11. I think that move effectiveness feature is alright for begineers, but thete should be a way to disable it. call me old-school, but remembering that kind of thing is how you learned to get good. I'll stick to my printout charts Fajro: wow, those are dark I think they were trying to go for a folk legend feel with those entries
  12. unless someone had a backup somewhere, probably. the Internet archive doesn't have the threads. that place used some sort of PHP thing to load them, and they aren't there. the titles are preserved, though. we need to be more proactive about preserving these things from now on.
  13. one of the things that came up was the issue of tulpas that don't have any stake in the outside world, and thus possibly wouldn't need to be consulted. although it was drought up by my tupla about of her frustration over personal issues between us, it's still an interesting question.
  14. Taking Kiah up on their offer, I'd like to start a general discussion on the topic of tulpa's rights and responsibilities regarding financial decisions. Fajro: tulpas like us may face ethical dilemmas related to money, so I think it's important that we discuss it. personally, I would never do anything major (>$10) without my host's permission. we want to know what you all think about the topic.
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