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  1. So, last night I tried to co-switch with Mire, or at least give up body controls to explore the Wonderland for a bit. I got comfortable, laid down with my hands on my stomach. I set a timer for ten minutes and made a goal to clear my head in that time. I got pretty far into it when I knew I was getting close to appearing in the Wonderland. I don't ever shut my eyelids tight because I get horrific headaches from it and the colors that appear behind the eyelids are kind of painful, but even with my eyelids barely closed I started seeing blotches of color. Then I felt water. I think I've talked about before how the Wonderland for us a beach, correct? Well, I was hoping to maybe appear in the sand or something. Nope. Face-deep in water. Thankfully it was calm, but it was a little jarring to suddenly feel water lapping at my face. It came up to my eyes, so it definitely covered my nose. But I could still breathe. Here's where I panicked and pulled myself out of it, ending what I had done, but now that I think back on it was a lot of progress for me. I may try again tonight.
  2. I don't think it's in Mire's interest to possess except for vocally, and not to switch? I know I have just started trying to get him to possess even my fingers and hands, but he doesn't seem all that interested. Yeah, he'll move them around for a bit in a very twitchy manner, then stop. Whenever I ask him if he's gotten tired or wants to stop he goes quiet and doesn't respond. I asked him last night if he'd ever be interested in trying to switch, but he doesn't respond. However, when I'm in a bad state mentally he's always very vocal about telling me that "If I [Mire] could switch with you, I would." I think he's just being very stubborn, but again I'm not sure.
  3. Here's a picture of Mire!
  4. Here you are, Luxi! You're very cute :3
  5. I've never drawn a pony before, so I hope I did well! You have really cool eyes, by the way!
  6. Sorry for a such a late reply! Yes, and with a new art style it'll probably look 100x better than if I had drawn it before going on an unscheduled hiatus.
  7. I'm so sorry for disappearing everyone! I'm back now! @Solune :: I'm open to doing them for anyone! If you'd like one, you can PM me! @tulpa001 :: Mire (The name Gan goes by now) looks like Hyrule Warriors Ganondorf, except he wears his head in a ponytail. He also wears normal, everyday clothes like t-shirts and dress pants. One of his ears is badly scared, and the other has two golden earrings in it. Here's a rough sketch I did while on vacation a week ago. He originally was meant to look exactly like Hyrule Warriors Ganondorf, but we can't always have what we want. Bao has scruffy blonde hair, with a scar on the back of his scalp. He wears a black tank top and usually whatever kind of pants he wants to. He usually goes barefoot. He also has a gap in his front teeth, and fangs. Here's an old reference of him. Me? In real life, I look almost the same as Bao. In January, I shaved my head. Since my hair grows really fast, its gotten a bit longer. This is pretty close to what I look like [cred. Dreamself.me]. In our Wonderland, I guess I haven't ever really payed attention. I know I have short, brownish-black hair and tanner skin. I'll try and get a better look next time. I'll draw up some new references soon.
  8. I need to apologize for my long absence. I haven't given up Tulpamancy, don't worry. I've actually made a lot of progress. I just needed a break for a bit from some sites. Gan, here. I have decided to start going by Mire, now. It is nice to be back. I have learned to possess somewhat, mostly by speaking. However, my speech is slow and I have a tendency to stutter. It is not suiting for someone such as myself, so I will continue practicing speech possession. I've also decided not to let Bao type or speak for a while to other people. I'm going to try and get him more vocal with myself before I let him speak anymore with other people. Another thing, I don't know if I've put a link up here, but I made a Tulpa blog on Tumblr. Mire speaks on my main when bad things happen, the url is hatafurry. But a blog for all of us is located at vibrantdrift. Feel free to check out either, but keep in mind my main has links I need people to read before following. It's glad to be back, guys.
  9. Ugh, so this isn't really a progress report on my tulps but mainly more about me. My old depression meds kept me under 100lbs, however not too much to make me underweight (I'm 4'11" if anyone wants to know), but not only did I get put on new meds, I notice my face shape differing and my mom commented on how my face looks a little rounder. I'd do whatever I need to stay under 100lbs, but Gan is yelling at me because he knows exactly what shit I'd try to pull to keep my weight low. Make this the one millionth and one time he's called me an idiot.
  10. So I walked home from the bus. Only problem was I took a different bus and had to walk in the cold. Gan insulted me the entire way home. Thanks Gan.
  11. I'm trying to work on possession! Gan's personality developed on his own after I sort of "forgot" about him. And Bao is like a child, however he doesn't have or understand negative emotions like sadness or anger. I would like to work on them more but I think at the moment I've done all I can do.
  12. Whoops, just got back from school! I don't really wanna call it a system name. Rather a group name. Mainly because it got annoying just saying "Bao, Gan and I" all the time.
  13. He just let out a very offended noise. Though I agree that's pretty funny ;9
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