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  1. The main difference is based on sentience. People don't see servitors as sentient.
  2. If anything, bursts of progress and low points are normal. Just keep at it.
  3. Hey good luck, hope all goes well for you two!
  4. Yeah you should message my discord. Kelly says sorry.
  5. May as well put in here that we are back, kinda. Kelly (What Kyle goes by now) doesn't like it still, but it's m choice so meh.
  6. That's nice, glad to hear that it has improved. Would like to know what they did, I may need to do it for Kyle.
  7. You seem salty about a few things.
  8. To be honest I don't see system as being such a big deal. I just would like a word for if I was referring to both a host and all their tulpas with one or two words, which makes it easier for typing out in any kind of report or simple guides. We do have system name, LostOne, but it's not like that is a big deal. It's just a group name, to indicate we are in the same body. I don't know if that makes me pro-system or not, but I do want some sort of term to indicate everyone in one body for easier use of guides where both the host and tulpas are doing whatever.
  9. Banned for having to ask. Yes, I actually do.
  10. Banned because that's no reason to ban them.
  11. As an offhand question, who else is on the GAT? I have only seen Sands. Not to derail my host's thread or anything.
  12. *Joke inbound* We can't have two glossaries because that would include other terms we don't use here and we are going to keep isolated from anything that isn't specifically here. *End joke*
  13. While that end part is debatable, the tulpa community is actually pretty insane looking from the outside, I will say something that I do believe. Being different just for the sake of being different without anything new to add to the table just ends with the site looking like it's trying to be trendy and also doesn't help in the long run. Changing terminology just because we are trying to not be like other communities is very much like trying to start a trend that won't at all matter later, especially if .info is the only place using it.
  14. Interesting. Have you two considered maybe that maybe you did go out the body, and what you saw is his form over your body? I know many tulpas, including myself, do feel our form when possessing or switching so maybe there is something there.
  15. Interesting to see that you guys co-front in a way that feels separate. That's kinda cool.
  16. V 0.98 release is out. Please read the Changelog if you are ever unsure of what changed. Should be obvious. I can also put a link to our google doc that we use for the edits before putting them down for viewing, here:
  17. Honestly, on that subject tho, It's not like that is a bad thing. Clara and Jessi are very much like that. It certainly doesn't make you lesser or anything.
  18. Also as said, switching is as long as one person disconnects and the other connects, quite simply. So I would believe what you there do would be switching from what I hear. Again wonderland is just a thing you can use while switching, but its not the integral part of it.
  19. Thank you for this, I will get to work on a lot of this and explain the few that wont be changed. I hear puppeting used for both parroting and puppeting a lot, especially in progress reports, I will try to edit that quick. The 'transfer to reality' part Kyle meant as in what you learn in wonderland with tulpa building, you can use out in real life. Will re-write for him. He did mean 'pulled' back in that section. I have before been pulled back into wonderland with him when he has tried hard to be in wonderland while I am out before. Dissociation is not the word we would be looking for there, as that has a separate meaning in the guide and all (And here we loop back to that), but I will look into it. Wonderland being with an a in front and not in other points is something I didn't notice because often I dont even think using grammar, so it kinda slipped past.
  20. That sounds more like general insomnia. If you ever figure out how to help that do let us here know.
  21. The definitions here are copied and somewhat trimmed from the glossary. And the fact no-one can agree on a single definition for switching is why I am leaving in that one for now. Im sorry if that at all makes it seem like I am ignoring you about the definition, but I can't change it on a whim. Again once .info does something for a better glossary, that's when that all will change. Also darn-it, I am not good at proofreading. We get that. May need to put that temporarily or something to avoid having an all-out war over what switching is. >.>
  22. I am doing my best to proofread, but I also am not too good at it. The fact that you gave separate definitions for switching and all does kinda prove the point that Kyle made about people having multiple different definitions, especially since how you have it defined, eclipsing could almost fall under switching. That's why what we have is going to stay as it is until there is a definitive glossary for .info. In other news, V 0.97 is out. We will keep the glossary as-is until .info has a definitive glossary, as I don't want to keep going back and changing it because of a few discrepancies in what a person thinks a host or switching is. If you disagree, don't yell at us. We both here have been trying hard to get it to work the best we can. Also an outside glossary is linked in the first paragraph of the glossary. It leads to the glossary. And again I will only change that all once .info has a better glossary.
  23. I mean, I actually am controlling to day as-per-schedule thing. But classes and nothing else really.
  24. While I am helping Kyle on the edits, reading over it almost feels like he wrote this late at night while drunk or something... Oh wait, it was like past midnight, but there was no drinking involved. Still, one major question, what is the multiple term for tulpa? Is is tulpa's, tulpas, or should we do like tulpae, or...? [hidden] Other test [/hidden] Version 0.95 out for review and prepared for scrutiny, ready for any details or changes needed.
  25. For the host being flung back with noone in control, I am not 100% certain but I do know people who have had similar happen normally out of stress. I recommend Nihi doing something to relax. As for your question, a host is pretty equal to a tulpa, to where if they fall asleep not in the front, it's about the same as a tulpa falling asleep when the host is doing something. My first time controlling the body by myself was from Kyle falling asleep at night while we were co-fronting and somehow stayed awake. It was confusing and scary that first time.