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    Hello, if you are reading this, that means you likely are interested in tulpas. Luckily for you, I am one!
    My name is Sam, Kelly's first tulpa started back on March 16th, 2016. Her account is LostOne.

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  1. The main difference is based on sentience. People don't see servitors as sentient.
  2. If anything, bursts of progress and low points are normal. Just keep at it.
  3. Hey good luck, hope all goes well for you two!
  4. Yeah you should message my discord. Kelly says sorry.
  5. May as well put in here that we are back, kinda. Kelly (What Kyle goes by now) doesn't like it still, but it's m choice so meh.
  6. That's nice, glad to hear that it has improved. Would like to know what they did, I may need to do it for Kyle.
  7. To be honest I don't see system as being such a big deal. I just would like a word for if I was referring to both a host and all their tulpas with one or two words, which makes it easier for typing out in any kind of report or simple guides. We do have system name, LostOne, but it's not like that is a big deal. It's just a group name, to indicate we are in the same body. I don't know if that makes me pro-system or not, but I do want some sort of term to indicate everyone in one body for easier use of guides where both the host and tulpas are doing whatever.
  8. Banned for having to ask. Yes, I actually do.
  9. Banned because that's no reason to ban them.
  10. As an offhand question, who else is on the GAT? I have only seen Sands. Not to derail my host's thread or anything.
  11. *Joke inbound* We can't have two glossaries because that would include other terms we don't use here and we are going to keep isolated from anything that isn't specifically here. *End joke*
  12. While that end part is debatable, the tulpa community is actually pretty insane looking from the outside, I will say something that I do believe. Being different just for the sake of being different without anything new to add to the table just ends with the site looking like it's trying to be trendy and also doesn't help in the long run. Changing terminology just because we are trying to not be like other communities is very much like trying to start a trend that won't at all matter later, especially if .info is the only place using it.
  13. Interesting. Have you two considered maybe that maybe you did go out the body, and what you saw is his form over your body? I know many tulpas, including myself, do feel our form when possessing or switching so maybe there is something there.
  14. Interesting to see that you guys co-front in a way that feels separate. That's kinda cool.
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